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Homework and study guidelines


Each and every research has a reason which should be outlined by a pitch. It is this kind of part of the research that develops the topic and makes it audio realistic. The intention on this proposal is to suggest an investigation summarizing the perceptions of the British (and in particular English) tourists about the tourism sector in Egypt and its disadvantages.

Research Backdrop

‘Tourism is a major push in the economy worldwide, an activity of worldwide importance and significance. ‘ (Cooper et al, 08, p.

3) Because it is a broad and complex activity, a sophisticated administration is required to be able to realise its full potential, as well as its sustainable monetary, environmental, interpersonal and social force. (Weaver and Lawton, 2006) Influences, caused by travel and leisure activity over a certain place may be the two positive and negative. That they vary according to different factors, like the number of visitors, the size of destination as well as the scale of tourism activity. According to Eber (1992) dependence on this kind of unstable market is risky.

This makes reference mainly to the developing countries for which travel is a sole industry necessary to bring in important foreign currency.

A segment and significant a part of tourism market is the traditions tourism. Timothy and Boyd (2003) believe heritage, relating to most experts, is linked to the past. This consists of historic complexes and monuments, sites of important past events, and even traditional lifestyle patterns. Consequently, heritage travel and leisure is related to visiting those historic relics, suffered throughout the moments. Being one of a kind and sensitive in its mother nature, heritage needs to be greatly liked and preserved. Egypt is definitely an example of a rustic for which travel is a main issue with the economy and means of existence. It also is known as a country that relays as well as attracts travelers with its historical past sites and remnants. Ongoing development of travel is vital pertaining to the place, because it is a electrical generator of money and service provider of job positions. Egypt is a historical country located in North-Eastern Africa and South-Western Asia. It is far better known for it is pyramids, temples or wats and pharaohs.

The country is among the cradles with the human world, possessing a historical musical legacy of community significance. (Ninomiya, K., zero date) And, as Johnson (2000) suggested, it would be hard to imagine travel without traditions. The historical monuments as well as the diverse historic sites serve as magnets pertaining to millions ofvisitors. The capital city of Egypt and a major tourist destination can be Cairo. The location is one of the the majority of densely filled cities in the whole world. That attracts lots of visitors annually. The main tourist attractions of the city are the Pyramids of Giza (tombs, constructed for the fantastic pharaohs) as well as the Ancient Sphinx, situated local Cairo. The pyramids happen to be one of the Several Wonders with the ancient community; therefore they are really a unique and incredible internet site to be seen.

As well, they are the simply wonder, still enduring, playing a multiple role pertaining to the different persons. (Excell, M., 2007) The oldest and biggest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, was developed around 2560 BC. (Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, simply no date) The pyramids will be classified as a UNESCO Universe Heritage Sites since 1979. (ibid) English tourists signify one of the biggest segments of site visitors, coming to Egypt. ‘Over one million British tourists visited Egypt last year; a growth of twenty three per cent by 2005 reports the Africa country’s traveler board. Figures released by Egyptian Visitor Authority (ETA) claim that British people were the country’s most significant holiday marketplace, reports Travelling Weekly. ‘(Egypt attracts over 1m United kingdom tourists, not any date) Therefore , their contribution in this research is of an important importance. This kind of proposal advises a research to become done about how exactly those travelers perceive and evaluate their experience in the country.

The aim of the investigation is to summarize the unfavorable observations of those visitors, hence the industry can work towards enhancing those challenges. Although Egypt has a relatively stable economic climate, the travel and leisure industry in the country and in Cairo in particular, is suffering from a range of setbacks. Individuals include terrorism threats, lack of average holiday accommodation, lack of government planning, street disorders. (Problems, facing travel in Egypt, 2006) This kind of proposal will explore in details the harshness from the problems associated with the tourism industry in Egypt. Additionally , it will provide research seeks and goals to be completed towards bettering this market. Methodology will probably be included, using the participation of British people. This will be followed by analysis limitations and justification intended for the selected investigation. The inspiration to get the idea of the investigation comes from the value of Cairo as a globe heritage hub and the significance of its conservation and preservation.

Tourists perform a major portion in it. They are the ones to truly feel responsible for the protection with the legacy, because it belongs to theworld. In addition , as Hall and McArthur (1993) suggested history can also determine a sense of place and people make use of it to gain accessory to a particular area. (Hall and McArthur, 1993, mentioned in Dallen, 2003, s. 13) Terrorism concerns are the major problem in the tourism industry in Egypt. You will find people who are worried about their protection and avoid going to countries just like Egypt. It is an important concern because it features decreased the amount of tourists. (Problems, facing travel in Egypt, 2006) In accordance to ‘Tripadvisor’ tourists should know about petty crimes such as purse-snatchings. Moreover, we recommend that women should not travel exclusively as they could become victims of verbal and sexual mistreatment. Latest terrorist attack happened in 23 December, 2010.

