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“Of program I have no my underwear. I’m not wearing my personal underwear¦. They are not fighter shorts. My own are boxer shorts. These are Hanes 32¦ My boxer shorts have got my term and that says Raymond¦I get my own boxer pants at K-Mart in Cincinnati. (Rain Man, 1988) This kind of quote through the popular film Rain Man perfectly reflects the disorder that effects Raymond Bobbitt, one of the main heroes. He is a very particular man who must always do every thing on a timetable; any disruption in this schedule completely transforms his community upside down.

He shows little or no emotion, unless of course something occurs upset him, in which case this individual completely melting, melted ; melted, molten melt down. His behavior is almost that of a young child. However , he also has a really unique gift idea. He comes with an absolutely astounding memory and can recall the actual details from events that occurred when he was simply a young child. In one justification in the movie, a lady drops a box of toothpicks and Raymond is able to immediately determine how many of the toothpicks spilled out from the box.

The manners of Raymond Bobbitt, although very interesting, will be nowhere close to normal and so they prevent him from operating in any kind of normal society. It is because of this that I possess determined this individual has a mental disorder and may benefit greatly from treatment. In order to analyze Raymond, it is important to look at all of the factors that may contribute to his behavior. The DSM-IV multiaxial system is a powerful way to break almost everything down is to do this. It has 5 parts that take a deeper look in to all of the factors that contribute to the conceivable mental disorder of a individual and provides a normal for classifying mental disorders. Because of this, it is heavily relied on when coming up with an accurate prognosis and will be utilized to diagnose Raymond.


Axis one of the DSM-IV system is available to the specialized medical symptoms of the disorder. Raymond showed a lot of the typical specialized medical symptoms of a person with autism. The initial symptom that they can generally screen is developing regression. Most sufferers of autism will not show virtually any signs of developing

complications until about 15-30 a few months. Since Raymond was a young child and not an infant when he was sent aside to live in the care home, it can be assumed that he did not start to show problems until he was a young toddler, which is consistent with the autism medical diagnosis. Another specialized medical symptom of autism is unusual reactions for environmental stimuli. This is plainly seen by simply Raymond whenever we see him completely dissolve down if the fire alert goes off. The loud noise, which is not something that would take the time normal people, is too much for him to handle. Unusual social communications are yet another thing that Raymond displays that is certainly also seen as autism. This individual cannot keep a normal dialogue and features big problems understanding the cultural intentions of his brother as he will take him prove trip. Also, it is clear as you listen to how that Raymond talks that he might experience autism; he refers to himself as “Raymond instead of “I and he often rambles on to no-one in particular regarding his timetable or other things that he is considering at the time. The final characteristic of autism that is seen in Raymond is the pressure that he feels anytime his regimen is damaged. (Brasic, 2013) When his brother takes him away from the care residence and changes everything, Raymond displays significant anxiety. This individual insists that they can watch Peril at five: 00 and is constantly talking about what this individual should be performing at any given time. He starts to melt down when he is not doing what he normally does and continues about until his brother finally lets him get his way.


Under axis II, the personality disorders and intellectual disabilities will be assessed. There are many of these that are associated with both Raymond and Autism, particularly and autistic Savant. The biggest personality disorder that is displayed by Raymond and that is likewise exhibited by simply autistics is that he features extreme anxiousness. (Mayo Center, 2013) It truly is clear moreover that he can not get with an airplane because there are no obtainable airlines that contain never skilled a aircraft crash. A regular person would not think that very much in to getting on a plane, and in addition they definitely would not know the figures of every flight that there is. Also after they begin driving, Raymond starts rambling off stats about traveling and car accidents, making it obvious that he can not even cozy riding in an auto. You can also appear back at some of the other illustrations that we have currently looked at showing his elevated anxiety levels. When the fireplace alarm activates, and this individual starts wearing down, he is responding abnormally (the symptom via axis I); it is because of his extreme anxiety that he begins to display this behavior. Similar goes for so why he is continuously rambling and is also so distressed about missing his shows, not having evening meal at the most fortunate time and everything else that has transformed in his routine; he does all of this as they is struggling with constant stress due to his autism and his change in routine. Another thing to consider under axis II is usually his intellectual abilities. While he is unable to function as a normal person intellectually (another symptom of autism), he displays extraordinary skills intellectually consist of areas. This individual remembers specific events via his the child years starting in a very young age, and this individual remembers them with extreme reliability and detail. He is also able to shop things in his memory that no normal person would be able to, just like when he knew the one and only flight that got never had a plane crash (it was obviously a very small and unknown airline at that) or if he knew each of the highway statistics concerning automobile accidents. It is also explained that he can brilliant for math, keeping track of and habits when he is within Vegas and is also counting the cards effortlessly. All of these amazing intellectual talents that he shows happen to be characteristics of a savant as well. (Hiles, 2002)


Axis III is usually reserved for and physical issues that may be relevant in the diagnosis of or dealing with the mental disorder. For instance , if a person is suffering from a disposition disorder and have a condition which causes these people pain or discomfort, then that might be a thing that contributed to their depression. (Edelson, 2013) Raymond does not screen any of these nevertheless , so there would be no diagnosis for him under this kind of axis.

