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Fresh England

Distinct Communities

In North America in the 1700s, the populations of recent England plus the Virginian Chesapeake region were mostly of English origins, but had gradually segregated into two separate communities for several recognized reasons. Virtually all these people could be sorted in to two classes: the richer community, who were able to spend their voyage across the Ocean to America themselves, and indentured maids, the poorer ones who have relied upon others to get passage. In substitution for the trip, the indentured servants paid back them with some number of years’ work.

The New Britain settlers were mainly Puritans, who supported strong spiritual values and purifying the Protestant faith and the Chapel of Britain. John Winthrop, in his speech, A Model of Christian Charitable trust, focused on the concept Puritans had to leave England and found their own colony, along with form a community under Our god rather than concentrate on individualistic requires. He mentioned that this new colony will be a city over a hill, viewed and admired by the remaining portion of the world (document A).

While the Puritans settled in New Britain, it stands to reason that the indentured servant inhabitants inhabited the Chesapeake area. This is maintained the obvious contrast in the lists of emigrants certain for New England and Virginia. The emigrants on the New England list are a minister and his family/servants, a custom and his buddies, and a farmer along with his. The different document prospect lists “underwritten” names, proving that this list may be the list of indentured servants, and they are sure for the Chesapeake location instead (documents B and C). This is also backed by reality the habitants of Va could not defend themselves from a Nederlander attack in 1673. “[B]y our nearest computation all of us leave by our backside as many servants as there are freemen to defend the shores and all our frontiers” (Document G). Their failure to protect themselves was due to their prominent masse of indentured servants but not militiamen.

It is also well known that the principle crop inside the Chesapeake was tobacco, as well signifying a positive change between the two locations. The New England dirt was considerably more diversified, permitting different crops to grow there. As the Virginian soil grew tobacco, this required a great deal of slave and indentured servant labor to hold the plantations running. The settlements during these areas mirrored this with the cultures and ways of existence, impacting how each place viewed commerce and the overall economy.

These kinds of initial dissimilarities set the tone pertaining to the steady separation of societal principles, and over a long period of time during the 1700s, both of these areas grew apart due to religious beliefs, rich vs poor habitants, and primary plants growth. So , although both populations were of English language origin, the Chesapeake region and New England nest grew in to two specific societies therefore.

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