The four characteristics of a good business: johnson & johnson Essay

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Buffett is an American businessman most widely known for his company Berkshire Hathaway, an extremely successful possessing and insurance carrier.

As of 04 2007, Forbes magazine offers ranked him as the 3rd richest gentleman in the world. Buffett explains that there are 3 tracks to a very good business undertaking—1) the business really should have favorable and enduring economic characteristics, 2) the business must be run by simply talented and honest managers, and 3) the business items should be offered by a sensible cost (Graham, 1949). Such “margin of safety” (Graham and Dood, 1934) is essential to a good business, wherein there is always room to acclimatize to negative organization situations.

A fourth quality that I would prefer to add an additional characteristic of any good business is the possession of a good strategy. Such prominence must be capable of attract investors to invest all their time and money into the business. The company Johnson & Johnson is a prime model for a great company, with qualities defined by Warren Buffett. Currently, Meeks & Manley is the world’s largest and most extensive maker of health care products. The corporation also delivers other health-related services such as pharmaceutical, medical equipment and diagnostic products.

It at present employs 121, 000 employees across 57 countries around the world. Johnson & Johnson symbolizes the several characteristics I possess earlier described. Firstly, Meeks and Meeks shows favorable and long-lasting economic attributes, as demonstrated in its lengthy history. The organization started out with marketing operative dressings and antiseptics inside the mid-1880’s and date, retains 54, 000 U. H. and overseas patents several health-related goods.

In addition , Meeks and Johnson has gained a current worldwide sales income of $53. 3 billion dollars, with net earnings 5 years ago of $11. 1 billion.

A second characteristic that Johnson and Johnson embodies is the fact talented and honest managers run the business. The company is definitely headed simply by William C. Weldon, Chairman of the Plank and Chief Executive Officer and an 14-member various executive panel serves as the primary body that manages the operations and allocation in the company’s resources and resources. Each member in the executive committee also symbolizes key procedures with specialised areas and functions, along with supervises and coordinates domestic and foreign companies that Johnson and Johnson deals with in terms of buyer, pharmaceutical, as well as diagnostic products and businesses.

This sort of structured cycle of control is very effective, just like Warren Buffett describes in his administration philosophy in which he would not perform virtually any micromanagement nevertheless instead, lets his business committee staff handle the intricacies of business managing. A third top quality that Meeks and Meeks embodies as being a good organization is that their products are put out in the market at a good reasonable price. Manley and Johnson started out as a worldwide philanthropy program simply by distributing medical supplies to victims of earthquakes and fires, with all the main goal of simply supporting people.

In its history of company expansion, Johnson and Johnson added even more healthcare products and at the same time guaranteed that their items are cost-effective by persons of different socio-economic statuses. Applying this concept, a number of products will be recognized all over the world and highly associated to the company, which includes BAND-AID® and JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder. Lastly, Johnson and Johnson illustrates a good business plan by following their own Credo, which can be just a basic one-page benefit system that is certainly shared of most their twigs around the world.

The Credo claims that Meeks and Johnson has a responsibility to medical personnel and family members who use their products, and in these kinds of commitment, they will pledge that their products will be of high quality, of reasonable price and of safe use. The Credo likewise strives to continually boost their company simply by experimenting with fresh ideas and learning from faults. The company as well maintains equal opportunity and offers advancement for the qualified.

It really is heartwarming to learn that Johnson and Manley does not only focus on earnings and revenue alone nevertheless also supports charity function and promotes civic actions for better health and education. In addition , the organization shows work in safeguarding the environment and preserving the natural methods. References Graham, B. (1949): The Clever Investor. Nyc: Harper.

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