the sweatshop industry and child time in nics

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The Sweatshop Industry and Kid Labour in NICs

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This statement is geared towards investigating in the event the two major TNCs Nike and

Distance manufacture many according to their code of vendor

conduct. Both businesses code of vendor carry out clearly claims that not any

workers are utilized under the legal minimum grow older and sweatshops dont

exist in their production facilities.

A sweatshop is known as a factory exactly where employees will be subject to severe

exploitation, they work in dreadful conditions with health and safety

hazards, for little spend and long hours. Child work is, as the word

suggests, when kids under the legal minimum grow older are employed to


When we notice brand names including Nike and Gap, many of us will

right away associate the brands with expensive and trendy

designer goods, and no doubt most people have got worn an item with

these particular brand names on them, however beneath the soft clothes

and renowned brands is placed a very distinct story. To review

this further we must travel to a country where Nike and Distance

manufacture many.

I’ve decided to visit Cambodia. This

is a country situated in Southern East Asia, bordered by simply Vietnam

Thailand and Laos. Its capital Phnom Pehn is situated inside the south

east of the country. Most of Cambodias work force is mainly in the

principal sector, on the other hand their second sector keeps growing, which

brings about Cambodia getting recognised to be an NIC (newly

industrialised country).


When we found its way to Cambodia all of us immediately started out our research for a

factory that manufactured products for Nike and Gap. This was incredibly

difficult, as the factories are in secret spots, becaus.

. ap and Nike are produced in factories in

South Asia as well as the demand in this article affects lives there. Individuals are

starting to appreciate this. Increasingly more want that workers producing their

clothing is being cured humanely. Both Gap and Nike possess

anti-sweatshop rules or requirements of vendor conduct, that they proudly content

those reassurances on their sites and personnel repeats to worried

consumers No sweatshops, no child labour, zero tolerance. But since we

have seen in this record Nike and Gap break their codes of merchant

conduct in several factors.

These kinds of codes of vendor execute and

anti-sweatshop rules are just an attempt never to damage their particular

reputation. In fact Nike and Gap depend on their status from the

open public and a report like this may damage all their reputation. I am hoping

that this statement has helped to raise consciousness about these problems.

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