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This record will be offering a detailed evaluation of the existing Budget Lodge market, as well as how to improve the competiveness of the Travelodge UK, the second largest Budget Hotel cycle in the United Kingdom, Second Premier Resort. This record will retain the following, a profile of the organisation’s current target market, which will consist of demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural variables. That will then be followed by a well-referenced and well-researched PEST research that will highlight the most important and relevant factors that could have an effect on the business.

Once the infestation analysis has been completed, the survey will be concluded by recommended changes to the marketing based on the conclusions of the INFESTATION analysis.

Brief Introduction to Travel around lodge

Travelodge Hotels Ltd (Travelodge) can be described as budget motel company based in the UK. The business was established in 1985 by simply Lord Specialty. Travelodge functions more than 500 hotels with over thirty seven, 000 rooms located in key cities and regional companies in the UK; 11 hotels in Ireland and 4 hotels in Spain.

That operates accommodations under the Travelodge brand. The company serves about 17 million customers every year. The accommodations also have pub cafe and restaurants that offer breakfast, lunchtime and evening meal with varied cuisines. It serves over two mil breakfasts every year. Furthermore, the business provides online and mobile booking applications services. Travelodge is headquartered in Thame, Oxfordshire. With as being a budget motel chain, the rooms and facilities happen to be low priced and many branches are situated, in many town and metropolis centres through the United Kingdom and Ireland, with other locations purposely placed around all United Kingdom major sightseeing attractions, for example a lot of the major cities have more than one Travelodge within the city, specifically located to suit the consumer needs, for example , Birmingham has 10 Travelodge branches which has a 10 mile radius of the city middle.

According to the ACORN categorization of UK consumers stated in Dibb, S (2012) the main group of customers can be in the ‘Comfortably Off’ category. The town and city centre hotels focus on many demographic variables of the target, while using main customers being families and groupholidays on city/weekend breaks. The reduced price appeal mainly to these segments since several families inside the lower-middle/working class cannot usually afford to remain at more premium higher end hotels, while for group reservations it is just a much simpler option due to the central locations and the lower prices, an example of a kind of group will be hen/stag celebrations with age ranges varying from 18 to over 60 on the weekend break in a single of many in the UK’s dynamic nightlife locations. The lodge is also good for business teams or person business lovers having an overnight stay. The Behaviouristic variables of show the brand devotion of Travelodge.


Travel resort created a coverage statement to be able to demonstrate their particular commitment to the privacy with their customers. By utilizing Travelodge hotels, their website, all their dedicated mobile phone reservations series and any line or any other assistance of Travelodge Hotels Limited, the customer is usually agreeing and giving their consent to the practised outlined in the declaration issued inside the privacy policy declaring that they will always handle data in compliance with the Info Protection Action (1998). In april 2011, Travelodge launched the United kingdoms’s First budget hotel supervision apprenticeship program for college leavers. The scheme, Bounce, is a steps for success route into management and supplies Alevel studnets with a genuine alternative with all the chance of likely to university. The programme offers a chance for the college leavers to carry on their education, obtain job history, receive a salary and become a manager by the age of twenty-one. To date, travelodge has above 80 apprentieces participitating within the course in hotels through the UK.

The Economical Factors

UK tourism features weathered the double dip recession nevertheless 18% fewer people are holidaying abroad than before the downturn, a new examine shows. The quantity of trips taken by Britons international has rejected by doze. 6 , 000, 000, from 69. 4 million to 56. 8 , 000, 000 between 3 years ago and 2011, according to the study by Travelodge. This means that your five. 9 , 000, 000 holidays and trips attended out of the market altogether when the number of home-based holidays and trips happen to be factored in. This is certainly shy from the government’s mentioned ambition for domestic journeys to replace the quantity of missing offshore trips, the report says. However, the analysis shows that ‘staycation’ destroys were up by 5. 6% while the downturn proved that holidays are an essential rather than luxury. UK city fails account for 23% of household tourism nevertheless seaside cities are in decline simply by 5%. Total tourism income was up 12. 6% to 40 billion between 2007-2011 up against the general economic system up 8%. Employment numbers in travel have bucked the larger trend, as a result of strong growth in 2011 once 120, 000 new jobs were made. The Britian’s appeal as a tourist destination endured through the double drop, with general visitor amounts up by 3. 1% to 157. 4 mil, the report shows. Staycations form the anchor of the tourism economy, with domestic journeys and holidays increasing by simply 5. 6% to 126. 6 million.

