“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe Essay

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Points Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, is a account about a Nigerian Igbo group forced to put up with, and experience European Christian believers.

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These Europeans were colonizing Africa together with the intentions of setting up Christian missionaries. While their motives were authentic, their occurrence was destructive to the Ibo culture. Achebe did not just like how the Europeans and the Igbo people interacted with each other. The European missionaries viewed all their religion while superior to the Igbo faith because there was never an effort made by those to understand the Ibo religion. The missionaries’ aim was to arrive to Nigeria and manage the Igbo society.

To make sure that they do this, that they had to win the people as well as for them to achieve that; they changed the Igbo people to Christianity. Achebe would not agree with the missionaries in addition to his account, he attempted to get the visitor to emphasize while using Igbo traditions. In the tale, he identifies every cause and goal for every action the Igbo people did. He mentioned their festivals and their customs.

He actually used phrases like obi and egwugwu as a way to connect the reader while using Igbo terminology. Achebe hated what the missionaries did and how they attempted to colonize his people. I do think the story of any man who also killed a messenger and hanged himself makes an appealing reading. The death of Okonkwo is symbolic and Achebe ends the story such as this to show the reader how the Europeans viewed the Igbo persons. Okonkwo slain himself because the Christian missionaries did not figure out their religious beliefs and all they wanted to carry out was to break up their religious meetings and convert people to Christianity.

Achebe felt like in the event the Christian missionaries learned about the Igbo people, they might have understood exactly what was done in the Igbo culture was done pertaining to the well-being of the tribe. For example , if the Ibo group threw aside twins and mutilated baby bodies, it absolutely was for religious purposes. The missionaries took this to be brutal and savage rather than what it really was. The Christian missionaries would not know that the Igbo persons saw mixed twins as evil and that was the reason they will killed all of them. Achebe did not like the destruction the missionaries did towards the Igbo persons.

The Christian missionaries were clueless towards the danager they’d caused the Igbo people. The Igbo everyone was divided up by the co-existing of two religions. Zero tribe members would have dared to get rid of another tribe member because they found themselves because brothers.

If they were divided up by simply religion, by the Europeans, they will started to combat among each other. Achebe did not like the missionaries because they divided his people and they changed the complete Igbo society system. They only employed religion to win over the minds with the people and to colonize their particular country. This is true because once i read the publication, I noticed which the missionaries had been controlling the court system.

They were doing trials intended for the people of Umuofia for crimes.

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