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74 in Portland, Maine. His name was Stephen Edwin King. After his parents serpertion being a toddler

Stephen and his big brother, David, were raised by his mother. Stephen, David, and

all their mother occupied Fort Wayne, Indiana, that was where Stephens fathers part of the

family lived. They then moved to Stratford, Connecticut, that was wherever Stephen Full

spent most of his child years paying repeated visits to his mothers side in the family that

resided in Malden, Massachusetts and Pownal, Maine. Around his eleventh anniversary

Stephens mom relocated to Durham, Maine, along with Stephen fantastic brother, to consider

care of her parents, to whom were to aged to take care of themselves.

Stephens school days were spent in the Durham Grammar School. He then

went to Lisbon Comes High School, graduation in 1966. He went to college with the

University of Maine at Orono, where, during his spophomore year, he worte a each week

column to get THE MAINE CAMPUS. During his years at college he was in opposition to the

warfare in Vietnam, declaring this unconstitutional. After his graduation in 1970 Stephen had

obtained a Bachelor of Technology in English and instantly was certified to teach on the

high school level.

As a scholar Stephen performed at the Folger Library, which was on the School of

Maine at Oronos campus. While working this individual met a fellow staff named Tabitha

Spruce, who also he wedded in Janurary 1971.

Sophie Kings first publication was a short history he published and provided for a mens

magazine. This is how his 1st profit from publishing came from, over the few years

after his graduation he worte stories and sold those to mens magazines. All of these short

stories will be later accumulated into a collection known as the Night Shift collection. In

late? 71 Full was chosen as a educator at Hampden Academy, a public high school in

Hampden, Maine. He still identified time to write short reports and work on his novel on the

week-ends and nights.

Kings 1st big break came around the spring of 1973 upon the acceptence of

Doubleday & Co. to publish Sophie Kings story Carrie. Following learning from his new

manager, Bill Thompson, that a major paperback sales would make him financially secure

enough to quit teaching, Sophie moved his now growing family to southern Maine

because of his grandmothers growing sickness. During the writing of Salems Whole lot

Stephens mother grew ill and perished of cancer at the age of 59.

Carrie was published in the spring of 1974. Throughout the fall of the same year Ruler

moved his family to Boulder, Co. Stephen Ruler wrote The Shining inside the half of a

year that they lived in Co. They then went back to Maine in during the summer of? seventy five. It was

in his new house that King finished writing The Stand, which was problem in Boulder.

Stephen Ruler eventually relocated back to the spot around his college thus he may teach

creative writing as a professor.


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