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The whole job for period Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 is directed at developing a new collection and researching some unique design methods based on Xray as its first inspiration. This project commenced with analysis at four museums, several galleries, some libraries and 4 market segments which contained different aspects of London. Between these assets I was motivated by an exhibition Ancient lives fresh discoveries in British Museum and a book in CSM library, X-Ray, by Computer chip Veasey 2014 which designed X-ray photos in one of a kind ways.

These kinds of X-ray pictures are captivating with their distinct layers and gradations. Prevalent objects turn into mysteries with all the transparent and semitransparent lines and dark areas with black and white or even with hues. I tried to find a sort of fabric to imitate the visual effects of X-ray including chiffon, semi-transparent silk, clear PVC, and semi-transparent PVC. At the same, We also aspire to combine with other opaque fabric with light color by simply pleating or other strategy. As Chiffon, silk and other traditional textiles have been already widely used prior to, I generally focused on PVC materials.

Due to the fact that the main shades of X-ray images are mostly white having a black qualifications, I deemed white as the main colour of my collection. At the same time, additionally, there are many coloured images in Nick Veaseys book. We also attempted some other color in my design such as neon pink PVC. Due to the fact that there are many kinds of clothing in genuine lives, We tried to imitate different kinds of garments with tiny samples to discover interesting enhancements and designs. From jackets to straight down jackets, the enhancements and smoothness will be changed because of the several layers and various kinds of infillings.

At the same time, transparent and semitransparent material own the special features that the prevalent materials dont have: the items inside is seen through clear and semitransparent material. The same as the X-ray photos, we can see buttons, cards and other personal issues or even underwear through X-ray. This makes the different from the common one. I really hope to develop this kind of characteristic to intimate the diverse layers of clothes and make them unique compared to individuals made by traditional materials. These kinds of samples are the polyester wadding inside the PVC and are made by a exceptional machine.

As well I attempted to develop unique structures which will differ from the conventional coat or perhaps other kind of clothes, and make that have more parts and layers. Some control keys and personal issues also are put in the pocket and also other parts of the clothes. Because the PVC is different from all other fabric, a sort of special equipment should be utilized in the production process. At the same time, a lot of traditional stitching skills can also be necessary for with invisible line. The design should be exact because the PVC materials have zero elasticity.

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