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A male, the towering personality in the history of India, a man who may be regarded as Devoted saint, that has earned the name and fame with India although also upon other area of ocean, a man who also created a cyclonic forces amongst Indian children to revive the actual spirit of Vedanta inside the mother land, a man who have visualized the liberty of India far before, A man who assured the potential of global leader of India hundreds of years before, the list of such expression is unending to describe the legacy on this great man. Even time I feel language cannot put up with the fat of terms and emotions behind it to explain the legacy of this gentleman. This gentleman was very best and the holiest saints our motherland features ever begot.

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He is none other than the majestic Swami Vivekananda a name that originates invincible positive thoughts, considerable energy and power of attentiveness a name thatepitomises the junior of Bharat. This is not the style of my mind, but a millions of Indian and World’s youth possess same thoughts for this man. The youth of Bharat is underneath tremendous impact of technology and traditional western life style, the science and technology has changed the moral of society and youth of Bharat to great extent. The picture of today’s youth with ears connected with mobile phones, eyes covered with darker glass, physique bound in tightly skinned clothes and brain jammed with idea of materialistic a lot more a common throughout nation.

When such and so regarded westernized and technology driven youth sees the picture or photography or visibility of Vivekananda for a while, His sub mindful minds starts thinking about Bharat and its marvelous history. His brain begins sparking the thoughts of nationalism. His hands and feet end before the Swamiji and for a while his minds bows down to the feet of big patriotic saint.

Why westernization is not able to Remove or remove away the love for Vivekananda from youthful hearts of India. Which can be these thoughts? What is presently there in these thoughts? What is the element of attraction in these thoughts?

Why possibly after a hundred and fifty years of his birth, still, all his works and word appears to be as refreshing as the leaves of ever growing crops. The answer is the magnetic force of his radiant thoughts still supplies the energy to young life of Bharat. The confused and aimless youth of India needs leaders who have future in their bone tissues. They want all their ideal prophet with authentic realism.

Theywants leader who has eternal leading light and life torch to deal with vagary of your time and future. Under this sort of circumstances. Vivekanandamessage exhorts the young to arise and awake Swami vivekanand stated that, Give me personally hundread youthful persons, and i also will change the country this represents the faith he previously on the youth.

and perhaps you should today? our company is a country using more than 400 mil people from your age group 12-15 years to 40 years, obtaining the utmost skill which can survive in all the scenarios, that’s so why i can sayonly youth will make india a superpower. And, Only youth has the power to create and nurture the years as a child, and to safeguard the elderhood. Only the children is there who have fear simply no boundaries, who may be above all the constraints.. So. finally I would like to summarize my conversation withinthe method of a short concept.

Vivekananda when said that if perhaps there comes every day inb yyyyyyour life with no obstacles then we must make sure that we are within a wrong way. A glourious day is without value without the view of your starry nighttime. So , today’s youth Don’t break up with the first eyesight of the hurdles or issues of lifestyle.. rather uphold your bravery your will power and push your way through the obstacles of life to a newer and better regarding success. Allow prayer of swamiji take flight into the bliss of flexibility.

My father permit my region awake turn into a non end chorus on every inddian lip area.

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