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Child-rearing teens

Lifestyle is actually a picture for every person who put it on and shows how much the moral beliefs? of people in surrounding communities. Or likewise, life style is an art developed by everybody. Lifestyle is also very closely associated with the times and technology. Elevating age and increasingly advanced technology, the greater widespread execution of life-style also by simply humans in everyday life. Within sense, lifestyle can give great or unwanted effects for those who manage it. Very well, depending on just how that person performed.

Today, the lifestyle is often abused by many teenagers. In addition, teens whom are in a Metropolitan city.

They have a tendency to follow style lifestyle today. Of course , vogue is vogue that they copied from the western world. If they can filter out the great and right, then the results may also be great. But in any other case, if not smarter than people in western memflter mode, it can negatively impact their own. An example of the lifestyle of teens who follow Western style in everyday routine is a matter of “dressed.

Problems dressed teenagers of today are always associated with the times and technology. Since, most of Philippines, particularly young adults, in outfits always obeying the current fashion.

Much more sadly, in many tv areas show samples of life style inside the teens dressed people who stick to western style. Metropolitan Car not only teenagers who stick to fashion, but also the individuals who are in neighborhoods or countryside. Most of the youngsters culture of Indonesia will not be able to filtration it properly. So , negatiflah effect as a result of the teen’s own do it yourself. We know that the mode adopted by many western people deviate from your moral. Although we are which Indonesia is known for luhurnya kesopanannya and attention. However , a lot of Indonesian teen then imitate or follow the Western setting without the filtering is good and right.

And perhaps it would be bad for our upcoming generations. Another example, way of living most teenagers follow the american culture is definitely taking a drink ” booze, drugs, and other similar unlawful goods. They assume that if this does not consume these products, then he will probably be judged as a culture that is outdated or certainly not slang. This is certainly a very wrong notion. With this modern age, did the teens said to be ” the cardiovascular in all points. Both in the association, in addition to the application of existence. And if our company is careful, beverage ” booze and drugs can harm health and mental health of people who consume them. But they are not very familiar with that term.

Why? Again as a result of influence with the times and technology through the hands in the west. Drink ” alcohol and drugs can be one example of the numerous examples of the western life-style that is incredibly dangerous and extremely influential for the advanced level of a nation. Plus more strangely, this kind of culture has become followed by a few teenagers Dalam negri. Therefore , with this modern era of the most parents who have teenage kids should monitor the sociable, friends, and lifestyles that they can apply. And then for the teenagers should be cautious in receiving the culture from the outside and really should be able to filtration the traditions from the outside in good and proper.


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