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In this composition I will be assessing my initial scripted piece The Hitman with my own Girl Anachronism play. I will be comparing the deference involving the character I had been, the style of the play, the mood as well as the place Also We are comparing climate it is Brecht or Stanislavski. Brecht belied in breaking the fourth wall membrane and trying to help make the play since unrealistic as possible by using adobe flash backs, monologues, freeze structures, placards ect.

But on the other hand Stanislavski belied to make the perform as reasonable as possible by having every thing in chronological purchase and which makes it as naturalistic as possible making the stars think just like their figure would, also Stanislavski supported the next wall, your fourth wall was used to make the enjoy seem even more realistic simply by acting like the audience has not been there. We all use this approach allot to generate plays more realistic.

The play The Hitman was based by script authored by JCW Brook in 1990. It has an angry, comical and disappointed mood through, it is inside the style of Stanislavski because I do believe it uses the 4th wall membrane to create a more realistic look because flashbacks, freeze-frames, placards and monologues are not employed. In the perform we played the godfather theme melody because it was classical music to show that individuals were a mature couple also because it had a mysterious diamond ring to that showing the group that items was arriving the up later on in the play. Through this play I’ve adopted the role of George a person in his 50s or sixties who is married to a posh woman and he while had enough of her and wishes her useless, He employs a Hitman to do so.

However the play Girl Anachronism was developed towards the stimulus from the song young lady anachronism by the Dresden Dolls. It has a extremely angry and upset feelings throughout, it is in the design of a melodrama and it is such as a Brecht perform because it fails the fourth wall membrane, using monologues and expensive backs that are theatrical products used in Verfemdungseffect to point out to the audience that it is not genuine.

In the enjoy we applied a variety of music to show the emotions of every scene by way of example at the beginning of the play all of us played the stimulus from the play, and before each of our flash again we played out past music to show that people had gone back in its history. In this enjoy I have followed the main role where I am crazy teenager which has just been released from a mental institute and still have just gone back to my own 3 room house with my family which in turn all hate me, and I am likewise suicidal.

Every I want shall be left only and not too be told what to do.  These takes on are totally different one is a Stanislavski like play the other is a Brecht. The first is unrealistic the other can be realistic. The have totally different styles. The lighting and sound don’t have any resemblance mainly because two several moods had been trying to always be created and it is the sound and lighting which create the mood of the play. As well in the lady anachronism i was only in order to blocks to work with a and a limited amount of props buy in The Hitman we could use furniture chairs and however many props had been needed for the script.  I enjoyed both of the takes on but Hitman was mare like a comical interesting play to work on.

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