“The Secret Language” by Daisy Zamora Essay

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In the article “The Secret Language” by Daisy Zamora, the writer explained her personal connection with learning English in her country, and how she discovered the between used and academic English. The author explains just how her interest of British language begins since the early age of her life once she affected as a child simply by her grandmother exciting tales. One of her most interesting stories she liked, is the one about New Orleans Where her grandmother put in her beginning of her life until she became 14 years aged. This story was that contain words and names in English that took the writer attention.

These types of words were very different through the English your woman was studying in the school. According to the author, the school English language was monotonous comparing to her grandmother’s The english language, it was incredibly classic and soulless, in which she explained her grandmother’s English being a magical and musical terms. The article writer explained how learning English became an excitement from her lifestyle, as the lady started to find out language by actions from the words, that happened once she was watching cartoons.

The simple vocabulary used in these children cartoons was immediate and accompanied with its action. With the time the author unexciting classic uninteresting English, began to be interesting and enjoyable as a result of big sum of examining she was doing. The lady mentioned the way the desire of reading in English started to grow inside her, to become a most important and enjoyable part of her life. Materials classes and reading poems became the writer best time in school, additionally , her passion in English tunes enhanced her English, wherever she was listing and singing to well written songs by very famous artists and singers at that time.

All of these elements influenced the author individuality and made her a very good English language speaker. The writer concentrated in the content on her experience with native English speakers. That happened during her initially visit to america to spend her school vacation. The getaway that your woman was very excited about, straight away she knew that her English was very peculiar to everyone that was not because her English not good as a secondary language, in fact her English was too great. She learned that she was speaking because she was reading, the books language, where everybody around her from native speakers were speaking the slang The english language which produced her English language very odd to all of them.

This encounter, in some way, made the writer regretting the huge effort that she made to read challenging English ebooks and listing and memorizing very well drafted songs to improve her English language, despite all that efforts, the lady couldn’t contact her grow older boys and girls. Therefore , to be able to contact everyone in her vacation, the author explained how the lady had to reforming her means of speaking English which was rather than an easy job for her. Inside the article, as an English student in USF, the issue that took my personal attention; was the passion of the writer on learning English, and how that passion helped her to be a great English presenter. I think here is info a real proof of the creativity will be when people do the actual like.

Therefore , when people examine or work on majors or jobs they like, they may success in that area and they will be creative persons. The life is full of such persons, for example , Expenses Gates and Steve Jobs; they were performing they loved the most, which usually made all of them the most famous rich people in technology market

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