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Tragedy in Greek Literary works

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When a single hears the term tragedy, some may think of an individual dying in a car damage, being killed in a airplane crash, or perhaps a massive tsunami that wipes out nations around the world. This type of tragedy is the most prevalent, but when referring to Greek literary works, a disaster is an outstanding piece of theatre originating in Historical Greece. Ancient greek language tragedy originated in honor from the god of wine, Dionysus, the consumer god of tragedy.

The overall performance took place in an open-air movie theater. The work disaster is derived from the term tragedia or goat music. Aristotle stated, Tragedy is essentially based on lifes pity and splendor (Lucas). Greek tragedy would not become complete with out a tragic hero.

Sophocles, the truly amazing writer of tragedy, published of commendable and courageous heroes with specific tragic flaws that lead the hero to his drop. In Aristotles analysis of Greek misfortune he says, Greek misfortune has an effect on the audience called simulation, or getting rid of of the feelings (Mcavoy). The two specific emotions that Sophocles provokes will be pity and fear. Sophocles wrote Antigone with a specific character in mind for this noble hero.

Creon matches the image with the hero with the tragic catch. Creon is definitely significant as they is the full. The hard decisions that Creon is confronted with, is what makes him fit Aristotles image of a tragic leading man. Creon experienced decisions that lead to a no-win situation.

He is convinced that Polyneices should not be smothered because he was obviously a traitor to his family members. This decision affected Antigone greatly, and Creon realized that the decision would be hard on some people. Family and burials are incredibly important in society, and Creon is definitely asking Antigone to not consider them, to only consider that Polyneices was a traitor to his house city. Creon is then facing the knowledge that Antigone went against his will and law, and buried her brother.

Again, Creon is confronted with a hard decision. He must decide to kill his own family affiliate and maintain the law, or punish her less severely and show that he is certainly not serious about loss of life as a consequence to his law. Creon doesnt desire to show weak spot, even for family, but he doesnt desire to get rid of Antigone, who is not only his niece and sister, yet engaged to his son. The final decision that Creon must make is whether or to not revoke his death phrase on Antigone.

Creon would be undertaking the right factor, but it might show that he was incorrect in a earlier decision and he will not want to admit that he was wrong. Unfortunately, Creon does not often make the accurate decisions. If he sentences Antigone to loss of life, he is wrong. This decision is among Creons downsides the this individual unwillingly has.

He’s excessively prideful and believes that his choice is the only correct 1. Creon eventually realizes that his decision to sentence Antigone to death was wrong, nonetheless it is too later. This makes the group feel shame for him. Creons figure fits the that Aristotle portrays to get the tragic hero (McAvoy).

The same characteristics that are portrayed by the Ancient greek language tragic leading man, are living in the lives of numerous people we interact with in todays community. Some may say that the president has the attributes of a tragic hero. He can in a powerful position and lots of hard decisions have to be built that have superb consequences. The president of the United States is usually put in a large number of difficult positions and most of his decisions affect the wellness of the residents abiding inside our country.

The same principles of misfortune are the same in todays world, but the minute details vary. There are many other examples of tragic heroes residing in todays world. Tragic heroes dont merely die since they are good or bad, they die because of a flaw. Within a lot of reports, tragic characters die because of pride and stubbornness.

In true to life there are many people who die due to their flaws, lots of people surrounding all of us may fit into the category of any tragic hero.

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