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My favourite film is a Matrix since it is a great over-all film the special effects will be absolutely amazing but therefore is the story, normally all of us either have the pleasure of great special effects or a story, not both of them together, yet this film has certainly pulled it off. The matrix is quite a complex film to understand, particularly for people who have difficulties understanding the majority of films, although I found that if I contemplated it, I obtained it fine. The film will set you into several situations quite suddenly which in turn really enables you to feel as if you will be truly area of the film.

Unwell start off simply by explaining the particular films about, the matrix is a computer system generated world, the world we live in developed by electronic monsters. Human beings are merely battery packs for them, however the world we all live in is established to make us happy. Human beings are produced in some type of cells right up until ripe to get power! The actual story towards the matrix is the fact humans have created a world of technology that they can cant control and the technology has absorbed, wiping aside the world, hence the computer made one.

Then simply we are brought to neo (keanu reeves), your computer hacker in his spare time who have soon realises that the f are interested in him. He is in that case taken by morpheus (Lawrence Fishbourne)n and is brought to the Matrix and the technology surrounding it. Morpheus trains Neo which has a variety of training programmes to generate him capable to cope with the newest found universe. Neo soon finds out that Morpheus believes that dr. murphy is the one who can save the world and battle against the technology that is created. Neo doesnt believe any of this, but starts to towards the end of the film.

Im never going to try and describe any more of this film although I love a movie with a good plot and the right amount of actions which this film drags off. The special effects employed in this film are definitely mind blowing. In one scene, and probably the most renowned scene, Neo dodges bullets and you notice it all in slow motion as the bullets soar past him, also the bird scene was absolutely amazing. It all looks real, that’s the thing that got to me. Normally in a film, you can notify that their special effects and also you dont think too much of this, apart from the typical oh they were good effects.

However , in The Matrix, the special effects are extremely good, you cant in fact see any signs of special effects and if you didnt understand they were special effects then you wouldnt know these were. There is also a very good soundtrack towards the film that aggregates to the movies brilliance. I generally appreciate action movies but this really is a whole new genre of filming and special effects and a brain bending plan that really truly does make you wonder. Is the world as we know this controlled simply by machines, happen to be we held happy pertaining to something we dont find out about, what is our planet all about and also, is that place your possessing really presently there or can it be a figment of your creativeness?

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