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Advantages What is machine translation? To put it simply, machine translation is the using computer text from one normal language in to another organic language text message translation. The translation climaxing in the good China over and over set off, the translation of Buddhist scriptures in the Far eastern Han towards the Tang and Song lignage, the Ming and Qing technology translation and the Opium War to the May Last Movement “to promote the progress of history. Today, the advent of a global information age group is the translation climax conditions, requirements, involved in the field of computer research, mathematics, linguistics.

Yet , the science of translation career how? Results? How we will build up and produce progress? From this paper, a review of the development of machine translation, drawbacks, role and prospects of superficial conversation, to answer these questions. i actually. A history of the development of equipment translation The 17th hundred years French philosopher, mathematician Descartes and the German born mathematician Leibniz put forward the idea of using the machine dictionary overcome language barriers.

In 1946, the world’s first electronic digital computer came to be, after 5 decades of advancement, through the tortuous road success, there are challenges, presented quite a few challenges to get researchers. Equipment translation potential social and economic rewards, some European countries and also Japan and other countries have spent a whole lot of 3rd there’s r & M, machine translation into the rate of growth by the start-up amount of the trough, the recovery period and make displaying unprecedented profitable and produced. The following is a quick overview of the various periods of its expansion.

That is start-up period (1947 to 1954), Trough period (1954 to 1975), Restoration period (1975 to 1989), Prosperous Period. ii. The situation of equipment translation The appliance translation prosperity does not mean will not have virtually any problems. According to figures, machine translation with human translation, translation accuracy and readability is less than 70%, ways, there are a numerous problems, however computer, language experts and machine translation users to jointly overcome.

Opened the translation record at a glance the criterion the eyes with the beholder, the wise discover wisdom. Three Kingdoms period “follow essentially, Gavin ornaments East Jindao An “best of Record, not so nefasta statements were made tour word Tang Xuan Zang, not shall seek the truth, and shall Yu vulgar “to modern Yan Fu, “letter the constant pursuit of Dayak Chinese “letter, Fu Lei quite similar “,  environment “of Qian Zhongshu Gu Zhengkun best approximation “.

Tytler’s “three principles abroad, the famous translator Nida’s “dynamic equivalence the the fee Street Rove equivalents’, otherwise Gorlee, “alleged meaning on qualitative “quantity.  But are most demanding translation standards. The appliance is converted as a translation, of course , should pay attention to the quality of the translation. The translation quality of machine translation can appreciate and devotion, it is difficult to offer the ideal common. These cases to illustrate (1) The erroneous translation of component to speech and meaning.

These kinds of problems with the device error on the part of speech, which means Discrimination will be inseparable. After the parts of presentation in this connection vocabulary to syntax connection is the wrong resolution, the translation will be wrong. Therefore , it is the wrong resolution mistranslation phenomenon will need to arouse the interest of equipment translation experts. (2)Adverbial incorrect translation Of mistranslation. Such as the num ber and type of vehi2cles always be misinterpreted as a result a number of types of vehicles. Comparative sentence in your essay mistranslation.

“The earlier a smog notify can be released, the greater it is effectiveness can be as it al2low s ¦  had been wrongly converted: “constitutes more time this smoke cigars alarm is often as early because issued, the greater its effectiveness as it does allow ¦¦ “and the best translation ought to be:  the sooner the alarm, the greater the role, because it will make the ¦ Design word mistranslated. Small phrases, such as articles or blog posts, conjunctions, English is certainly not fluent in English. Chinese On the contrary, they may become redundant, this machine translation can not be a great conversion.

In these issues, there are a lot of research, yet always simple description, do not be traced. I really believe that the step to these problems is not just a simple computer program driving hard to the issue of slavery, but the context with the language alone is not really a thorough evaluation, we should consider the question is learning to make the machine with minimum understanding. How to make the long-term gathered cultural knowledge to enter into the equipment translation. Whenever they make the equipment and in the search framework, and in a specific culture be involved in its translation, what will?

Pointed out Context, we can make some creativity from the M alinow snowboard and Firth, Firth linguist’s task ought to be to study the “text terminology phenomenon as well as its context combo, machine translation is the translation of a all-natural language another natural language should be arranged analysis, Discrimination select finalizing as an integrated process, asked to do inch,  Shindaya. Gave all of us think of fruitRevelation, “the term of the important factors on the keyboard, alone is without effect. Continue to keep context collectively makes sense. inches

Another element is the ethnic context. Firth social picture decided to play social part social role is limited. Therefore , the cultural scene is usually limited. Function enables the appliance translation “These limited function in world, the sociable scene analysis processing, translation will be able to improve the understandability “credibility and “While this kind of robot supposed, but this is actually the trend. Since the machine translation represents the high-tech can be a breakthrough in the present information grow older. ii. The role of machine translation.

Machine translation through a “saddle-type process, PaulDeposit and grow, today turned into a tool, the reasonIt is its part in promoting. (1)Promote social progress Human leave no natural stone unturned to formulate and complete a machine. Can be translation systems, has developed a translation software program, promoted by Economic advancement, social progress, eliminating the chinese language in the world when it comes to Introduction obstacles, communicate with the whole world. (2) Increase translation effectiveness With the machine translation research has improved consistently, the field of translation achieved unparalleled success.

Inside our translation work, We can utilize a variety of translation systems or perhaps software to complete the translation activity, Samples may improve the rate and reliability of the translation, translation performance. (3) Encourage the development of other areas Machine translation to get involved in mathematics, pc science, linguistics, translation Technology and other multi-discipline areas will need strong progress these professions, substantial based upon the outcome, in order to promote the introduction of these areas.

Fourth, the outlook within the prospects pertaining to machine translation. The birth of the machine translation system, especially to people translation, who brought hope. Though machine translation the understandability and commitment also certainly not ideal, but if the mathematics, laptop science, translation studies and language technology and other experts in the field of work together, will make the machine translation out more gorgeous flowers, keep more fruits.


Inside the above mentioned, in case the context in the language environment and cultural context for consideration at the same time of development, will be able to make the translation discourse stronger terminology three capabilities, namely the idea of function, persons interpersonal function and textual function was more visible. It is also mcdougal most wish to suggest, hope, serve function. It should be believed that throughout the tireless work of many experts make equipment translation. Previously being properly designed, thus should be able to promote strong translation trigger development.


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