A car increased near a Christian cathedral in Alexandria, killed six people and wounded one more 24. (Chronology of attacks on traveler targets in Egypt, 2011) In 2009 there is an similar blast in Cairo which will killed a French teenager. Acquiring those statistics into consideration, it becomes natural that visitors have become increasingly defensive and avoid visiting Egypt. Additional on, the unregulated circulation of visitors is another problem. ‘Crowdedness are unable to only wreck the resource being kept, but it may also spoil the visitor experience. ‘ (Timothy and Boyd, 2003, p. 166) The reason for that may be the poor Authorities planning. It is crucial that this flow would be managed, because the excessive visitation to the heritage sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza, causes their particular destruction and erosion. How old they are is a symbol of their very own fragility. In addition , stones from your pyramids were stolen just like the top of the Great Pyramid, leading to reduction of its true height.

People tend to have parts of the heritage site to ‘keep the storage alive’, not having thought about the importance of the preservation. The degrading activities of the tourist may be very harmful. ‘Heritage resources will be irreplaceable; they are non-renewable assets that require preservation and very good management. ‘ (Timothy and Boyd, the year 2003, p. 133) The various disorders on the pavements of Cairo represent one other predicament pertaining to the tourism industry. The unregulated the flow of visitors and crowds, the dirt and grime dispersed through the entire city, the multitude of beggars, following the visitors and asking them for money is a repellent factor for the tourists.

Tourists deal with difficulties in crossing roads, because the vehicles never cave in to the people. (Cairo: Health & Protection, 2010) All those setbacks along withthe elevated fear for his or her own basic safety are the main factors to get tourists’ down side. Most of the holiday accommodation options in Cairo contain 5-star resorts, thus becoming really expensive. (Yahoo answers, Problems, facing tourism in Egypt, 2006) There are few people who can pay for the luxury of the 5-star lodge. Therefore , a segment of average folks who cannot have enough money resting in such resorts is left behind. Thus, our economy and the travel in particular will suffer from the losing of potential customers, hence further income.

Research Purpose

The main objective of the research is to determine the different measures that could be taken to avoid the setbacks, causing problems inside the tourism market in Egypt, and to develop an idea about possible alternatives regarding the improvement of the tourists’ experiences in Cairo. This is to be done by researching the particular complaints of a specific fraction of British Visitors about their activities in the associated with Cairo will be. In addition , the investigation can strive to uncover the views of different English language visitors of how this improvement is to be accomplished, as it problems the upkeep of this globe heritage site.

Research Inquiries

As a normal consequence, the aim of that exploration leads to selected questions related to the area with the investigation. Individuals questions are offered below to aid the reader understand the importance and meaning of this research: 5. What tactics should the Govt of Egypt employ to boost the nature of the tourism sector and tourist experience? * What could performed to improve good impression in the tourists going to Cairo? 2. How the cash flow made from the tourists shall be accustomed to stimulate preservation of the Pyramids? * What measures could be taken to make sure the safety from the tourists and also to prevent terrorist attacks? 2. How can the tourists’ stream be regulated in order to attain the optimum safeguard of the heritage sites?


The methodology is the defeating heart of a sound exploration. This is a set of all the methods chosen to conduct a certain research. In order to gather the necessary and accurate data, the researcher has to pick the research approaches very carefully. You will discover different types of researchmethods, including qualitative, quantitative or mixed research. Quantitative study could be numerical, planned, organised or target. Important factors happen to be reliability and validity. This type of research is typically related to details and numbers. On the other hand, qualitative research ‘involves an interpretive, naturalistic way of the world. Because of this qualitative research workers study things in their natural settings, working to make sense of, or to interpret phenomena regarding the symbolism people provide for them. ‘ (Denzin, D. K. and Lincoln, Sumado a. S., 2000) Key attributes of that kind of research will be openness, overall flexibility and connection. The conversation between a researcher and a searched individual is essential for reaching in-depth outcomes. I would perform that research mainly simply by interviews, that is conducted through the following research process. We would collect more information regarding an investigation from catalogs, magazines, Internet, articles or newspapers. Largely quantitative and online surveys will be used. One way of collecting data can be through record analyses.

