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The main sector in which ATVI operates may be the video games computer software industry. It starts with a description of the quantity and growth of the sector. Afterwards, the cost structure can be explored accompanied by a summary of the main players and trends in the marketplace.

Market Sizes

By taking advantage of the technological advancement and better accessibility to net and mobile phones, the video online games software sector has been developing at an outstanding 12% compound annual expansion rate (CAGR) from 2010 to 2016 and an optimistic trend right up until 2021 is expected, achieving total sales of $135 billion, globally (see Determine 2).

Additionally , from the amount of revenues attributed to each platform, most of the growth in the U. S. comes from mobile games (see Number 3). Product sales of mobile games have experienced dramatic progress over the last years. While expansion in mobile gaming is going to drive most of the new market space, ongoing growth inside the sale of console games can be expected due to the continued release of new consoles every 6 or eight years.

Price Structure

This market has a particular cost structure when compared to the common costs of most industries. Determine 4 displays the video game titles software sector costs (left) and the normal costs of industries (right) as a percentage of profits for 2016.

As can be seen in Figure four, 46% in the costs are allocated to “Other”. This category includes product development and marketing expenditures. In this market, innovation and game expansion are crucial factors for development. Another group that sticks out is income, accounting pertaining to 27, seven percent of revenues. This is because the industry is usually an intellect-intensive one. The end result of application investments is extremely dependent on the quality of the employees. Therefore , companies provide better returns to the greatest employees.


The top five businesses have a combined market share of 23% worldwide. Physique 5 shows the local market share in 2016. ATVI has the leading position in most regional markets. Therefore , this ranks first worldwide which has a market share of 8%, followed by Electronic Disciplines with 7%.

Industry Trends

“Blockbuster” Games Similarly to the film industry, firms in the video games industry will be employing a “blockbuster” business model in their games. These games, often called “AAA” online games, have excessive development and marketing finances and are aimed at larger followers. Most of ATVI’s franchises are viewed as “AAA” game titles. Additionally , the concentration of revenues amongst key headings is noticeable. The top five brands take into account a combined market share of 17% throughout the world (see Table 1). ATVI’s CoD, Seriously and Sweets Crush Fable are area of the top ratings in most locations in terms of business. Since ATVI has significant experience in producing powerful “blockbuster” players, it advantages from a devoted customer base of hardcore players and unique value task which positions their products among the best.

Shifting to Online Increases Profitability

As mentioned earlier on, the beginning of digital delivery programs will increase the profitability of the firms in this market. Not only will be the manufacturing and production costs reduced yet capital may be allocated to more adventurous tasks, potentially elevating revenues. Likewise, this produces new earnings opportunities. Rather than selling a full-game, businesses are able to upsell additional in-game content, such as map provides and in-game ui consumables. Inside the U. H., the sale of digital online games is expected to reach $18 billion in 2021, accounting for 71% of the total industry, even though the sale of physical games is projected to succeed in $7 billion dollars by 2021. Figure 6 shows income growth simply by distribution channel.

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