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Job application

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To get a full time position as a Business lead Unit Devices Integrator.


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Augustine Consulting Incorporated, Fort Campbell, KY

Business lead Unit Program Integrator March 2014 to Present

Responsibilities include: Providing FSR support for the one hundred and first Brigade Fight Team; matching logistics and New Gear Training with 101st AASLT at Feet Campbell, KY for CS13 – CS15, including sustainment training in a permanent role at Ft. Campbell as part of a two-person staff; assisting platoon elements with conversion of mission programs from analog to digital articles useful by Gefällig Warrior pertaining to both Discipline Training Exercises and actual missions; rendering expert consultation for a selection of computer and radio devices and applications including: J-TNT, SRW, ANW2C, SINCGARS, TACSAT, HPW, Nett Warrior (EUD and MPC), FBCB2, JCR, JBC-P, SOMPE, ArcGIS, Falcon View, Global Mapper, Google-maps (SIPR), and Digital Earth.

Augustine Consulting Incorporated, Fort Bliss, TX

Lead Product System Integrator February 2009 to Month 2013

Tasks included: portion as the liaison and Contract Agent to an Acquisitions Program Director office to dozens of products in the Military; maintaining recognized system and network the use in support of the Army’s Network Integration Reviews (NIE) via 2010 to 2014; handling Field Assistance Representatives (FSRs) during support of built-in exercises; complementing logistical and administrative support as Assistant Operations Director; participating in Preliminary Operation Ensure that you Evaluations (IOTE) and Risk Reduction Labs in preparing for quarterly Army Network Integration Reviews (NIEs) with Systems Under Test (SUT) and Systems Under Evaluation (SUE); studying consolidated data from incorporation exercises and present conclusions to Program Manager; improvement troubleshooting techniques and operations to develop synergies; resolving specialized issues accurately and effectively for a various military technologies e. g. Nett Warrior, a digital dismounted situational awareness system (AN/PRC-154A), an encrypted military a radio station, military waveforms to include Gift Radio Waveform (SRW), Adaptable Network Wideband Waveform (ANW2), and Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS); teaching the Articulate Software of Teaching (POI) being a Lead Trainer to over you, 800 students across the military; enforcing Software Manager requirements and directives to prevent scams, waste, and abuse; assisting management, management, and executive meetings, teleconferences and info exchanges.

Omega Training Group, Fort Lewis, WA

Discipline Support Consultant (FSR) 03 2006 to Month 2009

Responsibilities included: Integrating the Quiet Pro-Head Set, MARC BOT software, Dragon and Pole Camera Squad Video cameras, and Come back Sniper diagnosis device while Certified Teacher of the Terrain Warrior Program; training workers on Property Warrior outfit and helped in tactical employment in the system in combat procedures, helping to develop Tactics Techniques and Types of procedures (TTP’s); providing instruction for the development of Mission Data Bouts (MDP) with the aid of the Mission Data Support Equipment (MDSE); assisting the operator with the Enhanced Position Locating Reporting System (EPLRS) and EPLRS Network Managing (ENM) Computer system, used to monitor the connection of the Area Warrior; expanding and improving POI pertaining to Land Warrior mission certain instruction although in theater for critical mission pieces; supported Battalion Leadership with several Area Warrior demos to Basic Officers to display the advantages which the Land Warrior provides to the 4-9 Soldires Battalion; maintaining accountability of replacement parts and completed reports that offered information to get utilized for progress upgrades towards the system; updating Land Soldier System with software and firmware up grade as developed; assisting military in the procedure of the Land Warrior system by providing one-on-one instruction letting them gain a understanding of the capabilities and limitations with the system; staying selected and the like to represent the Land Warrior system to senior representatives in a VIP presentation.

Usa Army, Fortification Lewis, CALIFORNIA

Assistant Teaching and Functions Manager January 2002 to December 2006

Responsibilities included: coordinating and supervising training and businesses for a 500-person organization with assets appreciated in excess of $42M; operating since principal expert for mature management on technical schooling, evaluation and certification concerns; working while subject matter professional for security standards and compliance; growing certification requirements for functionality and crafted examinations; designed training applications for technical advisors and evaluators that improved training, technical knowledge and company readiness; studying and applying procedures pertaining to certification program, which started to be the standard for the organization (evaluations showed a 60% improvement over previous tests); directing a thorough review process after all teaching events that significantly superior technical skills, teamwork and individual efficiency

United States Military services, Republic of Korea

First-Line Supervisor Apr 2001 to May 2002

Responsibilities included: managing daily operations for a 6-person staff, which offered administrative and logistical support for an organization of 60; planning, spending budget and choosing activities necessary to meet corporation objectives. effectively meeting particular requirements for numerous training exercises in remote places in Korea, while ensuring safety and accountability of personnel and property; doing monthly and quarterly counseling of associates to help improve teamwork and provide professional development opportunities; serving since liaison to other companies to access staff assistance applications and monetary and mental health assistance; managing logistical and management support and ensuring enough strength managing during a length of personnel shortages; remaining versatile and employing logistical experience in managing schedules to satisfy corporate requirements; provided imaginative employee bonuses to assist in meeting essential deadlines; examining statistical info and studies to identify and determine causes of personnel concerns and growing recommendations for improvement of procedures and methods; assisting in

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