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An important challenge that every psychologists is going to encounter will be what factors will impact the development of children. To fully understand these different ideas needs examining the theories coming from: Freud, Erickson, Pavolv, Skinner, Piaget and Vygotsky. This will likely offer specific insights as to what factors is going to influence the way in which a infant’s personality develops.

In kid development, there exists a continuous conflict occurring between mental health care professionals. The reason why, happens because various theories have been developed to help describe the numerous issues a child will go through for different levels in their lives. To fully figure out these tips requires care examining the views of: Freud, Erickson, Pavolv, Skinner, Piaget and Vygotsky. With each other, these elements will provide the greatest information as to how psychologists will be addressing child development problems.


Freud believed that by the regarding five years of age is the moment all children have fully developed all their personality. Because they become old is the moment there will be a conflict that could occur with them among: the identity and sex drive. The identification is seeking out different kinds of enjoyment to satisfy the immediate and long term urges individuals. While the sex drive, is a driving a car sexual push behind every behaviors. The conflict that exists is definitely the tension among gaining enjoyment and handling the different lovemaking / closeness needs. At any point, if the kid feels the particular needs are generally not being dealt with is when they will stay in a particular level (until these issues are treated with). For instance , if a child did not get as much interest from their mother. They will often take part in activities to draw focus on themselves (such as: exhibitionism, drugs or alcohol). When these issues will be addressed, is definitely when the head will have a sense of fulfillment and will move onto an additional stage. This technique will continue throughout the whole life of the individual based upon these experience. (Cherry, 2011)


Erickson believed the fact that ego played a major part in identifying how a kid looked at the earth around them. This is a sense of identify that someone will build up about themselves (based upon life experiences and events). Throughout the span of the individual’s life is if they will go through a series of clashes at numerous stages to incorporate: trust, pity / hesitation, guilt, inferiority, identity, intimacy, stagnation and integrity. Throughout the child’s life, is usually when the spirit will develop and certain differences will arise based on one of those conflicts. This will influence around the child’s persona and who they will become in the future. (Cherry, 2011)


Pavlov believed that child development will be held at when the person has been conditioned based on particular rewards and punishments. This will likely influence how the child can react to the earth around them (because

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