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What was the presidents idea? The Gambias ex – leader, Yahya Jammeh, who left the country a year ago after two decades in power, have been accused of numerous crimes. Although one of the oddest was driving thousands of people with HIV to endure treatment having a concoction of herbs he previously invented himself. As the first person inside the Gambia to publicly declare himself HIV-positive, Lamin Ceesay thought he was doing the right thing.

On Universe Aids Time that season, Ceesay plucked up the courage to go general public and got part in a street drive put on by a great HIV charitable organization. It earned him the respect of health campaigners worldwide. But a few years later it also brought him towards the attention of Gambias director, Yahya Jammeh. so early in 3 years ago, Jammeh reported that hed invented his own wonder cure for the computer virus using a combination of herbal medication and religious healing approaches. Even more bizarrely, he stated the cure simply worked on Thursdays and Monday.

For what reason did he think that this program work? Included in this was Ousman Sowe, who had a degree in public areas health from Britains Leeds University. Hoping to give the programme some academic gravitas, Jammeh had hired Sowe as the spokesman, to try to rebuff the doubts of incredulous foreign journalists. By one level, Sowe advised a BASSE CONSOMMATION reporter that he had totally confidence inside the cure. Actually giving up his ARVs acquired left him so fragile that he could scarcely climb a flight of stairs.

What was his the presidents treatment like? At the presidents makeshift clinic at Express House the ground rules in the programme had been explained. Simply no smoking, or perhaps drinking tea or espresso. No sex. And crucially, no acquiring of mainstream medicine such as anti-retroviral prescription drugs given to him by his regular doctors. Jammehs equipped bodyguards had been stationed with the clinic doorways. For the next 6 months, they said, simply no patient can be allowed to leave without his permission. Every day the chief executive would apply a mystical green paste into the sufferers bodies, whilst chanting prayers from a leather-bound Koran. Then, twice per day, they will drink from a bottle of wine filled with a yellow natural potion. Jammeh refused to say what was in it, in spite of being told that if this individual really experienced found a cure for HIV this individual could make Gambia rich immediately.

Who were the patients? The individuals were folks who had been contaminated with HIV and wanted to undergo treatment. There was an interview with one of many patients in the president who was highly knowledgeable and advised he was against it although didnt claim anything foolish at the moment since if this individual did he could land in jail when he was in treatment.

Did it worked? Unsurprisingly, this was denounced as quackery of the most hazardous sort by simply health chiefs around the world. People from the therapy had been having frequent diarrhoea. Persons caught tuberculosis from other patients, and eventually grew so weak that they had to be transferred returning to a proper clinic. Lots of people likewise died throughout the treatment but still its unknow how a large number of.

High survivers? Sowe and his fellow patients are working with Aids-Free World, a US plan group which in turn wants expenses to be brought against Jammeh over the programme. It says it is probably one of the biggest human rights scandals committed by his routine. What is more, as opposed to his key prisons and torture sections, it was accomplished as the world looked on. Jammeh isnt too interested in scrutiny, nevertheless. A elderly UN overall health official who have raised objections was kicked out of The Gambia early on. Eventually, some 9, 000 people are believed to have already been treated, even though since Jammeh kept all of the clinics information secret, nobody has but established exactly how many of them died. One thing today seems certain, though the just miracle about his treatment was that any person survived in any way.

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