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Anton Chekhov was a Russian short-story article writer, playwright and physician, considered to be one of the greatest short-story writers in the history of community literature. His career as a dramatist developed four classics and his best short stories are saved in high respect by copy writers and experts. Chekhov performed as a doctor throughout most of his literary career: “Medicine is my personal lawful wife, he when said, “and literature is usually my mistress.  Chekhov renounced the theater after the disastrous reception of The Seagull in 1896; but the play was elevated to acclaim in 1898 by Constantin Stanislavski’s Moscow Art Movie theater, which subsequently also developed Uncle Vanya and opened Chekhov’s latter plays, 3 Sisters plus the Cherry Orchard.

These four works present difficult to the performing ensemble as well as to audiences, since in place of standard action Chekhov offers a “theatre of mood and a “submerged life inside the text.  Chekhov acquired at first crafted stories just for the money, but since his imaginative ambition grew, he made formal innovations which have influenced the evolution of the modern short story.

His originality consists in an early utilization of the stream-of-consciousness technique, afterwards adopted by James Joyce and other modernists, combined with a disavowal from the moral finality of classic story composition. He made no apologies pertaining to the difficulties this posed to readers, insisting that the function of an designer was to find out, not to answer them.

Brief summary

The story is approximately a family man named IVAN DMITRITCH. This individual and his relatives were living a middle-class life and was very well satisfied with their life. Not really until eventually, his better half asked her to check checklist of lotto drawings inside the newspaper. His wifes amount got series 9, 499, number 21. To his shock and amazement, he saw the series on the lookout for, 499. Without checking the admission number however, he fantastic wife already started hoping to see a good existence. Wanting to place excitement whether or not they got the best ticket quantity or not really, they initially thought of many possibilities in what to do with the large amount of prize money. They imagined a big property, new furnishings, travelling and paying debts. Pictures constantly crawl inside their minds, each more self-centered than the previous. Greed is eating up their imaginations.

They have today seemed to realize that their sort of life is no appropriate for a wealthy and powerly people like all of them who has simply won the lottery. Ivan and his wife soon to bother each others company and felt anger against the other person, thinking to each other that they are simply pain in the head on their plans. Viewing his wifes hatred, he quickly glanced at the paper to check the correct ticket amount. Unfortunately, it had been number 46, not dua puluh enam! Hatred and anger instantly disappeared, however they immediately appear to realize how small and dark their rooms were, how their dinner is certainly not doing all of them good, and that the evenings had been long and wearisome. All their previous guaranteed contented existence are now changed with more desiring a better lifestyle, after having false thoughts that they earned the lottery.


Urban setting.

The setting with the story is a house in the couple. Inside the statement, “¦was very well pleased with his lot, sat upon the couch after an evening meal and commenced reading the newspaper¦ it connotes that Ivan can be comfortable with the property he is surviving in but at the conclusion of the history, after the fall of the large hopes and daydreams, the home was showed be dark and low-pitched. It does not indicate that the home is indeed because bad because how they defined it; possibly the huge letdown, paranoia, and hatred towards each other have got wiped off their optimism toward their current living state.



paradox in this account is how the once caring family is today resentful towards each other.

-The end of the tale:

“The Lottery Ticket is an open-ended story because the issue was not genuinely resolved inside the ending. We wonder so what happened next: did they only disregard or ignored each of the pessimistic thoughts they had for each other? Had been they able to really talk about to one another all of it? In any interactions there are contributory factors that may better or worsen it. People entail are still in charge of how in addition to what method they will let these factors to affect their romance. Anton Chekhov could have concluded the story in such a way that will edify openness, respect, and selflessness to the readers, especially to married people.


The climax of the story is usually where Ivan and Masha’s hatred towards each other stirred up in all their hearts, and for Ivan to annoy Masha this individual quickly examined on the paper and disappointed her simply by reading out triumphantly which the winning combo was not equally to hers. The discord was not truly resolved for though it had been stated that, “¦hope and hatred both disappeared for once¦,  Ivan’s feelings was still in heat that he used out grievances which did dispute the statement that he is, “¦very well pleased with his whole lot. 



He is a round personality, he is a “middle-class guy who lived with his family on an cash flow of 14 hundred 12 months and was very well content with his lot 2-masha:

She is a round character, masha his wife is actually a middle category woman, The characters will be multi-dimensional or perhaps dynamic since they both equally developed in the course of the story Theme:


* *Money does not acquire love;

* it destroys that. Before and the beginning of the couple’s interesting moments of anticipation regarding the possible lot of money, it was in some manner pictured in the line, “¦she clears the table when he reads the newspaper on the sofa¦

that they are committed long enough to acquire fallen within their respective regimens and there was clearly respect and love around the relationship. However , in the course of all their daydreaming, due to Masha’s hope to travel as well, Ivan’s feelings diverted in to resentment toward her.


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