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On purpose the author says bride selling price and not dowry to emphasise the truth that Guleri is being sold. As Guleri father was prosperous together lived in towns, he had sworn that he would not take funds for his daughter yet would give her to a worthwhile young man by a good family members. He felt that Manak fulfilled these types of requirements, therefore soon after they will married. Now happily married, Manak deep in memories having Guleris hands on his shoulder joint. As Guleri got approximately leave, the girl said do you know the bluebell solid wood a couple of a long way away from in this article? Its stated that anyone who goes thru it becomes deaf.

So the customs of the part of the community just shows the element of superstition that they embrace inside themselves while illustrated above. When Manak returned house the sound of his voice was large. Why do you croak like an old woman? Said his mother severely. Manak planned to retort but he continued to be silent. This is going to show the strong values and utmost esteem that the children hold for his or her parents though Manak was slightly insulted he were able to stay muted and keep his cool and this civilised conduct shows the extensive strong morals which are held in this kind of part of the community.

As Guleri and Manak have been committed for eight years without any children, Manaks mother experienced made a secret resolve that she’d not ignore it beyond the eighth 12 months. This goes to show that if a woman doesnt produce virtually any offspring then simply she will not hold any kind of values and it shows how willing Manaks mom is willing to have a grandson inside the family. This coming year she got paid 500 rupees to get him a second wife. As Manak was obedient to his mother this individual brought a new bride only to please his mother however Manaks body system responded to the modern woman yet his center was lifeless within him.

Therefore it just goes to show that love is there permanently and can never be demolished no matter what occurs. Manaks good friend Bhavani says him inside the fields one particular morning, Manak tried to ignore him however this couldnt work out the way in which he expected. He then heard the words, that can haunt him for the rest of his life Guleri is dead because when ever she heard of your second matrimony, she condensed her clothes in gasoline and set open fire to these people. Hearing those words pierced through Manaks heart like a needle, Manak mute with vauge pain could simply feel his own your life burning out.

This goes to show that his like for her and her appreciate for him were nonetheless very much surviving and the customs of compelled marriages which usually sadly take place in many sub continental countries have destructive affects particularly if love is evident involving the couple. Guleri burning their self to fatality symbolises the cultural try out of Sati by which a widow burns herself although this is outlawed in India still is out there in non-urban communities.

Although Guleri was technically not only a widow her husband was as good as dead to her and being a refused bride unable to produce children her lifestyle in Hindu culture was now useless. As the periods passed his work was done within the fields and ate his meals when they were given to him. Although he was just like a dead gentleman, his encounter blank, his eyes clear. As this marriage was merely to fulfil his moms desires the love was not presently there and his partner said, We am not his wife, complained his second partner. Im merely someone this individual happened to marry.

This also proves that Manak loved Guleri but he couldnt go against the desires of his mother it is because of the culture. Soon after Manaks wife was pregnant great mothers dreams had been satisfied, but Manaks life had been shattered. The child was include in his lap, Manak stared at the new-born babe in the lap this individual stared a long time, uncomprehending, his face usual expressionless. In that case suddenly his blank sight filled with apprehension and Manak began to scream. take him away! this individual shrieked hysterically, take him away!

This individual stinks of kerosene. This goes to show that forced marriages, which take place in many countries in the subcontinent have devastating affects as is implied by the story. It is quite sad a love marriage is split up due to the fulfilment of others, that leads to death and broken lives. This story plainly conveys the message to the readers the differences in culture between Western world and the East and also displays the different functions of each person and how the role of fogeys influences the lives of individuals in this portion of the world.

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