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Flexner, Wayne Thomas. George Washington. Very little. 1967

George Wahington

George Washington was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. He

served as commander-in-chief of the Continental army throughout the Revolutionary Battle, and later

dished up as the first president of the United States. His thoughts and ideas helped mold the Usa

States in to the great country that it is today.

George Washington was born about February twenty two, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

He was the oldest son of Augustine Wa and Jane Ball Washington. He received no

formal education, nevertheless he browse geography, military history, agriculture, deportment, and

composition. Wa later developed a powerful and convincing design of speech and writing.

This individual enjoyed sporting activities and interpersonal occasions, and he after became a surveyor for landowners within the

Virginia frontier.

George Buenos aires was elected president of the United States in 1789, in addition to New York

Town on The spring 30, 1789, he required the oath of office as Guru at age 57. He

was extremely influential in the primary operation of the new govt. After the ballot he composed

My moves to the seat of government will probably be accompanied by sense not unlike those of a

culprit, who may be going to the place of his performance. Washingtons process was to plan a

government but as well create a part for the very best officer of the new land. Both jobs earned him


Certainly one of Washingtons initially duties of office was establishing a cabinet. He appointed

Alexander Hamilton secretary of treasury and Thomas Jefferson secretary of state. Buenos aires

allowed Jefferson to pursue a policy of seeking control with Euro nations. Edinburgh proposed

important ideas for instance a funded nationwide debt plus the creation from the Bank of the United States.

The initially United States census was consumed in 1790 which in turn showed the citizenry to be 4

million. This individual created departments within the govt, each with different jobs. The federal government

issued funds that was good in all states. Chief executive Washington as well helped strategy a new capital for

the country that was named Washington in his exclusive chance. Also, Vermont and Kentucky were added

as states in 1791 and 1792 respectively.

George Washington unwillingly agreed to serve a second term as chief executive, even though he

wanted to go home to Install Vernon. A great outbreak of war in Europe plagued Thomas Jeffersons

foreign policy design. Alexander Hamilton shaped a pro-British foreign policy during

Washingtons second government. Jays Treaty of 1795 settled exceptional American differences

with England. This treaty was really controversial, although the treaty was passed by a

narrow perimeter in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Whiskey Rebellion in american Pennsylvania against a federal bar tax was his essential

domestic challenge. He himself rode partway to the field at the head from the militia that was raised

to set down the rebellion. Washington reorganized his pantry in 1795, and Tn became a

state in 1796. He was asked to come back for another term as Leader, but he declined. Wa

carefully designed a farewell speech to mark the final of his presidency, and issued his farewell

presentation on Sept. 2010 7, 1796. He was prevailed by his vice-president, Ruben Adams this

March four. He then retired to Attach Vernon, in which he died 2 years later on January 14, 1799

at the age of 67.

George Wa remains probably the most important numbers in the history of the Usa

States of America. Washingtons accomplishments happen to be and will always serve as precedents for

long term Presidents. I feel that his two terms in office as the Guru were the

most important times in the history our country. He designed the government we live under

today, and if not for him, our authorities might be totally different.

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