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Ramayya woke up which has a big thundering in the sky. It was a little while until him quite some time to realize whom and where he was. Having been 72 years old. He couldnt speak or hear effectively. He generally had storage issues. Having been one among the various old folks who were left uncared for. He had no children and his wife Lakshmi passed away few days again. It took him more than a few days to get back to normal and accept the simple fact that the lady was no more. He had a happy childhood. This individual could still remember his father educating him to see and his mother making delicious Laddus.

Although everything changed the day his parents were dead within a house flames. Some people say that he was blessed to have escaped from such suffering. Some say that having been unlucky to acquire escaped seeing that there was nobody to care or even think about him as well as the suffering to become alive is definitely even worse. This individual lived on his own for many years doing work and making good enough to outlive. He was kindhearted and helped everyone when asked for. He previously a magic formula friend Lakshmi who was a great orphan and who utilized to play with him all day long.

This kind of relationship went on for many years. And incredibly soon that they got married and had a happy your life in the borders of the town. Lakshmi generally had ill health. Therefore Ramayya even took care of all the house keep work and in many cases cooking. He previously a tough time farming and online work but all that strain was not a match to his like for his wife. The thundering and rain was increasing minutely. He walked out of his inadequately built hut with dread. Fear of losing everything he was working on within the past 6 months and everything that is definitely left of him.

It was an early shower but the aggressive one as if the rain our god had lost his awesome. He was having hard time that year with poor harvest and his better half death added more to his previously depressed condition. It was not necessarily like this. He made quite good money. Bought his wife a new sari each year. When he was obviously a child, having been often discovered talking to him self but the persons in the village accepted his state of mind and not cared to question his abnormality. His parents loss of life caused him extreme trauma and this individual soon designed schizophrenia. And sadly Lakshmi was no genuine.

The silk cotton crop which usually he believed could get eliminate his misery was being washed away while the rain water flushed through the field like a broken lake. It was a total disaster. He started crying such as a small child and using in the fields helplessly looking to save by least an individual plant. But the water stream hit him with these kinds of a power that he lost his grip and swept apart with circulation and strike a brick wall. Blood oozed out of his head yet he started cheerful looking at the ground where he believed that he had cremated his wife. Then his cardiovascular stopped. And he was forget about.

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