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In our associated with advanced technology, we love to watch movies more than we love to read. Sitting in front of a flat-screen TELEVISION SET while ingesting popcorn and drinking soft drinks would audio much more appealing than browsing a book by fire through the night while ingesting a frappucino from Starbucks. Now, manufacturers and owners would take successful and famous reports and modify it right into a movie. At times, they would be successful, with illustrations being the Harry Knitter series, which usually received generally positive reviews from both authorities and the audience.

However , quite often these people might unknowingly butchers the publication based movie by taking away many important characters and events, with good examples getting The Super Thief and Eragon.

In that case another example of a butchered book, or epic in such a case, is The Journey, written by Homer. It tells the story of the king named Odysseus that is cursed by Olympian gods to stroll the land for a decade and be not able to return to his beloved city called Ithaca.

During his 10 years of take off, he royaume on the island from the Cyclopes and unwittingly dooms most of his men to a fearsome Cyclops named Polyphemus, the kid of Poseidon. In my opinion, I believe that the book version of Book IX in The Journey is better than the movie version.

Whenever we enjoy a movie based on a book we read, all of us expect it to end up being just as great as the book. In the movie version of Publication IX inside the Odyssey, Polyphemus eats simply two guys (technically we all don’t observe Antiphous receive eaten, but it is intended that he is), contradicting the storyline which in turn says that he ate six males before Odysseus could type a plan to escape. Next, Polyphemus does not appear as overwhelming as we believed him to become. Instead of viewing a shaggy giant in least 100 feet high, the audience recognizes a hairless tall gentleman with merely one eye who are able to eat merely one man just before falling asleep. After that, we supposed to see Odysseus taunting and angering Polyphemus with many abuse and taunts, yet we come across and hear only one taunt. Furthermore, as Polyphemus is so gigantic, the reason for writing this is to see him tear from the tip of the mountain in that case throw it at the escaping ship.

But, we see him pick up a tiny boulder and throw that at Odysseus- which yearns for by in least twenty feet. Lastly, when Polyphemus eats the unlucky enthusiast, he converts away from the camera, as if this individual does not want us to see the devoured man. After around 50 bashes against the earth, the victim ends up just losing a head. Following Polyphemus ceases bashing the person, the audience could have expected the victim to shed more than a brain and a great unscathed physique. Perhaps they expected a broken body with our bones sticking out and blood running down the body with its innards. Seeing Polyphemus as simply 20 ft tall and never that good as a Cyclops would not have met their expectations since they think of a hairy huge batch with one eye that can crush a tank with his bare hands.

They would not have expected a hairless giant with one eye that can consume only one gentleman before staying full. That is not part of the information of a fearsome mythological monster like the Cyclopes. Expectations of the movie depending on a book are high, the producers never add in the best parts in the book, a good example staying the part exactly where Polyphemus talks to the leading ram Odysseus can be under, since that accumulates plenty of suspense. All in all, each time a book-based film comes in theaters, we wish it to become as impressive, awesome, and excellent because the publication it was based upon.

In the movie and the book, thoughts of suspense rise within just us, in particular when reading or perhaps watching The Odyssey. For example , in Book IX from the Odyssey, once Polyphemus is definitely touching and talking to the key ram, we are filled with uncertainty. What happens in the event Polyphemus discovers that Odysseus is hiding under the ram memory? We are filled up with fear and worry. Likewise, we are literally biting the nails the moment Polyphemus gets ready to toss the mountain optimum at the send. We are pondering, “OH MY PERSONAL GOD IT CAN HIT THE SHIP!  Then, once we get to the business when Polyphemus comes in, we could thinking, “Oh God this is not gonna end well. 

However , available, the break free of them men centers about Odysseus, displaying his guile, courage, leadership, and gallantry, yet inside the movie, the escape centers around Antiphous, the flutist and commander in the Trojan War. Puzzle is built in both instances, but we all never get to see Odysseus’s heroism in the motion picture. Instead, we see courage among his males sacrifices him self to let his crewmen break free. When we observe the movie, we all expect to see Odysseus be the last gentleman to escape. Rather, we see him run out initial. In conclusion, we do not have much suspense with regards to watching a movie based on a book we have go through. However , resting by the open fire, and examining a book in the middle of the night builds up even more suspense for all of us than soaking in the theater watching a movie.

Many feel that the movie edition of Publication IX in The Odyssey is preferable to the book. After all, it’s much shorter, we can truly get a aesthetic, and we may just settle-back and loosen up while ingesting something. We even obtain a visual of the favorite personality! It is authentic that we can easily finish film production company in two hours but reading the book might take a very long time. However , the book surpasses the movie in lots of ways. It identifies things in rich fine detail, it has received better testimonials for over 2000 years, in fact it is more interesting. In conclusion, and in my opinion, the book is superior to the movie.


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