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Business travelling

Leisure Side of the road Tours is actually a sole propritorship business and a specialised travel agency that delivers tour plans depend on the needs and request of the customer. It will be located at Sixth is v. A. Rufino St ., corner Herrera St ., Makati Town. The office can operate just about every Mondays to Saturdays by 8: 00am until 6: 00pm, and conduct excursions from Monday to Weekends, 24 hours.

The philippines has got the largest quantity in traveler in Southeast Asia. Tourism industry is recognized by the us government as one of the essential contributor in foreign exchange and investments intended for the growth of the country.

This growth of the tourism industry gives oppotunity to my personal business to be successful in travel industry. Due to high needs and growth in the number of tourist in our country it will also raise the number of sales of travel and tour business or business.

Our online strategy will be based in ensuring that the shoppers will know regarding our lifestyle and the solutions we offer.

We want to make the correct information offered to the right goal customers. This will be done through personal selling and promoting, like giving liplets, publishing banners and posters, and newspaper publications to ensure that we are known in tourism market. We will ensure that our prices consider the budget of the customers, that these consumers will afford our providers. It is important that we do not intend only to give consumers on sightseeing excursions, although also to ensures thatn they appreciate nature through informative soirée or talks during or perhaps before the travel. We as well intend to develop the skills of the emplyees to grow so the business will grow also.

We expected to get our target product sales and boost from more than ± 169, 000 for the first one fourth to more than ± one hundred ninety, 000 within the second quarter, and ± 260, 000 within the 3rd one fourth. Market Examination Section

Market Overview

The Korea generates the sixth-largest holiday volume in Southeast Asia. The travel industry is usually recognized by the federal government as an important contributor towards the generation of foreign exchange earnings, investments, revenue, employment also to the growth from the country’s result. After a group of decline in tourist arrivals from 2150 to the year 2003, the Korea bounced back in 2004. 5 years ago the industry continued its growth higher than

the prior year.

This growth may be attributed to factors such as the country’s growing economy, infrastructure improvements and govt initiatives to market the country because an attractive tourist destination. The federal government efforts to enhance tourism facilities by expanding the country’s air, highway, rail and sea transfer. Target Market account

Competitive Examination

The key element in the clients can be trust in the reputation and reliability with the company or business. The most crucial factor in this kind of industry is definitely the quality of the services and places in the tour. We consider different interests of individuals and teams as they see numerous places as is possible. In this line of business, clients review directly, looking for two, or even more possible companies.

But they usually follow word of mouth marketing recommendations from hotels, travel around agencies, rental cars companies and other travel related companies. We have identified the competitor firms, that fill the same demands as Leisure time Lane Excursions have. We intend to market ourselves in such a way that the competition customers can choose each of our service above competitors basic on our higher quality and informative tours. Below are the 2 major competitors of Enjoyment Lane Excursions:

1 . American Express- Excitement Intl. Travels Inc. Found on ground floor of Eurovilla I actually Building, Legaspi St . part V. A. Rufino St ., Legaspi Small town, Makati. It is a complete travel service company catering to company or business travel and leisure travelling clients. 2 . Anscor- Castro Travel Corp. Located on 2/F Tuscan Bldg. Rufino St ., Legaspi Small town, Makati. It is a full assistance travel company, they provide Corporate Travel, Conferences and Incentive Tours, Group Air Travel, Leisure Travel, Visa for australia & PassportFacilitation.

Upon analysing of the over competitors, we all observed that almost all are offering company or organization travel, and this represents an opportunity to us. Since they are offering a travel services that only a businessman or a corporate clients can afford, which means our company has to offer a travel around services that can afford also by not just a corporate or perhaps businessman clients like pupils or common employees or workers. Organization Description


As the leading Travel company in the travel around industry, rendering efficient and effective solutions and product to our buyers. Mission

Will provide top quality services amd product.

Develop comprehensive travel item.

Maintaining flexibility to adapt to neighborhood market tendencies.

