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Turkish Tourism

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Chicken, a country filled with rich background beauty, a country that houses one of the planet’s seven miracles (Krystek, 2012), has been experiencing tragic incidents in the recent times, such as terrorist attacks and political misunderstandings. Although Poultry was once a very popular tourist vacation spot, with achieving their all-time highest traveler visits in July of 2015, the amount of tourist trips to Turkey have rejected a substantial “3. 96% year-on-year to 1. 59 million in March of 2017 via 1 . sixty five million a year earlier” (Turkey Tourist Arrivals”, 2017). The present events going on in Chicken are making foreign visitors shy away from journeying there which affects the in many ways. This kind of paper is going to explain how the decline in tourist trips in Turkey have impacted the country and what Chicken is doing to overcome this kind of significant problem of their own.

Chicken, due to new increase in terrorist attack and uncertainty in political stableness, has been struck by a decline in their tourist visits. This kind of decline brought on Turkey’s GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT to decrease simply by 1% (“Turkey’s Economy Struck by Decline in Tourism”, 2017). It’s important to note that the tourists trips that took place in Poultry helped the country’s economic climate. When foreign visitors travel to Poultry, they help the economy not only through resort and cafe industries, although through accommodation, travel, equipment, souvenirs, and lots of other companies. Businesses, specifically small businesses, have to sell their goods to get half the total amount and instead of making earnings, they’re only trying to gain their costs back. With such a major decline in the tourists, ones own evident throughout the decrease in the GDP, the economy is underneath threat of failing because of minimal organization.

Nevertheless , the government of Turkey and also many companies took certain measures to tackle the tourism problem. For example , from your Turkish governmentthere was a repayment of “a $6, 1000 (4, 600 GBP) gas subsidy every flight to airlines that fly into the Turkish Air-ports of Antalya, Alanya, Dalaman, Bodrum, and Izmir airports” (Iain, 2016) and “a cabinet decision to offer financial aid for cruise trip tourism, a deal of $30 for each luxury cruise passenger to companies who also carry cruise trip tourists into Turkey” (“Turkish Government to Offer Subsidies to Cruisers”, 2017). These financial aid allowed the promotion of flights and vacations for the popular metropolitan areas in Chicken.

European Airlines as well as public relations department pulled a smart move after they partnered plan the movie franchise Batman v. Superman to promote flights for the destinations where the movie was filmed (Loughrey, 2016). This kind of campaign was seen internationally and helped bring a lot of attention to the airline company which in turn as well brought focus on a possible vacation in Turkey. European Airlines, keen in attaining tourists rather than letting their company fall season with the economy, launched direct flights from Istanbul to several cities and states in the United States, which includes Miami. (“Miami Dade Airport”, 2016). Travel arrangements that were excessively expensive just before due to multiple transits had been now sliced up down by half which will attracted a large number of tourists.

As can be seen, due to the non-stop tragedies going on in Poultry, a country that was once one of the popular travel destinations is suffering from a very impacting decline in tourists trips. Although the government and some airline companies are taking small procedures to increase the amount of tourists near your vicinity, it isn’t adequate enough. The federal government of Chicken needs to arrive to a realization that the tourism industry influences many other sectors in Chicken, and an easy and reliable solution shortly needs to be located to address this problem. From the in depth research, one can understand that European Airlines has brought more work into elevating the travel and leisure industry in Turkey again than the govt itself.

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