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In the short history, “This is exactly what It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona, by Sherman Alexie, I actually looked at two characters: Thomas and Victor. Thomas Builds-the-Fire is a storyteller on a booking who everyone ignores since they think he could be crazy. Victor on the other hand is a guy who would not care be seen discussing with Thomas. Thomas knows that Victor is in need of support, but Victor will not will. I want to present how the two of these characters who also are completely opposite of each other, come together throughout a time of want.

Victor’s father is long gone away and he has to get to Phoenix, az, Arizona to retrieve his remains and other valuables that his dad left behind. Victor asked his tribe pertaining to help good results . limited cash the group already features they are not able to fully help him. Jones sees that Victor would not have enough money to get him to and from Phoenix, az so this individual offers to aid Victor so long as he usually takes him with him.

Thomas Builds-the-Fire knew he previously to help Victor; he spoke of how the wind told him stories of Victor’s father, how his father has not been a strong guy, that his father’s center was fragile, and how his father wanted to run away and hide.

Through most of his adult your life Victor mistreated Thomas. Recollections of the two of them while kids clouded his memory from time to time whenever they spend time with each other traveling back in their reservation from Phoenix. As kids they enjoyed together but as Victor grew older he began to be like everyone else on the booking and started ignoring Jones. Victor beat Thomas being a teenager when he was really consumed and may have easily murdered him whether it were not for a few lady to come and break them up.

Thomas sees that Victor got mistreated him in the past but was still happy to be generally there for him when his father passed. Thomas told Victor that Victor’s daddy was providing him messages in his dreams he stated, “Your daddy was my own vision. Look after each other is exactly what my dreams were expressing. Take care of each other.  (Alexie P. 516) Thomas seems to have a gift in his storytelling, they could seem like crazy stories he tells over and over but his stories may possibly carry some kind of meaning. “We are all presented one thing by which our lives are measured, one determination.

Mine are the stories which can transform or not really change the community.  (Alexie P. 518) His testimonies about Victor’s father happen to be why this individual went out of his method to help Victor. It took Victor a trip to Phoenix to see that Thomas was there for the reason, to assist him since they were friends. When they go back to the booking, Victor knew that he still wasn’t able to be seen conversing with Thomas for fear of staying ridiculed to get talking to the crazy storyteller. “Victor understood that this individual couldn’t be friends with Thomas, also after all that had occurred.

It was vicious but it was real.  (Alexie P. 518) Victor in a way was thankful for Thomas’ help yet seemed too proud to admit it to Thomas. Victor knows that Jones would remain the crazy storyteller. In many ways Victor believed ashamed of himself. Thomas on the other hand was ok with knowing Victor would not speak to him again after their particular trip to Phoenix, az. “I find out you isn’t going to treat me much better than you would before. I know your friends would give you too very much shit regarding it.  (Alexie P. 18) He asked of Victor one prefer only, this individual said, “Just one time once I’m telling a story anywhere, why don’t you prevent and listen? Just once!  (Alexie G. 519) Ultimately of the account, all Victor wanted was a fair trade, to return what Thomas experienced helped him with. Jones didn’t wish Victor to pay him back in in whatever way; he just wanted Victor to acknowledge him the next time he sees him somewhere telling one of his stories. So Thomas went about his daily life within the reservation sharing with his stories over and over, towards the cars and dogs, and listened achievable stories wind and forest.

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