Will provide relevant and highly competitive tour packages for the key benefits of our consumers. Expand us with air carriers, hotels, tour guides and other related travel companies. Operating continously in complying with relevant industry concepts and specifications. Company Name

Amusement Lane Travels is the name I choose for my own travel agency mainly because for me it really is catchy and straightforward to remember, and also because amusement means having free time for relaxation, others, enjoy, and convinience of folks. Leisure Lane Tours intends to provide equally individual and group go leisure customers and give them a chance to get their free time to unwind, rest and revel in from their anxiety at work or any duties. Enjoyment Lane Tours makes all of our services and product convinient to all our clients. Services and products furnished by Leisure Lane Tours contain specially set up tours in accordance to clients interest. The packages and services are made based on the request and interest in the clients to satisfy and fufill their travel and leisure requirements. Services

Ticketing Services

-Able to do bookings in flight companies, railways, and shipping lines tickets before hand for your travel to any section of the country. Motel Reservation

-Able to perform bookings to get hotel accomodation within the Korea. Local


-Arranged and communicate to get local transport like automobiles, bus, etc . Documentation

-Arranged travel and leisure document just like passport. Also deliver travel and leisure documents intended for the user’s convinience. Travel / Tour Guide

-provide trained guides who assist and lead you within your trip. Offer necessary information about the destination. Exclusively Arranged Travel

-Arranged tour plans for individuals and groups. Blend all your travelling needs in to perfect itenerary design just for you. Below are some exsample of head to packeges we offer:


A travel to Boracay Beach Tropical isle, including circular trip exchanges (land and sea) International airport ” Lodge ” Airport terminal, hotel accomodation with daily breakfast, free of charge one time lunch break, and free of charge one time evening meal. Only for ± 4, 000. TOUR PACKAGE DEAL #2

A travel to Boracay Beach Tropical isle, including roundtrip airfare, round trip moves (land and sea) Airport terminal ” Resort ” Air-port, hotel accomodatio with daily breakfast (Set or Buffet), choice of space, free once lunch, totally free one time evening meal, free dessert, and free one time massage therapy. Only for ±5, 400. TRAVEL PACKAGE #3

An Island Hopping Excitement at Pandan Island Palawan, including oneway airfare, roundrip tranfers (land and sea), hotel accomodation with daily breakfast, one time picnic lunch, tour guide, and fees and entrances. Just for ±3, nine hundred. TOUR PACKAGE DEAL #4

A great Underground Riv Adventure for Subterranean Lake Palawan, which includes roundtrip air travel, roundtrip transfer (land and sea), lodge accomodation with daily breakfast, one time lunch, one time supper, licensed tourist guide, and all service fees and entrances. Only for ±4, 400 TOUR PACKAGE #5

A travel to Sagada Hill Province, which includes roundtrip airfare, rountrip aircon van, a couple of nights hotle accomodation in Sagada with daily lunch break, one time lunch break, cave adventure with cave guides, community guides pertaining to water is catagorized

and rice balconies trekking, Sagada Village head to, and all charges and gates. Only for ±5, 200


Leisure time Lane Excursions is a singular propritoship business that will run tour just about every Mondays to Sundays twenty four hours but the office oprate only every Monday to Saturdays from almost eight: 00am until 6: 00pm. Lesure Isle offers community transportation and documentation pertaining to our customer’s convinience. All of us also offers diverse leisure travel packages within the Philppines including sightseeing trip, backpacking, treking camping, swimming, hiking, and many other leisure time activities depending on interest of our customer. Position

Leisure Isle Tours will probably be located by V. A. Rufino Street, corner Herrera Street, Makati City, opposite East West Bank, close to Christian Gospel Center Makati. I choose that location since that is a extremely urbanized city, and I think which will be a good chance for my travel agency to have many clients in that area. Marketing Strategy

One key element of our strategy is definitely the differentiation from our competitors. With regards to marketing we all intend to ensure that our brand and providers are market on a huge basis to ensure that customers know about our living. In price, we all intend to offer reasonable and affordable prices when compared with competitors.

Because of the introductory characteristics of our solutions we plan to implement a consumption charges strategy that can ensure that potential clients are not frightened away by our prices, up until the services will be appreciated and fully functional. However this will likely dictate which our costs happen to be capably held to ensure each of our financial goals.

We want our profits structure to suit our cost structure, to ensure that the salaries we pay out to our employees, to assure good service are balanced by the cost we all charge to the consumer. As being fresh to this market we intend to durability our existence using top quality brochures and also other sales supplies, such as writing instruments, complimentary slides, pads, and pamphlets. We intend to market our organization through the following: ADVERTISING: This is certainly through journals, which are go through by vacationers, as well as the community newspapers, which can provide an chance for us to promote our solutions andbusiness brand. PERSONAL SELLING: This promo is through talking personally to potential clients and offers the product and services of your travel and gives details about what we should offer. Organizational Plan

The table above show the approximated quarterly product sales and expenses and also the net profit of our business. We all expect bills like payroll for the personel, promoting expenses or perhaps advertisement expenditures like liplets, posters, banners, and newspaper publications. As well the lease on business space, machines/equipments like computer, printing gear, and klimaanl?g, and the outsource expenses which includes transportation motor vehicle like bus or vehicle and rider. SWOT Research


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