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The film, The Gods Has to be Crazy elevates a great number of items which are relevant to the fundamental concepts relating to World and Tradition. The factors raised are generally used through comparison of the Kalahari Tribe’s society and that of The Civil White Society. The Kalahari Bushmen live in small family groups in complete isolation in the rest of the globe, and this has led to the belief that these are the only individuals on earth.

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As they live off the land, the bushmen has no concept of title, anger, assault or remorse as the land supplies them with almost everything they desire, and so they have never had the need for this sort of harsh thoughts. They have not any concept of legislation, punishment or perhaps rulers, and live in balance with both themselves and the property. They have strong belief in their gods, and when anything inexplicable happens, for example a planes in the sky, they believe it is just gods up in the sky.

The film starkly contrasts the peaceful a harmonious relationship of the Kalahari Bushmen while using rushed, needlessly organized inconsistent way of life of White Society. The film states that while the Kalahari Bushmen adapt to their environment and live successfully due to it, Light society has found the need to adjust the environment to themselves. While each technology has different needs, environmental surroundings is constantly transformed, until it is at a the point which the adolescence of White Society has to consider exams simply to learn to endure in this produced environment. White Society has also religion such as the Kalahari Bushmen, but as opposed to the unhesitating Bushmen, whites have questioned their religion almost to destruction.

Contrary to the trusting Bushmen, white wines have to have evidence for every thing, which has ended in suspicion in the unexplained. Because of the stresses of living in such an environment, the movie suggests that White-colored Society offers lost contact with the simplicity of existence. Scenes of whites are usually sped up to make a sense of rushed unthoughtful ness, and many scenes entail violence. The film appropriately demonstrates that whites work with violence and war to solve conflicts, which is often lost and harmful.

The conflicts within this film were mainly because within the one particular society resided more then one different civilizations, which would not harmoniously live together. The Bushmen, alternatively, all a connected world, successfully deal with conflicts to go to within the group to come to a beneficial result. The only serious turmoil within the Bushmen tribe was seen with all the arrival of the bottle. As there was merely one of this man-made object, everybody wanted to make use of it and the thoughts of greed and jealously was evoked.

Instead of preventing extensively over it, they resolved the problem by simply deciding to throw the “evil thing” from the side from the earth. The bottle itself was thoughtlessly thrown via a planes by a white colored, who had simply no regard for doing it at all, while the Bushmen valued this for its a large number of uses, they recycled this. This also demonstrates the way the Bushmen treatment more for his or her environment.

The fact that it was an object from Light Society that brought conflict into the tribe is emblematic of how white colored society is definitely dominating various cultures, and adapting the modern society into that of light, and that this can be un powerful and results in conflicts. Other ways that surviving in such an annoyinh White Society has negatively affected the self identity of individuals can be reflected through the movie. White Society has received an effect on people’s heads and sanity, who merely can’t cope and keep up with the rushed strict sociable and political laws and rules.

This is demonstrated through the scene when Kate Thompson enters a bar and is also asked by person up coming to her “are the voices in my brain bothering you? ” Although this is known as comical in the film, this can be a realistic sad result of what White Society can carry out to people. Likewise, in White-colored Society, individuals are judged simply by where they live and what they do to get a living, designed for who they are really. This has provided people beliefs about not simply others, nevertheless themselves, because they become confused regarding whom they really are.

The Kalahari Bushmen however , judge the individual purely on the traits in personality. This results in the Kalahari bushmen being even more open and trusting of strangers then simply whites happen to be, as shown when the bushmen shoots the goat, and the first appointment between the bushmen and the Kate. The different uses of technology by the two separate societies, and the effects of this technology is also investigated in the film. The Kalahari Bushmen have got simple technology such as spears and the utilization of rocks to get grinding and mashing foodstuff.

This is every one of the technology the Bushmen ought to live in their very own environment in fact it is always applied wisely and with care. Light Society, alternatively, is portrayed as having an excessive amount of technology, which often is not only dangerous towards the whole society, but alterations the way an individual person acts and perceives the world. For example the invention of guns in White Society leads to very much violence and unnecessary deaths, as proven in the capturing of the parliamentary leaders. Firearms are also used to control people simply by rousing concerns over death, such as when the crapule take the kids hostage. Technology has also improved peoples perceptions of the world plus the way persons think.

The Military gentleman takes his gangster hostage blindfolded into a helicopter. The engines are started, while the helicopter remains on the ground, even though the man can be interrogated. When he does not react he is pushed from the heli-copter onto the floor. Because of his associations with all the noise from the helicopter, the person believes him self to get above floor and can truly feel himself slipping, so he confesses.

This demonstrates how people contact form preconceptions from technology, and assume items that are fake. Technology has also helped to expand White Society to all over the world. The entire world has become a small place as a result of invention of advanced travel, and this permits cross social and world communication simple for White World and allows them to learn about others unlike them.

The Bushmen however , without technology like vehicles or even the airwaves, believe the world to be a small place, and live enjoyably within their personal confined world. Overall, this kind of Film is incredibly relevant and useful for Society and Culture, as it explores the Fundamental Ideas in good price, as well as becoming smart, funny and amusing!

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