the impact of human being activities in the world

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Some people believe the Earth has been harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your thoughts and opinions? Use particular reasons and examples to back up your answer.

We all know that people in the prehistorical period needed to struggle surrounding in order to make livings. They had to hunt preys and gather fruits, possibly cut down trees to build all their houses. Yet , as technology improved, many people are aware of human activities have great influence on our living the planet and raise a big controversy on this issue.

Some people claim that human activities are damage our living earth, simultaneously, the other people advocate that human activity makes the earth an improved place to live. In my opinion, My spouse and i consider that human actions impair our living the planet seriously. In this posting, I will try to detail how come I think Earth is being injured by human activity. [Descent start.

Great coordination found]

To start with, our living earth is being harmed by simply human activity because people overuse natural resource in today’s time. While everybody knows, the people on our earth at present increases[“has increased¦becuase it is just a recent and well known fact. It is not an remark hence “nowdays increase can be wrong to use] rapidly to ensure that more people than before need to consume even more food supply and daily commodities. To elaborate the above description, organic resources will end up less and less when population continue growing. Honestly speaking, the number of petroleum lessens quickly since many persons drive their own cars which need fuel. According to the experts’ indication, people who live on the earth today can use gasoline pertaining to only three decades and will kitchen sink into energy crisis in the foreseeable future. [Good finding. Need to be careful about language. See the framework first and time. ]

Subsequently, our living earth will be harmed by simply human activity since human activity also [repetition] contributes to all kinds of[cut this] lethal air pollution. As we know, to generate more money, a large number of factories and enterprises drain off poisonous waste water into waterways. In addition , air pollution has alreadydamaged the environment of earth and us who have also live on the earth. To detail the above argument, the exhaust blow up which is emitted by many production facilities and automobiles can eliminate ozonosphere of the earth and cause greenhouse effect. Frankly, a surfeit of ultraviolet rays covers the surface of your living the planet, not only will human generally have skin cancer, but many varieties of species living on the the planet may encounter extinction. [ok]

Thirdly, each of our living globe is being injured by human activity because human activity always ruins the environmental balance from the earth. For example , Jxxxnese [Try never to be political. Instead employ “some countries or people¦. be fairly neutral. If a lot of Jxxxxxese level your dissertation, he can acquire angry. ] are notorious intended for hunting whales so as to satisfy their voracity. As we all know, every kinds has its own food.[Line unclear., ] Therefore , in the event that human over hunt a lot of animals or higher consume a few plants, many species which in turn feed on the above animals or perhaps plants will probably be on the edge of termination. [Highlight a general stage then elaborate through cases. In this para general level can be  Human actions harm ecosystem. How? Give you a examples as to the you have described. ]

To sump up, with respect of the[delete this] above arguments, I can think of my realization [I conclude]that Earth has been damaged simply by human activity[ies]. Many college students and environmental groups already spare zero effort in announcing the value of environment protection. Additionally , the governments of many countries also help to make laws to prohibit liveliness form wasting natural resources, making all sorts of pollution and destroying environment. Of course , could be somebody carry different view of this issue. Nevertheless, pertaining to the reasons that I have shown above, I believe my location is the most valid.


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