Employing online resources and articles, along with contemporary catalogs and information, will assist me personally in price the total range of tourists going to Cairo as well as the Pyramids of Giza especially. That information will be helpful for the portion of the visitors in a way that will not be damaging to the remnants. Having the precise number of visitors could possibly be divided by total number of days per year and the solution could be utilized in spreading the newcomers quite and sustainably during day visitations. Further more on, I might prepare questionnaires and distribute them throughout the tour companies and the individuals of Birmingham and the county of Kent. Different places throughout the center of Greater london will be the selected grounds in which the interviews with all the locals will be accomplished.

Those places will probably be famous tourist sites, just like Big Bill and the Parliament, the Wc2 Abbey, Tower system Bridge or the British Art gallery. In addition , the seaside areas in the county of Kent will be used like a major stage for asking yourself the occupants. The main area of the survey will be Canterbury. Being occupants in a significant historic middle such as Canterbury, the members are expected to provide more liable opinions about the topic in the research. The surveys shall contain questions regarding participants’ knowledge around the problems inside the tourism industry and shall request their particular opinions on what must be done tolimit these setbacks. By asking residents to complete the study, it is anticipated that they will commence thinking sustainably and responsibly about the importance of the cultural heritage.

‘The cultural range of the ancient environment is definitely an connection of the impact on of the previous with the masse of the present. ‘(Gazaneo, L. O., 2003) A type of set of questions shall be provided to those with visited Cairo, asking for the kind of experience the travelers have had throughout their stay presently there; also what they consider the repellent elements of the metropolis are and what could be suggested as being a measurement to be taken. If their encounter is bad, this would offer with a beneficial and essential feedback towards the hotel managers and tour agencies. Using the views in the English tourists (the major tourist market for Egypt) would give an excellent basis pertaining to the aim of this kind of research.

Research Limitations

Almost certainly every single exploration proposal offers specific constraints of a certain personality. Outlining these limitations support achieving quality of foreseeable future actions. The actual extent of your respective possibilities is vital for a person, conducting the investigation, because restrictions allow correct planning. Therefore , using the offered resources in the best possible method is highly vital. In this proposal there are a number of limitations, as well. The most obvious you are the availability of resources. This research needs a sufficient funding to be accomplished. In order to entail the participants, the questionnaire should appearance appealing and convey perception of importance.

People should catch the significance in the research and feel dependable to contribute by taking part. However , the research is to be self-financed and cash will be used pertaining to the creation of the forms and transfer expenses. Another limitation is usually time. To ensure that this exploration to be of your great make use of and importance, a lot of opinions happen to be needed. This means that a vast number of partakers should take part and people usually do not always accept provide beneficial judgments. Thus, it will take sufficient time for the study to be completed. In addition , the expected (or rather preferred) number of members would be a couple of, 000. This kind of number will be covered in nearly 7 months in regards to Kent and London by a single researcher.

Importance of the study

The research and particularly the outcomes shall be of crucial importance to offering ideas for improvement in the tourism industry in Egypt. The possesses famous sites of an extreme value to the mankind as a whole. Upkeep of this history is essential. The truly amazing Pyramids and the temples function as a link between the great earlier, the time from the pharaohs and the mummies, as well as the present. ‘Such active connections with the previous are managed in part through efforts aid or commemorate specific ancient places, buildings or moments. ‘ (Paulsen, K. Elizabeth., 2006)

The nature of that research is vital for all those, studying Travel Management. Having the capacity to cope with the complete process of the survey shall present a good basis pertaining to managing crucial initiatives. One needs to learn for taking care and drive before the end selected courses of actions. Also, you need to delimit the important themes inside the tourism market. Being a good manager of a tourism organisation, a person should be able to deal with and speak with many and different people. By simply conducting a survey this sort of opportunity is provided.


Tourism is actually important to people. It is often associated with leisure, which means relaxation. Generally, when guests are on adventure, they anticipate having a good time and positive experience. Tourists’ impressions and activities are essential to tourism development, especially for Egypt. In addition , tourism is related to traditions. Without ancient sites, this is of tourism will not be a similar. The upkeep of those areas brings any kind of tourism existence to a new level. Every country will need to strive for environmentally friendly tourism industry. Sustainability is a key factor for great tourists’ knowledge through maintenance of the environment. ‘Sustainable expansion advocates departing to foreseeable future generations an investment of organic resources no less than that passed down by previous generations. ‘ (Eber, Sh., 1992, l. 5)


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