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There are many different types of organization ownership. The four key privately owned enterprises will be:

Sole traders – possessed and run by one individual.

Partnerships – owned and run by simply two or more persons.

Private limited companies – often a organization run with a family safeguarded by limited liability.

Open public limited businesses – significant organisations whose shares are floated on the stock exchange.

In addition there are two other forms:

Co-operatives – where a group run the enterprise with each other and share the profits or manages to lose.

Operation – in which a large enterprise allows a person to offer its products and use its name in exchange for the fee and a share of the revenue.

All independently owned companies are able to be split up into two organizations:

Those with infinite liability – sole dealers and partnerships

Those with limited liability – all corporations, some operation and some co-operatives.

Unlimited responsibility means that the owners are responsible for all the debt. They may even have to sell personal possessions to pay these people.

If this sounds not possible chances are they will announced bankrupt.

Limited liability limits the responsibility penalized responsible for everything you debts. You only have to pay the debts to the limit of what was used. Not generally do they have to offer their personal possessions.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to all different types of ownership:

Sole traders – owned or operated and work by one person.


* The owner features full control over the business and all sorts of its profits.

* Every profits see a owner.

5. The owner can make decisions on their own without the need to consult anybody more.

* Can simply create a report with consumer.

* Has the capacity to exploit niche area.

* No Set up pertaining to procedures.


* The proprietor has unrestricted liability.

* The profits get ploughed back in the business.

2. To expand the business, financing needs to be identified.

Partnerships – Owned and run simply by two or more persons.


* The responsibility of running and managing the organization is shared between the two partners.

5. Access to a wider selection of skills.

5. More tips and tactics.

* Capitals from the associates can bring much more capital and expansion may be possible.

* Increased ability to gain bank loans/ financial backing.

5. No need to data file accounts for the general public.


* Partnerships possess unlimited responsibility.

* If a partner leaves or he/ she is designed for filling a persons position it may affect the organization.

* A conclusion has to be produced a partner usually takes it after his/ her personal to make the decision but not consult the other associates.

Private limited companies – Often a friends and family run organization with the safety of limited liability.


* Investors who own the organization may include limited responsibility.

* Business finances as well as the owner’s finances are independent.

* Will take more hazards due to limited liability

5. Usually shareholders are carefully involved with the running from the business.

* Can increase capital more readily.

* Even more professional overall look: more interior structure.

Down sides:

* Shares can only be sold with all the permission in the shareholders.

2. Shares cannot be sold to people.

* Because of their internal framework more formalities arise.

5. Larger expenses of working the companies.

Public limited corporations – significant organisations whose shares are floated for the stock exchange.

Positive aspects:

* Shareholders who own the company have limited liability.

* Business budget and the customer’s finances will be separate.

* Shares can be obtained and distributed on the stock exchange.

* Increased ability to increase further capital and broaden resources.

2. Additional shares can be given for more funding.

* Even more professional appearance.


5. There is a hazard of being taken over by one other company with the trade of shares.

2. Less versatile in structure.

* Even more formalities once dealing with decision making.

* Greater overhead costs of running the organization.

Franchise – this is a sizable company who you spend to use the name of.


For the franchisee

* You can expect to own a business that is currently running this means it is practically a certain success.

5. You will own an previously established organization.

* Capital should be much easier to raise since you will be working under a well-known name.

2. The franchiser will give suggestions foe the business enterprise running and equipment.

Intended for the franchisor

* They may have the possibility to expand in a short time.

* It can be easier to broaden in overseas countries mainly because you would be providing a business to somebody that knows the location, language and people.


To get the franchisee

* Launch cost so that you can use the brand name name is incredibly expensive.

* A established percentage of the profit should go to the franchiser and you will need to buy your tools and items from them.

5. You have to check out the business’ key activities.

Intended for the franchisor

* They don’t have complete control over the organisation.

Control of Petrol station.

Tesco contrary to McDonalds is known as a public limited company (PLC). Tesco is a PLC since it is on suck a large size. A group of associates would not manage to afford money the company and it is highly less likely they could easily get big enough financial loans, because Sainsbury is a PLC the investors fund the organization. The investors fund the business by simply ordering shares. Shareholders buying shares in Sainsbury would think safer shopping for because they may get limited liability. Therefore only funds that has been put in can be lost if Sainsbury fails. The shareholders obtaining a profit by Tesco; they make their money get selling that shares for more than they actually paid. The huge benefits that Tesco have to be a PLC are; there exists a limited legal responsibility for Sainsbury and all shareholders and it is easier for Tesco to raise cash. The disadvantages are; Tesco cannot help to make business decisions instantly since they need to confront company company directors and significant shareholders as well as the business can be taken over if perhaps somebody buy 51% of shares. I do believe that this form of ownership is the most appropriate for Sainsbury because they might need to increase capital quickly and they don’t have to be making allergy decisions.

