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High-Performance Work and Performance Management Practices

The advancement in technology that has led to globalization has increased competition in the commercial environment. A large number of firms are identifying better ways to remain competitive in the market and still remain profitable. According to the exploration carried out by Being sung Ashton (2009), it is evaluated that top-end management systems are crucial to an corporation that intends to remain competitive in the market. This is due to high-performance inside the organization that leads to better administration and customer care services that enhance. Sung Ashton (2009) found that organizations that contain embraced functionality management methods such as employee motivation, add-on of the workers in decision making and performance evaluations have experienced improved productivity than those which often not apply these practices. Enhanced efficiency in the organization improves the customer experience and productivity from the employees, increasing profitability and control of the marketplace in the business environment. Customer satisfaction is key in the modern businesses due to large competition available in the market.

Aims and Objective in the Study

The objective of your research carried out with this study is always to analyze the findings from the report made by Sung Ashton (2009) about performance managing practices that are common in modern organization and their effects on the corporation performance. In addition , the research will identify the key management methods that are applied to St . Luke’s Hospital and Pannone Lovers. The research of these two firms will be critical to the study mainly because it will help inside the identification with the common methods that the two organizations are taking to ensure high-performance and competitive ability available environment. Understanding the application of these types of performance practices will help inside the learning method and understanding the key elements inside the application of the practices to optimize performance inside the organization of the workforce and competitiveness. The research is geared towards exploring the methods in businesses that encourage great performance. By simply identifying these types of performance techniques, the business may well improve its performance, its image in customer providers. For example , the British Air passage were at risk of bankruptcy the moment performance was enhanced through organization alter that encouraged the employees and provided better customer services. The Uk Airways in that case, since surfaced as the largest airline in britain region. This kind of research can identify the performance and management procedures employed by St . Luke’s Hospital and Pannone Partners in enhancing better performance in the industry.

Reason of the Picked Companies

The survey by the Engelberg Centre intended for Health Care Reconstructs (2012) discovered two businesses for the analysis of performance management practices. These organizations happen to be St . Luke’s Hospital and Pannone Companions. St . Luke’s Hospital is actually a private medical center that acts in parts such as Cedar Rapids, Grand rapids and other around suburbs. A healthcare facility has been reported in providing excellent customer support and better performance in the healthcare sector. St Luke is likewise part of the Iowa Health System, which is a non-profit corporation while using largest included health system located in the Western Illinois region (Iowa). St . Luke’s is also acknowledged due to its strengths in the cardiovascular care services, newborn extensive care, and the rehabilitation of trauma affected groups. The business has also received several awards as a innovator in healthcare services. In addition , the hospital embarked on policies which may have encouraged demostrtably better medical needs pertaining to the sufferers. The hospital is regarded as a high carrying out organization by embracing practices that make sure effective services and performance inside the health care sector not only in the Iowa place, but also in the remaining portion of the United States place. St . Luke’s Hospital to be used in this examination for its improved productivity and administration practices which have encouraged company growth and development.

On the other hand, Iloka (2014) discussed that Pannone Partners can be a legal firm that operates in britain. In 2005, there was excessive growth inside the performance in the Pannone Partners even though the different legal companies were producing heavy losses during the same period. The firm realized a high progress in in turnover by 20% and a 22% growth in profit. This organization is suited to the study of overall performance practices and management methods that promotes organizational growth. It is regarded as that the business is suffering from growth connected with high usage of expansion strategies such as the balanced progress strategy that has been cited as the main reason behind growth inside the firm. The analysis of Pannone Partners in the legal industry will be analyzed to distinguish the administration practices which might be encouraging the growth Pannone Companions is suffering from.

Performance Administration

Efficiency management practices are regarded as the techniques that the company management choose to promote development and growth that enhances the achievement in the organizational goals and objectives. According to Sung Ashton (2009), HPWPs is defined as a complementary work related methods that cover three main aspects of employee engagement practices, HOURS practices which can be focused on the human capital expenditure and the prize and determination of the staff to the organization. High employee involvement inside the management and decision making method in an business encourages growth and development in the productivity of the staff in their overall performance. This motivates customer satisfaction, attainment of goals and objectives of the organizations and development in the organization profit.

Sung Ashton (2009) found that every good business must ensure that there is high involvement with the employees in running the strategic objectives of the organization. Secondly, your capital creation in the firm is crucial to increasing standard of expertise and professionalism in the performance with the organization. It might be promoted through training and engagement with the employees in human capital development and productivity. The reward strategy is the practice that the firm can accept to increase efficiency of the personnel through motivation. The prize and commitment practices motivate the employees to work towards obtaining a given target that facilitates the attainment from the organizational objectives in promoting productivity and performance in the functions of the organization. These procedures are critical to the increasing competitiveness from the organization as well as the ability in the organization to expand its market in the competitive environment.

