the need for intense criminal proper rights reform

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I. Standard Introduction and description Introduce basic edges of Criminal

Law and Elaborate

2. General History and Development

Go over the history and modifications of Reform Laws in Cal

III. Main Problems and Concern Stimulating drugs

Point out actual life statistics and point out occurrences

IV. Bottom line

Point out the advantages of an extreme reform and what can be done


I. An analysis of Department of Corrections info by the Center on Juvenile and

Criminal Justice in S . fransisco, CA, in Nov, 95 indicates that since the

achievement of Californias Three Hits law couple of years ago, 192 have hit

out for cannabis possession, when compared with 40 intended for murder, 25 for rape, and twenty four

for kidnapping.

A. Excellent strong task for the California Legislatureand that is a

tight and logical reform to the present Criminal Proper rights System in California.

M. The Cal Legislature shall be commended due to its stance about crime. Certainly not

for their obtain tough policies such as the 3 Strikes regulation but for their particular

enactment of any little regarded section of the Penal Code entitled the Community

Based Abuse Act of 1994. (Senator Quentin Kopp, Time Mag Feb 14

1996) C. By passing of this action, the State of California has acknowledged the

limitations of incarceration because both punishment and a deterrent to criminal

patterns. D. The legislature provides in fact announced that Californias criminal

rights system is significantly out of balance in the heavy dependence upon jail

facilities and jails to get punishment as well as its lack of ideal punishment pertaining to

nonviolent offenders and element abusers whom could be efficiently treated in

appropriate, less restrictive courses without any embrace danger towards the


II. More information, Opinions and Developmental Ideas

A. In essence, this legislation proposes a residential area based system of intermediate

constraints for non-violent offenders that fall between jail time and

traditional copie such as house detention with electronic monitoring, boot

camps, mandatory community service and victim reimbursement[n]: reparation; indemnity; settlement; compensation; indemnification, day revealing, and

others. B. Pilot programs need to be developed like a collaborative effort between

the state and areas requiring a community based prepare describing the sanctions

and services to become provided. C. A improvement report on an actof this kind would be

made by the Cal Board of Corrections in January you, 1997 and annually

afterwards to chosen legislative committees.

III. Informatives

A. It seems like clear the California Legislature has established that

incarceration is not appropriate for many criminal crimes and that substitute

sanctions will be preferable pertaining to non-violent offenders. (Randy Meyer, Political

Official) B. While this approach shall be applauded, their spreading inhibits

the satisfaction of its true potential. C. By retaining individuals non-violent

offenders that are at present in express prison and continuing to pursue shielding

punishment with the local level in the form of temporary shock incarceration

and bootcamps, the costly and ineffective methods of felony behavior

a static correction remain in one piece. (Charles Calderon-US News) D. By instantly

eliminating incarceration for all nonviolent offenses and requiring victim

compensation and community support, resources could be committed to preventing

crime rather than to the feeding and real estate of offenders. E. This is certainly consistent

with the findings of the legislature and it is cost efficient, requires minimal

systemic change, and increases open public safety and security.

4. The Proposal

A. Each of our current lawbreaker justice system appears to be dependant on the Old

Legs proverb that your attention shall not shame, it will be life for a lifetime, eye

for eye, teeth for dental, hand pertaining to hand, foot for feet. Revenge therefore plays a

part of the treatment model. (LA Official Boland) From a societal standpoint

we anticipate punishment in order to avoid the arrest and others by further criminal

behavior. Incarceration of offenders as the punishment of choice thus

theoretically provides revenge, individual incapacitation, and constraint.

But I actually submit that such a philosophical base is problematic. Revenge while

understandable from an individual human being perspective is usually not a right basis pertaining to

societys respond to the misbehavior of its laws. This kind of human need to punish

should be removed from the current program and replace by methods of

limitations that make use of the offenders potential to benefit his victim and

society at large. In other words, within a free world the end desired is the

static correction of behavior that utilizes minimal force. This kind of conforms to the

principles of limited government, efficiency, reduced cost, and personal liberty

as advocated by both equally liberals and conservatives likewise.

The basic actual concept of this proposal is the fact incarceration should be

reserved for those who find themselves violent and so dangerous towards the public. Violent

crimes might

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