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The Sides Longest Warfare

Where We Are

Journals practice a laudable self-censorship of criticism of religions. One of the most

vicious satan worship is usually mentioned with little brief review and then simply in crime

reporting with the atrocities dedicated. This is a good factor. Religious hatreds

are so easily inflamed, and there is so much good religious persecution

that we are better off with this do it yourself restraint. Furthermore the separation

of chapel and condition is said in our cosmetic and is used in most

countries of the world, also in the former USSR and China. In democracies it really is

legal to get a political party to yearn to get religious dominance, superiority, but in all

democratic countries such celebrations are very small , never reach the level of

difficult their constitutions. The term Christian Democratic Party, common

in Europe, refers to ethical roots, to never theocratic goals. The result

of this separating of cathedral and point out is that personal contention is definitely not

poisoned by faith based hatred.

There is certainly one exemption, Islam, a theocracy which includes savaged the earth for over

1000 years. The religious règle is that chapel and condition are 1 and

that canon rules and civil law will be one. This periodically believes that unbelievers

must be changed or conquered and that hating infidels can be described as virtue and killing

a great infidel is actually a ticket to bliss. In many of the faithful this religious

fanaticism has combined with the secular fanaticism of Marxism-Leninism to create a

witchs make of hate and savagery against Christendom and capitalism. (America

is a Great Satan. )

The demise of Marxism-Leninism in Europe will not extend for the Middle East.

Russian and Chinese weaponry continue to be people paid Arab oil money. During

centuries of warfare the western countries have become democracies. Even Eastern

Europe can be avalanching in to democracy. But , except for present day Turkey and

some Japanese countries which usually practice a gentle form of Islam, the Moslem world

can be run simply by military dictators, theocratic oligarchies, or a mix of both.

A short list of these types of contemporary dictators (most permitted President or

King) contains: Ghadaffi of Libya, Assad of Syria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the

Mullahs of Iran, Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Hussein of Michael jordan, and the competitive

warlords in Lebanon plus the PLO.

This theocracy offers conquered or converted most of the civilized community. Its

conquests have been impeded more by internal factional wars, killers, and

schisms than by resistance of its patients. It is now around the rising slope of its

next onslaught. It can not yet attack the superpowers in open rivalry. Israel can be

a salient of the Western world in the Middle East so open warfare has become repeatedly

waged against it, so far unsuccessfully.

Instead Islam fights about six methodologies and works on for more.

The first the front is terrorism. Moslems amplify airplanes and buildings. The automobile

bomb is a favorite weapon. If the hand taken American Stingers from

Afghanistan, and Russian SAM 7s from throughout, are implemented near international airports within

the next few years, air travel will be utterly interrupted. Moslems hijacked

airplanes right up until we mounted, and carry on and operate, pricey security

equipment at air-ports. They kidnap hostages. They murder with guns and with

bombs. Since killing infidels is entree to heaven, they are really todays committing suicide


The second front is armament. Conventional warfare ability in pistols, tanks

rockets, and aircraft from the ex – USSR and China, in large soldires of males

now exists and is developing. Mustard gas and neural gas are created in their individual

factories with equipment bought from European and American corporations. (Lenin

said The capitalists will sell all of us the rope to hang these. )

The third front is the development of indivisible bombs plus the missiles to offer

them. (Kamikaze airplanes will perform as well, as will smuggling. ) Large, long range

missiles are purchased from China to deliver present toxic gas, microbes, and the

long term Islamic bomb. What will any American or perhaps European govt do once

threatened using a destroyed town? Cave in the blackmailers, certainly.

The fourth front side is the petrol weapon, made in 1973, and used on us ever since

by OPEC. It pumps out the world overall economy, it financial situation terrorism, equipment

acquisition, and nuclear blast development, and it is a continuing blackmail of

western diplomacy beneath threat of restoring the panic of 1973-74.

The fifth front side is diplomacy, incremental conquest by the Tranquility Process. It is

based on the American inside political advantages of appearing as peace manufacturer.

We force Israel to retreat in stages and reward the Moslem countries with

subsidies and debts cancellations

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