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The movie Haunted Forest by Ian Lorenos may be a great film to get wimps nevertheless for those who provides a lot of experience in horror and gore movies, this could make you yawn a little bit due to the repetition of flow. The matching from the teen-main cast were away, the personalities of the produced love teams (Jane-Jameson, Maris-Jon) did not match due to the lack of chemistry. Finally, the volume and the chosen score is not really effective.

The film has a wide range of failures nevertheless the story, the cinematography as well as the individuality from the artists aid to cope the lacking though the redundancy in the style as well as the predictable movement is still evident. Haunted Forest is the just horror access in the 43Rd Metro Manila Film Celebration (starring Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Jameson Blake, Jon Lucas, Raymart Santiago, and Joey Marquez) but it gives no advantages. As expected from this entry, few things are a new comer to be serve in the target audience and that is not new regarding Filipino apprehension movie. It’s like a traditions in our nation that our developed films were creepy.

In this film, they used a new unnatural entity that is certainly the alleged “sitsit”. That was the new they used this mythological creature in a movie. This kind of thing based on the story, is actually a supernatural animal that preys on ladies at night and is believe as the cause of immediate deaths of girls in the night. It does not signify they merely add handful of elements could make their film more appreciating to the viewers.

Inability as it is because they were unable to made their very own audiences scream because it can not really worth doing it, in the end it was advertised and created as a horror film in genre thus what’s the sense of computer but Ian Lorenos do have an explanation about that. Since what he said in his interview, this individual described his own leading in the film as a blend of Regal Film’s usual design on the fear and his personal take on the genre and the production staff decided to set more organic horror components in the film aside from relying on scaring the audience by surprise while adding which the film had story and lessons. He stated that this film while an multiple film getting horror, friends and family story and love history while making sure the film would not have the impression penalized mishmash. It is true that you may get a meaning lesson coming from it nevertheless the film actually became jambled because of the combined genre that they used.

This Film is like experimentation, preparing all of us to another sequel and put together many problems that the movie experienced lost its composure. It truly is almost as if Lorenos and his team are frantically trying to salvage their film from becoming gobbled up by conventionality but simply ending up with an effect that is certainly neither because wonderful since it could have been experienced it mood its seriousness nor powerful.

While the film failed to place the genre flawlessly, they will succeed selecting Jane Oineza as their leading actor the lady was able to meet the expectations from the audience. Actually, she is one of the factors how come this film cannot be regarded as a trash. Without her compelling the lead, films” horror factor will be a lot less persuasive. Besides Jane’s amazing lead, Maris” natural sweet presence and Joey Marquez” clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing endeavors really help the film to create their target audience engaged around the screen.

It’s really like the resumption of Lily Monterverde’s Tremble Rattle Spin series that the funny a part of a apprehension film are not missing. For the Cinematography of the film, the country shots plus the filter with the scene actually had the effect of refreshment, nostalgic and at the same time, spooky. It is not that shocking because Ur. Sales is the one who can be in-charged to it (just what he also accomplished in Saving Sally previous year) on the other hand, the unsatisfactory Visual effects is not constant. The types of the useless bodies can be well modified but not legitimate, and sometimes the appearance of the “sitsit” was inadequately edited same as the sound results. They might choose other native soundtrack to get more appealing and scary the same as the match from the White Woman (2006) by Jeff Suntan and a lullaby “Ili-ili”. Overall, you can rate this entry a “not negative at all” film because there are elements which can be reconsider and somehow it deserved the place in the MMFF.

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