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The movie ” The Gods Has to be Crazy ” describes a tribe from your people of the Calahari, a place in Africa, holding a softdrink bottle dropped from a plane. A tribesman is usually struck for the head and thinks it is a gift from your gods. Soon enough the tribe discovers amazing uses in the bottle, but they also find afterwards that there is anger and violence whenever the first is using it whilst someone else needs it and wants to make use of it.

So one particular bushman makes a decision to walk to the end of the the planet and come back the jar to the Gods.

Later on we see men of any terrorist known as Semboca so that they can assassinate the president. Semboca and his men are used throughout the motion picture by the counter-top terrorist pushes until this individual and his men catch Mrs. Thompson, a lady who came to teach British, and the children she was teaching. From here on each of the plots with the movie learn to become more unified towards helping Mrs.

Thompson and the children from the Semboca as well as the terrorists.

Two main designs were seen through this film. The very first is that several cultures get happiness and approach human problems in different ways. Like in the movie, we can see how the tribe was happy and satisfied with surviving in nature, so when the problem from the bottle arrived, the group stopped the bottle although it was useful to them; peace was crucial than the progress in technology. The second idea is that modern life is full of laws and regulations and rules to be followed by people. Or else it would bring about suffering. Additionally, solutions are never complete. And therefore there is no way to a problem that could eliminate this matter completely.

Bushman culture traits were displayed in the film through the way people of the tribe acted and lived. For instance , people of the Calahari tribe applied words that represented different symbols several words in there language. Furthermore, they occupied small numbers, a maximum of 55, and they kept roaming, searching for food in various places. They lived in little cottages and in addition they depended on characteristics for their living.

In addition , we can notice that bushman culture is actually a complete opposite from the culture in america. First of all, we could notice in the people of the Calahari rejected the progress in technology to retain peacefulness when they made a decision to return the bottle to the Gods. However in the United States they might keep an advance in technology however they would put laws and rules that won’t solve every solutions and won’t maintain full peace. Second of all, people today belonging to the Calahari make use of a language which includes symbols to relate to items they want to explain, while in the United States people are prone to use letters that kind words to show certain tips.

Finally, I actually look at this film and find that a significant and interesting film because it leads to good themes in a comic method. Moreover, I find it within a Human Location class since it makes a great comparison among modern and old nationalities and shows how a vintage culture with out advances in technology can easily retain a more peaceful and resentful existence.

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