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Fish is one of the main method to obtain protein. Bangladesh is one of the leading fish producing country among the world. Most of the instances, cultivator comes after traditional options for fish farming. They uses chemical being a growth promoter or pertaining to emergency situation which has different side effects. There is certainly the increasing demand for fish production like a source of food, the knowledge of fish cultivation system should increase. Seafood farming consists of various concerns specially Melt Oxygen (DO) problem. These kinds of problems can be eliminated by making use of Aeration. In our thesis, we all tried to present how to perform intensive seafood farming by simply aeration procedure in both on grid and off grid aria. We all found that if it is conceivable to maintain required Do level in the normal water, fish production rate increases. In our project we did an test to estimate increase in PERFORM level in the event water is spread in pond. Oygenation is not only increase oxygen level, but likewise eliminates several harmful factors like freezing mixture gas. Because the molecular mass of ammonia lower than the molecular mass of atmosphere, oygenation process helps you to dissipate the ammonia gas. We have located that it is feasible to increase fish production up to 200% to 600% than the conventional method. In our work, we have extracted the formulation to approximate dissolve oxygen and energy required to pump water to get aeration in fish pond. In the view of climate modify impact, Bangladesh is one of the many unsecure countries.

Scenario will further enhanced due to unplanned and excessive dependency on fossils fuel. Within our country renewable energy currently contributes only installment payments on your 89 percent of the total electricity era. Among all the forms of alternative energy, solar energy has the shining potential customer in our country. Government has already taken a target to enhance renewable energy era capacity to 2829. 68 MW by 2021. In our nation until now photovoltaic is being used only in light, fan and rural homes or retailers but is not impressive in industrial scale. However in big element we can use it in farming sector thus fish farming Yet fewer using in irrigation and poultry farming but limited in fish farming. Currently formers depend on 266000 electrically power normal water pumps to irrigate practically 1 . six million hector land and 3 mil diesel operate pumps to irrigate eight. 4 , 000, 000 acres of land by using almost a thousand tons of fuel. Aeration can be carried out in different way. By using solar PV it can expose an economic remedy. Rural areas often having sufficient power and costs of gasoline are getting more and more prohibitive. While the cost of solar power panels coming down, at a later date each community may be able to install solar panels and also generate adequate power to irrigate. From the view of climate change impact, Bangladesh is one of the most unsecure countries. Circumstance will further enhanced due to unplanned and excessive dependency on fossils fuel. In our country power currently has contributed only 2 . 89 percent of the total electricity generation. Among all the forms of alternative energy, solar energy provides the shining prospect in our nation. Government has already taken a target to enhance renewable energy generation capacity to 2829. 68 MW by 2021. In our country until now solar PV is being used only because, fan and rural homes or outlets but is not impressive in commercial scale. But in big factor we can use it in gardening sector thus fish farming Yet fewer using in irrigation and poultry farming but limited in seafood farming. Presently formers depend on 266000 electrically power drinking water pumps to irrigate nearly 1 . several million hector land and. 3 mil diesel work pumps to irrigate 8. 4 , 000, 000 acres of land by using almost a million tons of fuel. Aeration can be achieved in different way. By using solar PV it can introduce an economic option. Rural areas often acquiring sufficient power supply and costs of energy are getting significantly prohibitive.

As the price of solar panels flowing down, in future every single village could possibly install solar energy panels and be able to create adequate power to irrigate. Bangladesh is one of the leading fish making country on earth with a total production of 41. 34 MT. Physique shown the last ten years growth (average) with this sector which is almost your five. 43% and government is attempting to maintain this kind of growth. In Bangladesh about 50% of farmers received experience for fish farming from their neighbor and 33% acquired by simply formal acquiring formal schooling provided by several organization like NGOs, DoF and BFRI. Most of them uses chemicals, unnatural wave, recycling where possible of drinking water for their farming which is not trustworthy enough for intensive farming. From the fig: it can be demonstrated that china is the most seafood producing country of 79. 389(MT) which can be almost 38% of total world capita. Our neighbor country India contributes 11% with total production of 22. 215(MT). Vietnam shows amazing production of 6. 208 MT (3%). Where Bangladesh shares only 2% of world household. So we now have an attractive opportunity to boost this sector. The process of preserving or raising water vividness level in both artificial and environment is called Aeration. In this method oxygenated normal water diverse by the circulation of water about aerator. This technique effects thermal and chemical substance desertification. Amount of drinking water created by this process really helps to sustaining excessive oxygenated transmission efficiency as the new oxygenated water changed by reduced dissolve oxygenated water. We made a set up pertaining to our trial and error purpose to see the behavior of oxygen in water. In this experimental purpose we took 95 l of water in a plastic trommel. We employed a handmade shower to convert water into droplets so that collective surface can increase which will ingest more o2. We distributed the water via two different heights of just one. 2 meters and. 6 m to determine if the o2 remains in touch with water if DO gets to to vividness level (7. 5 mg/L) fast or not. To measure the PERFORM in normal water we applied DO meter.

