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David G. Avildsen uses many different techniques in the film _The Power of 1. _ As an example the structure, the various camera angles, sound and significance are important techniques employed throughout the film. The film is separated into three main parts: in Africa as well as the boarding school when PK is young, the prison where PK is a little more mature and the previous part in which PK is around about 18. This structure shows exactly how PK gets older and the associations he varieties with others around him.

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It helps audiences feel separate of PK’s life via childhood to adulthood. Breaking the film into 3 distinct parts helps audiences get a better understanding of what’s going on during that period. For example the initial part inside the film is approximately PK at the age of about seven dealing with the losses of everybody around him and the bullies at his Afrikaner school.

The overseer uses many different camera aspects to obtain emotions and understandings in the audience. One example is when PK was youthful and attending the Morian boarding college, he constantly got bullied for being the sole English boy, the camera would regularly zoom through to his confront. Therefore displaying the audience that PK was petrified to get there as he did not belong. The technique applied further helps the audience to comprehend how he feels and how vulnerable he is. The second portion of the film revolves around PK in the jail and creating more relationships together with the prisoners and further increasing his relationship with Doc.

The acting with the characters which have been introduced in the second section of the film can be a significant technique used. For example Morgan Freeman who played Geel Piet was always bent over to display that he was less than the white people. It also demonstrated that the white people manipulated him.

One more example is when Geel Piet must eat waste off the guard’s foot. The camera angle goes down to Piet’s level so the target audience knows exactly what is happening and also to get to the extent Piet are at. It also should be to show once again how options the dark-colored people are. Up close camera aspects were accustomed to show phrase of the personas and find some sort of emotion from the target audience. Overhead photos were utilized to show that something was wrong and to show how vulnerable Giel is when he is giving a building during the jail concert.

A method used was contrast the beauty of the singing contrasted of the unsightly violence of the assault of Giel. It absolutely was used to twist and focus on the difference of both incidents. With the strike on Giel from the guard, sound effects were used like the beatings were enhanced to show the audience how hard he was having beaten and to show thoughts.

A technique found in the film is music. A good example is usually music in the concert in the prison. The music shows disobedient and unison from the vocal singing, as there were unity from the tribes every singing collectively.

The music was uplifting in the beat for the piano and harmonized well. Another technique that was used tremendously in the second part of the film was lighting. As fault the film is in the prison, this technique is used to show the fact that conditions in the prison were harsh, simply by dark dim lighting. Among the this technique can be when Piet is defeated to death by Sgt Boreman, the lighting was harsh and spot lighten was made to make Boreman seem evil. The lighting gives the audience signs about the emotions experienced by Piet in this landscape.

The third section of the film is usually when PK is around regarding the age of 18 attending a school in Johannesburg and changing the world’. Sound is yet another technique used extensively throughout the film. Sound helps change the mood of the viewers who will be watching. Such as when PK is jogging through the roadways of Alexandra to meet Gideon Dumar, there is certainly an upbeat and joyful music playing because the little children were subsequent. This demonstrates that everything was all right certainly nothing bad was going to happen.

An additional example of camera angles is usually when PK and Gideon are running through the streets of Alexandra, the camera displays how small , dirty and crowded each of the black individuals are in this township. It shows the audience who also less unlucky the black people are and just how they reside in slums. It uses long shots showing the slums and close up of the signs to show that people are now going into slum areas. Symbolism was obviously a big technique used in the film.

There was meaning like the rooster, the hippo, the rainmaker and the waterfall.

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