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Abstract In this incredibly competitive world of business like in lodge and restaurant, it is not no more than customer service is important but moreover it is regarding safety and design of the hotel is essential. Treatment that not just gives security for its visitor and even treatment of guestrooms would give added enticement to get guest to visit the hotel. Also this is the main aim of this newspaper, which is to supply the different factors that should be done in order to achieve powerful rehabilitation and maintenance in the hotel.

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Through this continuous effect if globalization, many businesses are not only continuous to rely seriously on exploration on how they can perform quality service and in addition on how they can effectively deal with human resources in the organization. But , for hotel and restaurant organization, it is more than just superior quality support or fulfilling its personnel that needs to the main priorities. Since resorts and eating places are there to entice customer, most especially international guests, their particular safety and comfort is yet another aspect of the business that may not be compromised.

Safety, not only in terms of terrorist strike but safety with regards to repair and therapy of the building itself is the one that needs to be done. Intended for superior comfortableness satisfaction among its guests, design is another aspect that guest might always experience to come back for the hotel and restaurant which includes created more satisfaction to them, but it is more of total relaxation and peace whenever they visit and these are the main focus of this paper. This kind of paper likewise provides a few relevant data that would genuinely help resorts or restaurant to achieve these very important aspects of this type of organization.

Rehabilitation is truly one of the most essential aspects of ensuring guest that safety is usually a priority in every hotel organization in order to achieve superior quality services. This has also become a common practice and a shared responsibility of the house cleaning, maintenance, and engineering division of all hotels. House cleaning because with excellent house cleaning, it can help guest to be organized since the lodge is also organized, effective tips on wherever and when to work with facilities and other hotel service will be observed.

Routine service is also one more aspect just for this paper because it also a essential department pertaining to assuring quality in the lodge, this division does each of the fixing that need to be perform inside the hotel just before it becomes worst if not really attended properly. One exceptional example pertaining to maintenance is definitely electrical repair within the lodge, possible leak problems as well. They are just some of the down sides that may occur if repair department will not be pro-actively expecting these problems.

Last but not least, engineering department within the hotel is also one more team that is to be vital intended for the success of rehab; engineering group will be used to formulate a much more of long term plan for the hotel in order to achieve longer and secure security and assurance intended for safety within the hotel. One good model here is after they implement control system for disaster and safety devices that will be intended for emergency situations. In the genuine rehabilitation of the facilities inside the hotel, there are many roles that need to be involved. Not only functions or responsibilities are involved although also added cost is likewise involved.

This also directs guests to directions and paths to get safety in the event that disaster happens, an example guide here is the fire exit and fire extinguishers, and these are just two common examples. Pertaining to water and wastewater systems, it involves how waster is effectively managed inside the hotel. This is one of the most important center systems inside the hotel that may create big dissatisfaction among its guests, because waster can affect health insurance and it can trigger other concerns like environment as well.

Waster control like right garbage collection and removal are just some of the most popular priorities in this field. But , more importantly is water; drinking water system should also be managed at all times mainly because it is the supply for cleanliness within the motel. Retaining it just like always exploring the water holes and stores, most especially to get disaster scenario is significantly be monitored and examined round the clock.

The third is electrical program, this is without a doubt that has to be maintained as well since many buildings like hotels, electric powered related disasters are always the problem for open fire in the complexes. Some of the common priorities in order to minimize in the event that not entirely eliminate this issue is that it requires to check the smoke and fire detectors, also includes here is the safety recommendations for safe electrical suggestions within the resort. Customer should always be well educated for every scenario that would happen that pertains to electrical problems within the motel, because this not only would create problem pertaining to the guests also for the owners most especially.

The fourth facility that needs to be well maintained and rehabilitated can be lighting, lamps creates better ambiance for the resort which creates a relaxing feeling for everyone. Lighting concentrates more for the design of the hotel instead of for security and safety of the friends. Pertaining to the sixth and sixth facility systems, laundry and food support equipment, starting with the laundry, these are extremely important for lengthy stay guests, laundry companies and facilities are essential most especially in terms of drying out services intended for laundries.

You will find laundry providers that have not any driers available and this can easily create discontentment for everyone. The sixth center services of food equipments, many features that falls into this category are routine facilities inside the hotel, meals equipments are sometimes in common areas where these tools must also become checked in case it is enough due to its guests, for example doe micro wave stoves are enough for everyone. Or maybe there is any service that would offer guest the opportunity to cook within their own area in case they desire it.

