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The great pyramid was developed during the reign of Khufu, 2nd full

of the next dynasty (2, 720-2, 560 BC). This stands around the Giza

level nearby Cairo and is the most important pyramid on the globe. It

steps 230 meters (756 ft) on each aspect of it is base and originally

assessed 147 m (482 ft) high. Beginning in the tenth century AD

the entire Giza complex dished up as a source of building elements

for the development of Cairo, as a result, all three pyramids

had been stripped with their original easy outer facing of limestone.

The core masonry consists of large blocks of community limestone

taken from the nearby quarries and built about and over a rocky

knoll. The size of the knoll may not be determined, as it is

completely covered by the pyramid. The entrance for the pyramid is

in the center of the northern confront. It is located in the

13th course of masonry from the base. This entry has a

directed roof shaped of significant slabs of local limestone and opens

into a very long steeply descending passage. From there a 36 meters

extended ascending verse leads to a 35 yards long side to side

passage leading to the so-called Queens holding chamber. This

holding chamber measures 5. 2 by 5. several meters as well as the maximum height of it is

pointed roof structure is about 15 meters. The north and south walls each

possess a small opening a few centimeters square regarding 1 meter from the

floors. These business lead into filter channels that originally opened on

the outside of the pyramid. At the juncture of the climbing

and lateral passage can be an opening of the shaft which in turn descends to

a interesting depth of 60 meters. This opens into the lower portion of the

descending verse, close to the incomplete, underground holding chamber

and is believed to have been a getaway shaft intended for the workmen who

recorded the climbing passage with huge stones after the nobleman


From your horizontal passing the Grand Gallery, leading to

the kings chamber, starts. It can be 47 metres long and 8. 5 meters

high, and has a corbelled roof. In the center of the floor is a

sunken ramp about 60 cms deep. The Grand Gallery ends in

a horizontal granitic passage which usually serves as an antechamber. That

measures almost 8. 4 meters long and 3. 1 meters high, and has slots to get

three portcullises. Beyond the antechamber may be the so-called

Nobleman Chamber which can be lined, roofed and provided with red

granite. It measures your five. 2 simply by 10. eight meters and it is 5. eight meters high.

Its flat roof is formed of nine monolithic slabs of granitic. The

north and the southern part of walls each have an air flow channel, certainly one of

which is accessible to the outside. The Pyramid is visible to have

regarding two hundred level courses of square-shaped stones. The layers

almost all have a different thickness ranging between around 50

and 145 centimeters. The average prevent size is about 1 cu


On the Khufu pyramid, all the casing elements were removed in

the 14th century. The few casing stones which in turn do stay in the

Great Pyramid most lie in the 1 . a few meter thicker bottom study course and

can not be representative of the stones which in turn would have been used

in the higher elements of the construction. The sole examples of

face work similar to this which stay are all those on the pyramids at

Meidum, Dashur andGiza.

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