High Function Performance Techniques In Pannone And Associates

Iloka (2014) identified that Pannone and Partners have embraced performance supervision and operate practices including work-life balance and a top retention an excellent source of performing employees for very long. The organization offers embraced a well-planned practice that allows the employees to balance their tasks in the corporation with the family responsibilities to ensure there is an effective work-life balance. This is an effective motivational device that allows the employees to increase all their productivity in the firm. The organization has also collection an effective work-pay relationship that ensures that the efforts shown by the staff towards the business is rewarded. The employees will be fairly paid out on time to make certain they are able to manage and boost their living position.

It forms a workforce that is well compensated and more effective in service delivery. It is learned that when employees are enthusiastic and content, they tend to supply better customer care that is critical to creating fulfillment to the workers, especially in the legal firms (Iloka, 2014). Furthermore, Pannone and Partners also have set in place a good organizational traditions that is depending on openness and effective interaction between the supervision and employees, and between your employees plus the customers. That enhances the businesses ability to carry out with a excessive degree of professionalism and reliability and integrity that is important for an organization in the legal industry. In line with the argument presented by Becker Huselid (1998), organizations that plan to continue to be competitive in the modern environment need to embrace managing and function practices that encourage the development of their particular human resources through motivation and improved production among the employees. To achieve this development, the companies must ensure there is growth through training, formulation of an desirable compensation program and participation of personnel in an organizations decision making method that stimulates growth.

Substantial Work Functionality Practices in St . Luke’s Hospital

Engelberg Middle for Healthcare Reforms (2012) added that St . Luke’s Hospital provides embraced an efficient and effective work and management techniques that have facilitated its growth in the medical care industry. While using mission of the hospital in reducing the pace of readmission, the hospital has embraced a comprehensive care and support program that encourages the development and growth both equally to the firm and the people. An inclusive support and care are important inside the healing process pertaining to the patients. In St . Luke’s Clinic, the hospital entails all the stakeholders when undertaking management and operations techniques in the organization that facilitates in enhancing better conversation among the stakeholders in the corporation. The cross-continuum participation with the stakeholders features enhanced consultation among the experts in the clinic in order to provide companies that are effective for the patients. Mix relationship between the physicians as well as the patients is an efficient way to ensure the recovery and treatment process can be comprehensive and accurate.

In addition , Engelberg Centre pertaining to Health Care Reconstructs (2012) found that the medical center has appreciated a patient and family-centered way in the treatment process that ensures that the sufferer care isn’t just based on accord. It also incorporates structures a Patient/Family Advisory Council that may be responsible for the review of the hospital policies and programs so that they happen to be aligned using a family concentrated approach inside the treatment method. In that case, a healthcare facility ensures that pertaining to serious situations, family members will be included in the online community that recognizes the best way for treatment and support in the patient. A healthcare facility also includes a well-established mental support and counselling staff that pinpoints whether the individual develops psychological depression throughout the treatment and admission period. This is an important support for the healing process pertaining to the sufferers. The relationship with the medical doctors ensures that there exists effective consultation with the medical doctors to ensure that the correct treatment is administered inside the hospital. Communication in the clinic is, therefore , an important instrument for both the physicians as well as family and patients.

Evaluation and Compare of the Two Cases

In St Luke’s Hospital, and Pannone and Associates, there are present several similarities that encourage effectiveness in the performance of the management and the workforce. Both organizations adopt the value of staff included in the making decisions process inside the organization. It truly is considered that employees through this organization will be consulted by various levels to ensure powerful performance from the workforce, customer service and managing. In addition , it is noted that effective interaction is crucial towards the running of the organization inside the competitive environment. The management in the two organization principles the employees by ensuring that they are not really forced into performing the various tasks in the organizations. Furthermore, there is the development of the teamwork in the businesses of the staff in the two organizations. The liberty given to the employees ensures that they could effectively provide the right solutions. Consultations inside the group is an effective measure that ensures that there is certainly effectual in the provision of services in both circumstances. The relationship between organization and stakeholders and employees while using management that extends to the employees is the main supply of competitive edge in the corporation (Thomas, 2004).

Nevertheless , the two companies show a lot of level of variability in their management and function practices that are applied. The first variance is the degree of engagement in the employees in which St . Luke’s Hospital is more directed towards customer satisfaction since the source of higher performance in the industry while the Pannone and Partners is based on the empowerment with the workforce to own organizational goals and obtain competitive benefit over their very own competitors. Nevertheless , the difference in the workforce in employee engagement is certainly not large a sign that the two organizations possess closely related management and work procedures that have motivated effective operation and performance on the market.


St . Luke’s Hospital, and Pannone and Partners have shown an interesting way of work and management methods that urged good functionality in the market. Although the two organizations are via two different industries- legal and health- they have used similar methods that have allowed development and better performance (Becker Huselid, 1998). It is apparent that administration practices are crucial in organizations that decide to attain better performance even at the same time the organizations are more and more losing to their competitors. Through performance management and operate practices, businesses are able to include competitive power and potential in the market marketing better performance, earnings and advancement (Sung Ashton, 2009).

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