Lastly, is definitely building framework, does the building is very well maintained annually, does the composition is string enough to sustain the amount of floors with the total number of guest and what if the quantity exceeds this numbers. Or perhaps what if you will see disaster just like earthquake, will the building can sustain that unexpected tragedy, does the building has been examined regularly how its composition can support disaster. This is very important as it does not just create a worry-free for customers or guests yet also a concern for business in the case if the owners would genuinely focus on not just satisfying their customers with their design and style but most of all safety of everyone.

The design intended for hotels companies is also an additional priority pertaining to maintenance and rehabilitation. Design is always a menu for competition among hotels, it also a single major feature on how it can entice more guests based on how comforting and how welcoming the design of decorations it probably. One of the main designs driven part of the resort is the main receiving area or the visitor rooms.

This is where pursuit considered as full and queen of the resort. This may create an atmosphere of high value for its friends. Preserving this part of the hotel is regarded as a mandatory action that needs to be done all the time.

From the superior design of lightings, interiors, household furniture and even up to the uniform that is certainly worn by simply hotel staff are all section of the design that will attract a lot more guests to see the lodge. Places to stay planning style also involves the way the areas are designed which will primarily give attention to how they can successfully welcome friends with the design and well presented gifts and services that friends can often feel well known.

For food preparing design, this is certainly more of just how personalized service is given for guests, such as the usual breakfast time in bed or perhaps if the friends are inside the buffet location, a style for presentation of food where the friends will be able to be provided freedom of selecting what ever meals he or she wishes. A design that would not always associated with guest feel bored, even a smile in the waitress and a warm offering of more coffee or perhaps with extra towel could the end of meal could be an important actions that need to be does and will continually be part of the type of the food organizing of the resort. For additional renovation style, there are also other areas of the motel that are usually in need of design and style improvements or maintenance.

This includes act of the motel or even the style of facilities in the hotels like swimming pools and saunas. This could also add value for the service that the hotel provide from its guest, most especially if the hotel constantly tried it is best to become more personalized as possible, that would offer additional understanding from the guests. (Stipanuk, D, 06\, pp.

89-201). The training will also give the personnel enough information about hoe they will identify the hazardous info that they might encounter at work and how they will respond and act on it. OSAH will also provide best practices and processes on the safety and health administration that can be utilized in the resort which is necessary for all motel businesses. This was also considered a huge investment not simply for long term business gain but likewise knowledge gain for all the employees in the lodge business surrounding the island. With this kind of initiative, the workers will be more confident in carrying out their careers and also may increase top quality service because of its customers in the island.

(Fitzgerald, Capital t, 2007). Sometimes it is important for lodge owners not just in seek designs that are shown by inner hotel experts but may also come from professionals that are purely specialized right into a specific subject matter, like in the case lightings. The American lighting Relationship has a group of experts in lighting that are experienced with competence in imagination.

They may be tag to developed certainly not economical style but likewise beautiful to the eyes. This is very essential in the success of the hotel because it does not just help the organization in reducing the cost nevertheless more importantly is usually an option for style improvements and rehabilitation method in the lodge which is the key subject with this study. (What will it mean when a store is a member of the American Lighting Affiliation, n. d. ). With this study, this only shows that for hotel any hotel business, protection and rehab is not just ensuring customer will probably be satisfied but also will help their owners and employees to be aware of the right processes that needs to be carry out in the motel businesses.

Processes like in terms of facilities and design, facilities that would make the business executes based on the effective suggestions that is encouraged and mandated by respected organizations just like the US Section of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Overall health Administration. This can help increase the business not merely will favor the employees although most especially their customers as well, simply because they can be sure the services being rendered are according to the procedures.

In this research, it also revealed that design is not just for beautification which needs to be done in the hotel, however it can also create economical ideas that can also comes from not just from the internal experts from the hotel yet also via reliable organizations like American Lighting Relationship, which not only provides expertise for beautification through light but as well gives ease for owners as well as cost will probably be less. Trainings are also encourage being perform of hotel businesses since there are some cases that learning the processes within is usually not enough, most especially as time goes on, new implementation has to be followed to become sure that procedures are still relevant. References

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