Possession of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is actually a franchise organization which is very different to Tesco’s PLC possession. A business company permits people who actually have nothing to do with McDonald’s to buy a restaurant and use the already well established McDonald’s name. Because of this McDonalds do not need to fund their particular company, the franchisees will perform this. McDonalds have limited liability just like Tesco, meaning that McDonald’s and franchisees can simply loose purchases. The advantages of McDonald’s having this type of possession for the franchisor will be; having the possibility to expand rapidly and the advantage for the franchisee are; you will use a business that is certainly already jogging which means it truly is nearly a guaranteed success, you will own a business that may be already established, capital ought to be easier to raise because you will be operating within well known name and you will possess free business advice in the franchisor.

Drawback for the franchisor is definitely; you do not have full control over the business and the down sides for the franchisee will be; start up cost so you can utilize the branded brand is very expensive, a set percentage of the profit is going to the franchiser and you will have to buy your tools and items from them and you have to stick for the business’ key activities. I believe that this sort of ownership is a great choice of possession for McDonalds because they do not have to do exploration on locations because franchisees will do this kind of. Also B will be expanding rapidly and so they do not have the chance of failing their very own business. They shall be making profits whenever they aren’t actually setting up right now there restraints.


Tesco Position.

To investigate Tesco’s location I will select a tiny town and a large metropolis to assess how Tesco locate their stores beneath different conditions. Some of the different circumstances I will look at will be; the size of the region in hand and the population.

The town I have picked is Pembroke Dock and the city I possess selected is London.


Population of Pembroke Boat dock:


eight, 676

Content town


Postcode district



Population of Birmingham.


– Total

– Density

Placed 2nd

six, 512, 4 hundred[1] (mid-2006)

5, 758/km� (mid-2006)


Sainsbury locate all their stores where there is a good rate between population and competitive stores. The reason is , it is highly unlikely Sainsbury could any successful retail store next to an Asda retail store where the population of the area is 500 people. So it will be important that Tesco choose their very own location sensibly because building unsuccessful retailers can be very pricey for Tesco.

Tesco generally locate all their stores on the outskirts of towns, as you can see on the under maps.

Land in this area can range from �60, 000 for any plot of land in which Tesco may not be able to suit a store on up to �250, 000 to still wouldn’t be able to suit a store.

Offers in Excess of �60, 000

Building Plot in Cannons Lane, Pennar, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire

�250, 000

Storyline 15 Barnlake Point, Burton, SA73

Since I cannot locate land that is big enough for Tesco to generate a store on with sufficient room to get parking as well as loading bays I no longer feel as if I can discuss the cost of terrain in this area.

One more Tesco stores location; once i typed in London, uk on the Sainsbury store locator it went back with one hundred ten stores. This kind of tells me that Tesco track down many shops in big cities to fulfill the demands of big foule.

McDonalds Site.

McDonalds can be described as franchise so it is not actually McDonalds that choose the places of all eating places. But the franchisors will try to discover in occupied shopping areas. I am going to choose a good and a bad example of McDonald’s position and clarify why I find myself they are poor. On the under maps We am exhibiting where McDonald’s have recently set up a brand new restaurant in Pembroke Ipod dock next to the Tesco shop.

On both maps for the previous page you can see that the locations B have chosen both are competition free. At this time I mean that in the two locations you will discover no other competing eating places. This is very good because McDonalds do not have to stress about losing personalized to various other restaurants.

Likewise on the maps on the previous page the McDonalds shops are in the middle a community. Therefore it should be easy to find personnel. This is because they are in the middle of two large foule. The foule of Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock happen to be:

Population of Pembroke Pier:


eight, 676

Content town


Postcode district



Human population of Haverfordwest:


12, 808[1]

Post town


Postcode section

SA61, SA62


The populations of the towns need treatment on a reasonably large scale, so I think that this would be possible for McDonald’s to look for employees.

This is why from the roadmaps on the past page these stores are extremely close to organic material and also have good travel systems surrounding them. I think that they will be in prime locations intended for travelling and raw materials. Burger king will have a lot of choice intended for land due to area available. It has a lot of undeveloped areas in the neighborhoods.

In Pembroke Dock there is now a new storyline that previously has a building on that McDonalds can take up. I think that this will be a more suitable site because they will be attract the custom that comes across the bridge.

The ring on the left hand side of the previously mentioned map can be where B currently have a restaurant. The ring within the right of the above map is where property has become unoccupied. I think that B could relocate there restaurant here as there is a lot of traffic that can come across the link and minds away from where current cafe is currently located. Although some visitors heads to town more heads apart. I have executed my own survey to see just how many cars that comes across the bridge head towards Carew and Pembroke and how a large number of head toward Pembroke Ipod dock over a one hour interval. Listed below is my table of results i recorded.

Toward Pembroke Boat dock.

Towards Pembroke and Carew.


Equally Tesco and McDonalds might use this


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