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HAINES CITY, Fla. (Dec. 27) Tess The bentley knew the high-pitched complain that woke her early Saturday was a tornado. The girl took two steps and dived in her room closet filled with clothes.

Within just seconds, Mrs. Bentley, 48, and her two-bedroom house were spinning in the air. She was still in her closet when her home arrived upside down along with a friends and neighbors house regarding 50 meters away.

Much more than 100 homes were destroyed by the huracán that took through the Lake Region Mobile Village, a retirement community 35 kilometers southwest of Orlando. The twister element of a series of thunder or wind storms that swamped Floridas Gulf Coast remaining four citizens hospitalized, yet none from the injuries had been life-threatening.

Mrs. Bentley endured only lumps and bruises.

neighbor Dick Runge stated If this isnt a miracle, I actually dont know what is.

Tornadoes form from severe thunderstorms. They are very destructive mainly because they have a high energy density. In addition they dont previous very long. This makes it hard to find out about them. As scientists never know very much about tornadoes, its also hard to forecast all of them. And because little is known regarding tornadoes, there are numerous myths about them which arent true.

Tornadoes can form anywhere in the world. Regarding 75% of the them happen in the United States. A large number of form in the central U. S. within a place called tornado alley.

People who find themselves interested in tornadoes sometimes turn into spotters for their community. Sometimes people basically chase tornadoes! After a tormenta passes by, scientists try to figure out how good it was utilizing the Fujita Huracán Scale.

U. S. Great Tornadoes of 1997

Sept 18, 1997 5: 15 PM

A series of for least five tornadoes hidden through northeastern Minnesota this evening. The most severe damage was in Little Declines, Hillman and Onamia. One person was murdered in a building 6 kilometers east of Lastrup, Minnesota. Two men were hurt in Hillman when their vehicle was lifted in the air, unique around, and dumped into the woods about 100 feet off the road.

July a couple of, 1997 three or more: 32 EVENING

The tormenta that minted the Chatueau Oak Slope Trailer Recreation area near Holly in Oakland County, Michigan, was certainly one of 16 reported that afternoon. It killed a 36-year-old woman in a trailer. The complete metropolitan Detoit area was beseiged simply by storms through the early evening, and the solid winds, super and water damage caused more destruction than any thunderstorm since the Palm Sunday hard storms in 1965.

May twenty-seven, 1997 a couple of: 50 PM F5

A devastating tornado touched straight down in Jarrell and slain 27 persons in this tiny central The state of texas town. Though television channels scrolled huracán warnings thirty minutes in advance, and sirens went off, there are few areas to go to get safety. Many, if not all, homes had been on slabs, with no cellars to shelter in. Complete familes passed away. Some meteorologists who have noticed photos with the damage have said that they have never seen house foundations that were swept as clean. The death total was postponed several times because of the current condition of the body, which were difficult to identify. It was one of the most detrimental tornadoes in Texas in lots of, many years. A $20, 500, 000 destruction total was estimated.

May two, 1997 5: 50 EVENING

Tornadoes handled down in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia on Friday, May a couple of, 1997. One particular killed a nine-year-old woman and harmed three other people when it struck a portable home area 6 miles south-southwest of Chickamauga, Georgia. Her sibling was one of the injured in the 90-home recreation area.

The spring 10, 97 8: forty five PM F1

Small tornadoes touched down and numerous funnel clouds were sighted in Lubbock, Crosby, Hale, Swisher, Lynn, Dawson, Lamb, Garza and Dickens Counties in the Texas Panhandle. Some homes and residential areas suffered blowing wind damage, and houses and cars were damaged by simply hail. A Crosby Region man was killed the moment his double-wide mobile home near Light River Pond was twisted and torn apart, with him inside. As specialists attempted to extricate him from the wreckage, we were holding pelted with base-ball measured hail. His wife was badly chop up.

March 28, 1997 8: 15 PM F2

One person was slain in a trailer home a mile west of Summer Shade, Kentucky.

March 28, 1997 six: 04 PM F3

A single man was killed and five others were harmed

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