Axis IV:

Axis IV is used to assess any environmental stressors that may affect the medical diagnosis or treatment or the mental disorder. This was a big take into account Raymond’s prognosis and his screen of symptoms. He was doing fairly well at the attention home and, even though having been still displaying some indications of an autistic savant, having been able to live happily and relatively stress free.

Nevertheless , when his brother got him coming from his host to comfort, his symptoms acquired significantly a whole lot worse. His anxiousness levels had the roof and it was crystal clear that having been not managing the change well. He previously lost his primary support group, which included all the nurses on the hospital and he was left only along with his brother whom he had certainly not seen simply because they were young kids. This caused him anxiousness because he had not been familiar with him and his brother was not ready to deal with all the behaviors that Raymond exhibits. He was also showing increased levels of stress due to his environment. If they left the care house, it was clear that Raymond did not want to go because he stated it and started operating out. Yet his brother made him, and his actions just got worse from there. Every evening Raymond might insist that they at least follow his schedule and he would start off throwing a tantrum if they will didn’t. Also, when they had been in the on line casino, he wasn’t able to handle all the flashing lights and the buzzing of the alarms. This eventually led to one other melt down. After backed by his brother for almost all their whole trip, it seemed like Raymond begun to warm up to him somewhat. Since his brother was the only continuous during their trip, this once again shows just how much Raymond needs something constant and some sort of routine, a need that is common in autistic. (Bellini, 2013)

AXIS Sixth is v:

Axis V is utilized for a global Assessment of Funtioning (GAF). It is an analysis of the person’s ability to function in daily life and it is based off from a 90 point level (100 becoming the most performing and zero being the least). When looking at Raymond, I would personally assign him two individual GAF scores. When he is at an cozy environment, such as when he is usually living in the care residence, I would give him a GAF of forty five because he still displays symptoms and probably would not be able to continue to keep a job and performance in world, but he could be not serious. However , when taken out of his environment make out in the earth, I would provide him a GAF of twenty because he starts to display intense behavior as well as becomes a risk to him self or other folks. (PsyWeb, 2013) There was an area when one among his burn downs started to be so bad that he started slamming his head and injuring himself. He could be in need of continuous supervision if he is certainly not in a comfy familiar place.

After looking at the symptoms that Raymond displayed (which include things like certainly not making fixing their gaze and continuously fidgeting, certainly not seeming to know when people speak with him rather than being able to keep a discussion, and sleeping touch and changes in routine) and disregarding them down with regard to the DSM-IV multiaxial system, I use determined that he suffers from Autism, and more specifically, he’s an Autistic Savant. He’d be labeled as a Instruit because he, while lacking in many areas, has extraordinary skills in other areas. There was a time inside the movie when ever his close friend takes him to Vegas and explains to him to count credit cards in blackjack and Raymond (having to prior training) is able to do it with ease. His symptoms beneath the DSM-IV version are extremely consistent with those of a great autistic instruit. He displays all of the clinical symptoms (axis I) that an autistic will display, including abnormal social behavior, the shortcoming to hold a regular conversation plus the constant fidgeting. These behaviors are also consistent with the autistic and savant individuality disorders and mental capabilities (axis II), including the extreme anxiety as well as the extraordinary abilities in specific areas. You will discover not necessarily any physical problems (axis III) that bring about being an autistic savant, and Raymond would not show some of these either. His environment (axis IV) however , did enjoy a significant position his habit and that is very common with autistics as well. (First Signs, 2012)

After figuring out Raymond since an autistic savant, the main treatment i would recommend for him should be to return to the care house and live the rest of his lifestyle there. When ever treating autism, there is no a single set treatment because everyone with autism is unique. (Autism Speaks, 2013) Since we were able to observe how Raymond responded to living in the care house and sticking to a rigid routine, i was able to notice that it performed for him. This plan, and the routine that was tailored for him, worked to minimize his symptoms and reduce his behavioral problems. As far as him being a instruit as well, there is no treatment needed for that because it would not pose a problem in his lifestyle. It is a talent that this individual lives with and not something that needs to be set. If Raymond is came back to the care home great familiar routine, there is no cause that this individual cannot live out the rest of his your life as enjoyably and comfortably as possible.


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