The model of PERFORM water is definitely PDO-519 manufactured by Lutron. Whilst taking the info we as well recorded temperature of the water showed in DO meter. Temperature was almost continuous in the two cases. Within our experiment after every 50 L of normal water circulation, We recorded DO and list it in stand in both equally cases. There were to circulate water 2 . five times from elevation 1 . 2 meter and 4 times by 0. six m m height. In the graph we can see that water circulated by a level of 1. 2m (4feet) PERFORM saturated quicker than. 6m(2feet) height. From this we can estimate that if water remains in contact with more hours it will absorb oxygen more and reach a saturation level very fast. In the experiment we could also determine that air absorption will certainly less when oxygen is near to vividness level.

With the help of this kind of data we all designed our system.

To aerate a pond we all will squirt water surrounding this time so that normal water droplets may consume o2 from surroundings with the help of an electrical pump that can consume a few electric energy. From this chapter we all will estimate how much energy is needed to emit an acerbo of fish pond with 1 ) 5m depth. At the end of the chapter we all will know how much energy can easily supply just how much oxygen.

Size of pond=1 acre with 1 . a few meter depth.

By making use of date we have taken from a height of 1. 2m previously discussed, all of us will estimate our strength.

First DO level=5. 2 mg/L

After serving 100 T water, PERFORM level boosts to 6. 7mg/L

DO increased=1. 5 mg/L

So total amount of DO embrace 100 L water is=150mg.

Therefore energy requires to increase PERFORM 150 mg is, P=mgh==100*9. 81*1. 2=1177 J

Therefore , To increase 150 mg DO, energy requires=1177 j

Therefore , 1Kg DO requires=(1177*1000)/(150*10-3)=7. 8*106 J.


my spouse and i. When drinking water pump to be used water can rise up to 1. 2m drop from same height. And so oxygen usage by drinking water will be doubled.

2. Water droplet size is much smaller in an aeration pump spray. We imagine water surface will be doubled. So usage will also doubled

iii. In open atmosphere ponds could have DO level varying from5. 5-6mg/L.

Upon the topic we can say that oxygen ingestion will be 4times than each of our experimental data.

Because oxygen intake increases to 4times, and so energy requirement will now .

Consequently , Energy requirement for 1kg of DO is= 7. 8*106 /4=1. 96*106 J.

DO computation of Fish pond:

For seafood cultivation, optimum depth is=1. 5 meters.

Consequently , the volume of water pertaining to 1 desagradable of pond is=4046. 85m2*1. 5m=6. 07*103 m3 =6. 07*106L.

On an common Do will come in Pond is=5. 7mg/L

Therefore , amount of DO readily available before oygenation in one particular acre of pond by 5. 7mg/L

is =6. 07*106L*5. 7*10-6kg=34. 59kg.

If aeration is required approximately saturation level (7. 5mg/L), amount of DO as well available in 1 acre of pond is=7. 5*10-6kg*6. 07*106L=45. 88 Kilogram.

And so additional PERFORM to be pumped is=45. 88-34. 59=10. 93 kg.

Therefore energy requirement for 10. 93 kilogram of DO is=1. 96*106*10. 93=21. 42*106J. =6 Kilo watt hour (1j=3. 6*106 Kwh).

Considering the efficiency of drinking water pump 50%, energy need is=12kwh.

3. 2 . 2 Scale solar PV, Pump Inverter intended for the system

Strength requirement for the program is=12 kw-h for 1 acre of pond with 1 . 5m depth.

Considering inverter loss, transmitting loss, we are able to only remove 70% of rated benefits of the panel. To ensure doze kwh energy we have to supply to program is=17. 18 kw-h.

Average sun in BD is=4. 6kw-h/m2 /day, thus panel size would be=3. 72 Kwp to meet the will energy.

For outstanding in secure side, all of us suggest a panel size of=4. five kwp.

Pump size=3 kw (1. 5kw each).

Inverter size=3 kw (1. five kw each).

Aeration is needed when ever dissolved air (DO) level is less than 3mg/L in the pond for elevating oxygen level. Mechanical aeration which is used blend to air and water. As a result fresh air can be absorbed into the water. Some examples are low acceleration surface aerator, fountains, floating surface aerators, paddlewheel aerators. Paddlewheel aerator most used in the fish pond for raising oxygen. That used for interacts between air flow and water to transfer oxygen from your air. Paddle turn on through the use of electricity forcesA fountain aerator pumps drinking water from level and interacts between normal water and air flow. This process water absorbed air from air. As this particular is impelled into the normal water, it fails small droplets. Small tiny droplets more air absorbed in comparison to large droplets because of small droplets include large area. Generally fountain aerators are being used in significant area. Flying surface aerators are similar to fountains, but it is usually not esthetic appearance when compared with fountain aerators. It employed for interacts among water and air by 1-2 feet of the level.

Drinking water is disordered at the drinking water surface by using it. Floating area aerators are being used in tiny area. The reduced speed aerator is used pertaining to biology aeration. These devices are generated substantial torque. Low speed aeration used for drinking water purification. Dissipated aeration is one of the most aeration system utilized in pond pertaining to maintain CARRY OUT level. Atmosphere is moving by a pipe or water pipe and this air is produced using divulguer under the normal water surface. Discharge oxygen blend between bottom level and best water level making use of the water line. Normally this system is used at least 6th feet depth in fish-pond.

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