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‘True West’ shows the problem of the guaranteed American desire; Sam Shepard demonstrates the binary oppositions between the character types of Austin and Lee – the domesticated American and the atroz American. ‘True West’ shows the need for something “authentic” within a world that has forgotten the true meaning. The personas yearn to get a sense of meaning with their lives as they struggle to obtain their dreams. Passage you introduces the aspect of the play; the rivalry involving the brothers.

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Shelter explains to movie producer Saul Kimmer the value of a “true alive western”. The juxtaposition among what is genuine and what is not is definitely exposed while Lee reinforces the “real” aspects of “contemporary westerns” “you know he has perished from the loss of life of his horse”. Lee consistently reephasizes the idea of a “true” american, based upon actual life, this talks about his individual search for his dreams and what this individual considers genuine. Passage 2 explores the sibling competition between the character types and their true nature is exposed.

Lee attempts to write the screenplay for his upcoming western, “I can easily hear it to my way of thinking but I actually can’t obtain it down on paper”. Unlike Austin who was knowledgeable in an Ivy League institution Lee can be considered the misleading older brother that lacks worldly know-how. This is shown in passing 3 if he does not understand who Picasso is. Shelter also would not realize Austin’s attempts to ridicule him “those aren’t characters…those are illusions of characters…fantasies of your long lost boyhood” Austin seizes the opportunity to further more mock Shelter, constantly criticizing his attempts to set his life direct.

Lee is not a greedy character, he has not been indulged by worldly pleasures this individual explains to Austin “I’d give ya half the money”. Lee’s character is usually contrasted with Austin’s; who has had the pressure and responsibility of manufacturing a film. “You gotta develop it today; you don’t come up with a champion on your initial out that they just slice your head off. They don’t give you a second chance you know”. Lee’s simple lifestyle demonstrates that he is certainly not happy; neither is Austin who also sacrifices his life to sign up his close friend in the wasteland.

Sam Shepard compares the brothers’ circumstance and have difficulty for independence, in both equally cases and lifestyles they can be each separately searching for a feeling of meaning. Austin texas explains that the ‘Old Man’ tried to go away and “look where that got him…he lost his teeth” but to really an level he shed a part of himself. Passage several – moms return from Alaska is a final landscape of the enjoy.

Similarly to her sons, she ventured out to find very little and to hunt for what is “authentic”. Mom’s faithfulness and solid attachment with her plants demonstrates her seek out what is real in her life. “I started lacking my plants” It is indicated that everyone is in need of something to confide in, something which allows those to fill a void within just themselves. The desert is a motif that depicts the authentic aspect of your life, Austin and Lee equally believe the desert wraps up them, and allows these to prosper.

It acts as the saviour and the means of get away; a place in which the characters find themselves. The “American Dream” is yet another key element for the play of ‘True West’; America in the Declaration of Independence warranties its people “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to ensure happiness is difficult within just itself and this is depicted in the play. The heroes do not get happiness; they may be constantly looking for the “real” way of life, wherever their dreams are possible. Rather they are really lost, baffled and are constantly in conflict with themselves and the ones around them.

Mom’s need for a somewhat genuine life is exposed when the girl speaks of Picasso. “You boys will not ever believe who’s in town…Picasso! ” Her yearning to get meaning and something more to our lives causes her to refuse the belief that Picasso is dead. “It’s the ability of a lifetime…we could almost all go down and meet him…all three of us” The inclusion of Picasso as well dictates the ways in which Mother wants to reunite her friends and family, and together share a real bond. Mom’s character much like that of Austin’s and Lee’s is trying to find a sense of precisely what is real; this wounderful woman has lost an element of herself. Your woman uses her ‘plants’ and belief in Picasso to fill an empty void within just herself.

 Shepards’ play represents how world has become shed, and looking for the “authentic life”. The search for what is real is one that a large number of characters help to make; it is a emblematic motif that characters imagine will make “life meaningful again”.

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