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Nepal was declared Government Democratic Republic country in 15th Jestha, 2065 M. S. After the mass movement II, the autocratic monarchy has been taken out of Nepal. The new concept of fresh Nepal is to divide the region into diverse autonomous declares with their personal power and to be regulated by the central federal government. Everyone believes that this system will lead Nepal towards path of development and success. This kind of division of condition will encourage decentralization of power and facility. The energy will be equally divided towards the state government.

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By this, a situation government can easily conduct necessary development actions by using the regional resources plus the budget distributed by the central government. In the federal program, the local creation activities will be more efficient. It will have equal and proportionate development, there will be the same and proportionate development, there will be healthy competition between the claims, decentralization of power will probably be practiced, and people will be more interested and enthusiastic to be involved in development actions if the region is divided in to many states.

Persons believe that New Nepal will run in respect to require of the mass movement II. All the wants demanded in the revolution will probably be fulfilled in New Nepal. Free education, free major health solutions and many other will help will be offered by the government. Right to security of life, directly to freedom, right towards very own identity will be guaranteed in New Nepal. In Fresh Nepal, persons expect that social evils will be eliminated. There would be zero discrimination on such basis as sex, body, religion, category, etc .

All people would equivalent rights and facilities. However it has been four years that Nepal has been declared government democratic republic country, and, till right now the main aim of the mass movement 2 to make the constitution, has not been fulfilled. Recently, the constitutional authorities has been terminated. Due to numerous reasons, Nepal has not been capable of establishing federal system. Nepal have been undergoing a really critical personal crisis. Market leaders don’t seem to be dedicated for the country.

They are led by party carders and so they speak just for their own benefit. Corruptions, volatile government, monopoly for electrical power, different ideologies of different politics parties are a few of the causes to get the inability to establish government system. In order to solve these kinds of problems, we all the citizen should take measures as soon as possible. Even more organizations like CIAA (Commission for Analysis for Abuse of Authority) should be set up to abolish corruption.

Selection should be held and we should certainly choose the right market leaders for the smooth running of government. This will fix the problem of unstable govt and monopoly for electrical power. Development of New Nepal is merely possible when there is establishment of federal system and politics stability in the area. The government ought to run based on the mandate of the Jana Andolan II. We, the citizen, should pressurize the government to operate properly. The difficulties like data corruption, unstable authorities, etc . should be solved as quickly as possible.


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