Social Elements

Travelodge can be considered a sociably acceptable motel regarding to trust initial, although there are many mixed testimonials from that web page and other sites such as tripadvisor. The use of social websites can help catch the attention of customers nevertheless also put some customers off as one bad review can have a bigger effect than 12 positives merged. Travelodge offers given the 15m multimedia planning and purchasing account to Interpublic’s Effort UK as part of its 223m brand investment programme. Motivation has been tasked with overseeing the media planning and purchasing ahead of a serious campaign that may launch in spring 2014. The program, announced earlier this year, is the biggest marketing force for the company to date and has involved the turns out of a fresh room design and style as well as an extensive refurbishment plan across all the company’s resorts.


Stats brain explained that news 57% of hotel booking bookings exactly where made on the web, with 65% of same day bookings made on the smartphone. With online bookings becoming more and more popular as technology, Travelodge have got set up a very easy and understandable booking program online and a specially designed mobile phone compatible page. When making a web based booking, just like many other reserving websites, Travelodge have tactically placed multiple add-ons in a last make an attempt to gain even more profit from the booking consumer, these include lunch break & meal, Wi-Fi, early on check in and also a few hotels give pet facilities. The six-month, ‘Travelodge Future of Sleep’ research, carried out by award winning futurologist Ian Pearson, offers investigated theimpact of new technology on rest and how the hotel room of the future will interact to helping all of us sleep better in 2030. Within the next 2 decades, the hotel room will be and so technologically advanced that it will almost always be alive ” fulfilling guests’ needs like a personal concierge, lifestyle mentor, fitness trainer, psychologist and doctor. Advanced technology will certainly monitor consumers’ energy levels, physical well-being, feelings and mood to help ensure they acquire a good night’s sleep.

The Sleep Trend Key findings from the research revealed that by 2030, a great night’s sleeping will provide entertainment, training and medical monitoring, as well as relax and revitalization. By 2030 we will be able to manage the contents of your dreams such as the movie ‘Inception’. Video, audio, smells and tactile experience produced applying our foundation or bedsheets will play a key role in helping to make the dreams experience real. We are able to play back our favorite wish from a menu just like choosing a film. Also, we are link in dreams with the partner or perhaps family and friends and enjoy a distributed dream encounter.

Strategic examination of Travelodge & tips

Of the four parts of the marketing mix: selling price, product, place and advertising, Travelodge capitalizes on value. Its command in putting the price at a low level is its competitive border. This is how the hotel sequence attracts costs and functional travelers. To get the well-heeled tourist, Travelodge’s service is known as a disadvantage. Their weakness lies in the trimming frills the well-off traveler looks for within a comfortable motel stay, while the hotel chain does away with the Class A and W tourist, it includes opened a flashflood of markets from the C and D category. Premier Inn is the main competitor to Travelodge although they offer a price that is 15 more expensive than Travelodge’s 24. Aside from the price premier in causes it to be a point that it can be a hotel with a restaurant or pub either attached or in the vicinity of the location. Due to the fact the UK provides a culture of drinking alcohol, Top in has an advantage more than Travelodge in this field, though most town centre and airport accommodations now provide alcohol and food. In the current Travelodge is still in back of Premier resort with the last mentioned having a 41% share news to the 31% of Travelodge. Travelodge with its aggressive price strategy and customer friendly and convenient website the business is increasing upon itsrival with statements that the Most recognized inn happen to be over relying on their unreliable website. Travelodge is on its way to leading the budget hotel chain with pricing strategy and internet site technology. Using a majority of the travelers depending upon online concerns, the World Wide Web could be tapped as a marketing strategy. Travelodge has very competent management and provides hired authorities with a background in cutting edge IT systems.


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