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Question one particular 2 out of 2 points A passing de 2 is a move for _________. Selected Solution: two? Question 2 two out of two points _______________ are what link a single movement expression to another, allowing for a party to? ow smoothly coming from section to section. Picked Answer: Changes? Question three or more 0 away of 2 points During the Medieval period in European countries, the ______________________ dictated most of what happened in art and society. Chosen Answer: Upper class? Question some 2 away of 2 details Who build the “Academie Royale de Danse?  Selected Answer: Pierre Beauchamps?

Question your five 0 away of 2 points Stillness on stage is synonymous to inactivity.

Selected Solution: True? Question 6 two out of 2 points The best clues about the dances of historic people are available in their sketches and artwork. Selected Answer: True? Issue 7 zero out of two points Which usually of these exercises is typically CERTAINLY NOT performed in the barre? Selected Answer: Degage? Question almost 8 0 out of 2 factors Ancient persons seemed to believe that all of the good was in the middle of the group of friends and when they will opened the circle: Picked Answer: the good leaked away?

Question being unfaithful 0 away of 2 points_______________and _______________ are important elements inside the Energy category.

(select two) Selected Answers: Dynamics Tempo? Query 10 a couple of out of two points __________________________ ballets arrived at the cutting edge in the nineteenth century, and were seen as a their use of mythical heroes and spots. Selected Response: Romantic? Query 11 two out of 2 points Finding dance on the video or perhaps DVD offers the same experience as discovering a dance live. Picked Answer: Fake? Question 12 2 away of 2 details All choreographers create dances with a motif or storyline. Selected Solution: False?

Problem 13 2 out of two points Alvin Ailey created _____________, one of the most well-known modern dances. Chosen Answer: Facts? Question 16 0 away of 2 details A Petit Allegro is a series of sluggish graceful motions emphasizing balance and durability. Selected Solution: True? Problem 15 2 out of two points The Adagio area of a entracte class involves big advances, leaps, and aerial turns. Selected Solution: False? Issue 16 2 out of 2 points The newest York City Ballet started by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein. Selected Answer: True? Question 17 2 out of two points A large number of artists esteem the varied opinions and understanding of their function. Selected Answer: True?

Problem 18 0 out of two points Ruler Louis the XIV was important inside the development of entracte because he was one of the most advanced dancers. Picked Answer: Accurate? Question 19 2 out of 2 points Why do dancers have on tights? Picked ANSWER: TO WARM THE MUSCLES TO HELP THEM JOB MORE electronic

Selected Answer: Katherine Dunham?Question 22 2 out of 2 points A dancer must be an outstanding ________________________ as well as an outstanding technician. Selected Answer: Performer?Question 23 0 out of 2 points There are only two levels in which a choreographer can have the dancers move. Selected Answer: True?Question 24 0 out of 2 points In order for the dancers to stay together while dancing, all dances have to be created to speci=c counts. Selected Answer: True?Question 25 0 out of 2 points The three main choreographic elements of dance are: (select all that apply) creativity?

Question 26 0 out of 2 points One barre exercise called ____________________ is also known as a high kick. Selected Answer: Grande Allegro?Question 27 0 out of 2 points The _____________relates to how fast or slow the dancers are moving. Selected Answer:? oor pattern?Question 28 0 out of 2 points In ancient Greece, poetry, dance and education were frowned upon. Selected Answer: True?Question 29 0 out of 2 points Isadora Duncan was credited with a “new invention in dance: the manipulation of yards of material with spectacular lighting e>ects. Selected Answer: True?Question 30 2 out of 2 points.

Which choreographer created several famous full length ballets, including Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker? Selected Answer: Marius Petipa?Question 31 0 out of 2 points Dance is the only art form where improvisation is used. Selected Answer: True?Question 32 2 out of 2 points When viewing a dance concert, one of the most important items for an audience member to remember is to keep an open mind. Selected Answer: True?Question 33 2 out of 2 points Dancers should never train outside their speci=c dance genre or area of expertise. Selected Answer: False?

Question 34 2 out of 2 points _____________________ _____________________, who was one of Alexander Pushkin s students, is known as one of the world s most outstanding performers. Selected Answer: Mikhail Baryshnikov?Question 35 2 out of 2 points None of the patterns from primitive dance are used today. Selected Answer: False?Question 36 2 out of 2 points When a dancer is on stage, if they move toward the audience, they are moving downstage, and if they move away from the audience, they are moving upstage. Selected Answer: True?Question 37 0 out of 2 points Rather than the storyline, what was the primary focus in post-modern dance?

Selected Answer: to accomplish acrobatic stunts?Question 38 2 out of 2 points French is the language of ballet terminology. Selected Answer: True?Question 39 2 out of 2 points In a ballet class, the purpose of the Reverance is to thank the teacher for a good class. Selected Answer: True?Question 40 2 out of 2 points Classical ballet and contemporary ballet choreographers always use the same type of music. Selected Answer: False?Question 41 2 out of 2 points All contemporary and classical ballets have a storyline. Selected Answer: False?Question 42 0 out of 2 points.

Matthew Bourne created an all male version of Swan Lake. Selected Answer: True?Question 43 0 out of 2 points When dancers are looking directly toward the audience, they are using inward focus. Selected Answer: True?Question 44 2 out of 2 points The most popular formation in primitive dance was the circle. Selected Answer: True?Question 45 2 out of 2 points Contact improvisation was created by _______________. Selected Answer: Steve Paxton?Question 46 0 out of 2 points The art of classical ballet was technically born in Spain. Selected Answer: True?Question 47 2 out of 2 points.

Jean Georges Noverre gave us the idea of the “ballet d’action (story ballets). Selected Answer: True?Question 48 2 out of 2 points One of the most important events that led to the popularity of ballet was the marriage of Catherine de Medici of Italy to Henry II of France. Selected Answer: True?Question 49 2 out of 2 points There are many di>erent factors that determine how a person will view a work of art. Selected Solution: True? Problem 50 2 out of 2 points The most powerful stage on the level is called ___________ stage. Picked Answer: middle Wednesday, August 15, 2014 9: 54: 17 PM HOURS CDT.


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