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The aim of this kind of experiment was to investigate how different attention of sucrose effect on the pace of osmosis on dé of taters This was created by using spud cubes remove for the exactly same size two cm size 1cm breadth and 1cm height. And applying all of them into beakers filled with different concentration of sucrose solution. 0. 0 % zero. 2% zero. 4% 0. 6% zero. 8% and finally in 1 ) 0%.

Then the mass of potato cubes would have to be recorded after. The amount of period were accustomed to soak the potato dé were 40 minutes. Hypothesis- Results were predicted that in the event the potato cubes were include in sucrose attentiveness where the drinking water potential can be higher than this particular potential of the potato itself than it will cause the mass of potato to boost and if they’d similar normal water potential you will have no change in the mass, and lastly is a water potential of sucrose is less than this particular potential with the potato means the mass of potato will decrease Background- Osmosis is the activity of normal water molecules. Drinking water molecules approach from a higher water potential to a lower drinking water potential through a semi poroso membrane. There is few elements that impact the rate of osmosis such as the size of particle and heat however the element That is researched today is the concentration from the sucrose Since the attention of sucrose increases the mass of potato also improves because it continues to be placed in a hypertonic answer which means that it has a higher amount of contaminants dissolved in the solution. Variables-Independent variables The concentration of Sucrose remedy in which spud cubes were placed in. zero. 0%, 0. 2% zero. 4% zero. 6% zero. 8% 1 ) 0% Dependent variables- `: The difference in mass of the potato cube before and after the experiment Ratios: To be able to harmony different Surface-area-to-volume ratio to limit impact on the rate of osmosis the sizes it should first needs to be measured by using a ruler conserve the same diameter for each cuboid of spud Type of tissues The type of cells has a extremely big effect on the rate of osmosis since the amount of glucose in each type of tissue is unique, This can be handled by using only one type of cells which means can be using the same potato to make the 6 cuboids. Materials employed 1 Significant Potato (cut into six cuboids)White Tile Ruler Beakers 6xElectric size Sucrose (0. 0, zero. 2, 0. 4, zero. 6, 0. 8, 1 ) 0 )Filter paper 6xKnifestopwatch/timer Procedure

At the beginning of the experiment lab coats were placed on. Risk evaluation was filled out. 6x filtration system paper was labeled (concentration of sucrose, weight in the potato prior to and after) Potato was peeled making use of the knife Spud skin(waste) was placed in a plastic container defined as waste6 cuboids were cut down using a ruler and the same potato. Every cuboid was measured to be 2cm by 1cm x 1cm. Any more waste was disposed The electric considering scale was plugged in The weighing size then was turned on The size was set to grams Up coming the marked filter paper was added to the scale Range was going 0 again before a piece of potato had been placed on that to gauge the mass It was repeated 6x times for each cuboid Then simply all cuboids were put in the sucrose, 1 cuboid in every beaker The cuboids had been left to soak pertaining to 40 minutes The cuboids then had been removed one by one and added to the scale over a filter paper ( excess water being shaken off) the split button Has to be pressed ahead of placing the spud on the filtration system paper. The mass was written and this step was repeated 6x for each cuboid. Every one of the waist was placed in the plastic container and equipment’s had been placed back again inside the reddish colored tray. The size was unplugged and the put was switched off for protection matters Findings The potato cuboids were floating in the 0. 6th, 0. almost eight. 1 . zero sucrose answer.


The desk of outcomes above demonstrate effect of osmotic activity within the potato parts by the drinking water molecules moving throughout a semipermeable membrane which exists within the concentration lean. The substances move into a place of reduce concentration which in this case is a sucrose option because osmosis takes place by a high-water concentration into a low water concentration place. The more osmotic activity which took place led to the spud pieces lessening their weight. The table shows that the pieces of potato which were placed in a 0. 2 attentiveness or much less increased in weight nevertheless those which were placed in a 0. four molar focus or higher decreased in fat. As stated in the hypothesis result was believed that there would be a reduction in weight While the spud cell was surrounded by a far more concentrated option this resulted in there being a lesser water concentration within the spud cell which in turn meant osmosis took place rendering it hypertonic. As predicted, results were correct the potato bits which were more water focused have weighed more compared to the other potato pieces which were placed in a much more sucrose concentrated solution.


Overall the experiment went well as there were no major mistakes were made during the test. The method that was used to conduct the experiment was incredibly suitable. It wasn’t hard to understand at all and it absolutely was not time intensive, it was very easy to carry out. Furthermore, it was the very great method to employ because it helped to achieve reliable and correct results in so that it will draw up an exact conclusion. Yet , if the research could be repeated there would be few things that could be done in different ways. When performing the experiment a range of 0, 0. 2, zero. 4, 0. 6, zero. 8 and 1 large molar solution was used to see the a result of osmosis in the potato cuboids. In the future more varied array of the concentration of the sucrose solution would be better in order to achieve a more varying variety of results i actually. e. 0, 0. one particular, 0. a couple of, 0. three or more and further.

There was a great abnormal end result as proven on the benefits graph and table because the 1 . 0 large molar solution was much more even more away from the brand of best fit. This is may have been due to the fact that the spud piece had a little bit more water potential compared to each other potato piece therefore this kind of resulted the potato to decrease in mass only somewhat i. at the. it went from 4. 39g decrease in mass inside the 1 large molar to 5. 14g (-5. 6%)decrease in mass inside the 0. four molar. Therefore, in undertaking any upcoming experiments every single potato part should be drenched the same amount of your energy and approach. However , the potato bits should have still left in the option for a for a longer time length of time. since they were just in the beakers for 45 minutes. consider Would highly recommend changing you a chance to 60 minutes by least while there would be an even more noticeable range of results as a result better results could be written up. Furthermore, repeating test 3 times rather than 1 would also give a better plus more accurate realization and effects. water potential

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