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DimitriDimitrichGomov, the main figure in “The Lady with all the Toy Dog, ” displays a puzzling low self-esteem being a core issue through prevention, such as avoiding his wife who frightens him or perhaps men who make him feel apprehensive, and discharge, including discovering women as inferior beings, throughout the short story.

One of the most efficient and all-inclusive method to look intoGomov’s low self-esteem, avoidance, and projection is to utilize a combination of psychoanalytic theory and formalism. Psychoanalysis will come in play with particular terms including “core concern, “”low self-pride, ” “defenses, “”avoidance, ” and “projection, ” whilst analyzing the character’s actions. A “core issue” is a psychological destruction that one features, which can contain “low self-pride, ” for people to live with such concerns, some use “defenses, ” which may incorporate “avoidance, inch the work of steering clear of the source in the problem or anything that reminds us of the issue, and “projection, ” which is when we task what we truly feel or believe onto another individual. Meanwhile, the theory behind formalism will be a vital component of the analysis, intended for the discussion will be based in evidence present in the text and look at the images, a description through words to create a mental picture within the reader’s head, and symbolism, a word or expression that has a textual and a figurative meaning. The textual basis intended for the study will come from two key moments: the information of his thoughts relating to women and as soon as when he and Anna happen to be sitting on a bench in Oreanda. His point of view concerning his wife, women, plus the way this individual acts about men uses descriptive images to show his projection and avoidance of his low self-esteem, even though the moment in Oreanda uses imagery and symbolism to indicate low self-esteem and his thoughts about him self.

By combining the two theories, primarily by making use of psychoanalytic terms to analyze a personality while ensuring not to stray from the textual content, the evaluation will be loyal to the history without having whatever inferred devoid of textual evidence to support this. The advantagesof using formalism include finding what the textual content itself reveals, adding details and citations, and looking in to the imagery and symbolism demonstrated through critical moments to aid the analysis of Gomov, which fit together nicely with the benefits of making use of the psychoanalyst theory to incorporate low self-esteem as being a core issue and to check into Gomov’s actions and thoughts. The two strategies will match one another to allow for a bigger picture to be seen by doing a close examining of individualkey moments.

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