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I’m very impressed while i see this painting simply by Osman Hamdi on the Pera Museum. When i came across the picture I actually tried to understand it intended for myself for a long period. The items in the photo have a meaning relating to that time. Especially sufi flute, tortoises, ambiance etc . I attempted to guess what some may mean although I did not include much information regarding that period so I cannot comment a lot of. It is interesting for me to check out that period and interpret the signs accordingly. I believe this picture looks even more mysterious delete word. Both the color of the picture, the drawings with the figures plus the name.

The Green Mosque in Bursa which in photo, considered one of the valuable examples of Ottoman structures and the re-homing of the gods as the home of The almighty and the host to worship. It might be that Osman Hamdi ‘s turn to The almighty in his own inner world, that this individual feels interior peace simply by worshiping God and that he seems his trust with his sense of faith. The plaster and tiles the walls of the place are a bit worn and spilled. The picture is a bewhiskered dervish in a very red extended dress linked with a small belt inside the waist, provides a turban, possessing a sufi flute, standing in a semi-backward manner within an unscented and neglected room covered with blue tiles. On the ground we see five turtles in total. These kinds of turtles, who eat green leaves, are skilled by dervish. First of all, it is just a change that he wants to15325 teach by blowing and occasionally encouraging family pets to push or condemn. Unfortunately, the tortoises don’t have ears to know what since they have a heavy layer of shell. The turtle, which can be slow in its creation, signifies laziness and Osman Hamdi is trying to educate these people with acquired the philosophy of laziness. Osman Hamdi s i9000 method of teaching turtles is music, another branch of fine art. This expresses the artists love intended for art wonderful belief in the necessity of skill for improvement. However , the plastered walls reflect Osman Hamdis knowledge of society that does not want to be modernized. The color hues are demonstrated as the combination of saving money and crimson colors in the front -panel and in pink and yellow as ornaments.

Also The green color in blue floor tiles symbolize trust. Consider the way the repeated designs such as surfaces, ornament, floor tiles, bricks and tortoise covers balance the natural style. The walls only managed to get a solid foundation at the end. Osman Hamdi, who regularly uses his own photos of his own photographs in his radical compositions, repeats the same strategy in this picture and describes himself in a dervish appear. The Tortoise Trainer by painter Osman Hamdi who may have an asian or ethnographic subject. Osman Hamdis operate, which stand for the Ottoman culture and tradition, shows a realistic method to whole the constituents in this piece of art. Osman Hamdi used the Ottoman structure in a reasonable way, gently detailing the main points of buildings, costumes and objects that seemed to be his true topic. According to many commentators declared Osman Hamdi (Tortoise Trainer) symbolize European, turtles symbolize Ottoman. We could interpret that turtle trainer is a great Ottoman perceptive benefiting from the West and this turtles would be the rooted behaviors of the Ottoman society. Others said that the tortoise trainer keeps the flute in back of and does not make use of the flute to train the turtles and the fear of educating the individuals represented by simply tortoises so dervish would not run out of patience. I do believe this art work is an intellectual tired of trying to modernize a backwards society. The very fact that the things in the photo symbolize anything make the photo even more impressive. If I were an musician, title is always to ” The Teacher of Turtles ”. My emotions have not improved since We started critique.

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