The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society Essay

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Précis: In “The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society”, Jonathan Kozol, a Harvard graduate student, argues that illiteracy cause the loss of choice or independence and brings about many complications. Kozol features his discussion with instances of when illiteracy can be binding such as “Many illiterates are unable to read the invective on a load up of cigarettes. Not the Physician General’s alert nor the reproduction around the package can alert those to the risks. “(20).

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He provides extensive and detailed situations in order to raise awareness around the harm of illiteracy. Kozol addresses his readers so they really may distributed awareness on illiteracy and ultimately resolve the problem. Questions: 1 . These details confuse the consequence of illiteracy together with the causes by saying that apathy is the reason for illiteracy, once in reality illiteracy is the reason for innovativeness, that the illiterate has to adopt, in the us as laziness and stupidity.

Kozol refutes these stereotypes with his examples of just how much illiteracy affects a person exhibiting that they become almost immobilized and isolated by it. In the opinion the nation and it’s leaders are in fault because of not addressing this issue. 4. The complexity in the problem generally seems to determine the order with the examples in which they begin with simple problems and then escalate. The most memorable example to me is the one about the woman who mistakenly underwent a hysterectomy, it seems in the middle in paragraph 18. SOAPSTone: Subject: Kozol discusses the causes and effects of illiteracy in our society.

Occasion- 85 is a period when illiteracy had a big impact on the American world and we weren’t coming up with any kind of solutions creating larger volume of illiterates. Audience- This writing is given to all of his readers and people who can make a alter and create a solution to this problem. Purpose- Kozol had written this book in order to raise consciousness on illiteracy and its huge negative influences and inspire people to do something about it.

Speaker- Jonathan Kozol, as a Harvard graduate student, a Rhodes scholar, and an owner of the National Book Award on his initial critique in American Education, was a well known writer that used his fame to bring attention to the problem of illiteracy. Tone- Kozol assumed a beneficial but sympathetic tone in which he is siding with illiterates on the fact that life is difficult and harmful because of illiteracy. This individual places fault on the commanders of America for not viewing this huge problem in front side of them.

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