The language and structure of poem Essay

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Chinese and composition of poem two “Warning” is, just like “Old Person, Old Man”, fairly simple with only four stanzas all but two of that happen to be different lengths. I expect this is because in stanza 1, the lengthiest verse, she says all the things she has planned to accomplish in her future as an older female these obviously are all the things which she really wants to do so naturally there are lots of these people. Stanza two says all the things she may do this is not as lengthy because it would have come under the first verse if it was something that the girl really wanted to do.

Stanza 3 is also a quick one since it is about all the stuff she has to accomplish now which can be all uninteresting and tedious. The last stanza is the least as it is, i believe, what she actually is thinking although she has to halt herself in her thoughts as the girl might have believed it to be not appropriate at this time to act like an old woman. There is not any rhyme or rhythm much like poem much more any difficult language. My spouse and i also think this is because it is just a straightforward subject and needs not any complications. The two poems are extremely similar because they are both quite simple to understand, while there is no complicated words or perhaps English approaches, like similes.

The communication and develop of composition one is extremely grim. It requires a pessimistic view of old age declaring how the senses damage and how you almost turn into incompetent. That basically says, you, while someone who is capable and in control will deteriorate to someone who can not carry out as much as you want to do as you are not able to find well, you pretty much will not likely like it!

The message and tone of poem two is almost entirely contrary to that of poem 1. It takes a very optimistic perspective of retirement years saying how you can let go of older barriers anytime and be able to perform what you want. The storyplot is if you are young you have to be liable and set the. When you acquire old you can become irresponsible and careless and be able to do the little issues that are ridiculous just for the sake to do it. My personal response to the poem “Old Man, Older Man” is the fact it makes me think about my grandparents who were ready and effective and now are getting to be retired and possess their health issues, this is why the poem makes me consider them.

This man in the poem was obviously a capable guy and has now become incredibly dependant. It also makes me think that family is very important because some day you may end up receiving a awful disease and if you cannot consider your family that can you consider? My personal respond to poem two is relatively murky. I actually do not learn how to put it although although it is definitely an optimistic view of old age are the points this girls wants to do this much to look forward to? I do think we can perform most of these points now, at the same time adults, although we do not since it is not useful and some of the things are simply silly.

For instance spending your pension and “say we’ve no money pertaining to butter”. Is the fact logical? This is where I’m uncertain may be she’s saying let go out of logic!

This kind of poem also reminds me of the great Indian circle of life. This is how the native Americans believed we all went rounded in a group of friends in our life. We would start life from the ground or mother, progress through childhood to become the then go back to like a child again, then the part to the ground.

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