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Treatment vs . Treatment

Treatment Principle

Juvenile criminal offense is often severe because of the capability to represent an important proportion regarding the total legal activity inside the community. The standard assumption implies that adolescents deserve and require particular handling during the formative period. Criminal patterns during this level of lifestyle might not continue into adulthood thus the need for integration of special handling by the relevant justice devices within the circumstance of the United States. Theoretically, treatment concepts focus on the correction applications for the juveniles or minor criminals. This pertains to the ability of the state and federal governments in improving the development of the minors or juveniles to be able to reduce the legal activities within the society. Treatment has large probability to be recidivate relative to various analysis concepts in relation to the juvenile justice program in the case of the United States.

Punishment Idea

In addition to the therapies in handling cases by the juvenile proper rights system in case o the us, the relevant regulation enforcing government bodies have substantial influence pertaining to implementation of punishment. This is essential towards minimization from the cases of crimes within the society along with deterring foreseeable future crimes among the list of juveniles as they continue to develop in life. Contrary to the case of treatment, punishment seeks to obtain instant or short-term leads to relation to the objectives and targets with the juvenile proper rights system. Inside the development of the justice program for the juveniles, it really is ideal to pay attention to the portions of punishment and treatment while using aim of outlining the best and the most effective way towards minimizing criminal mentality among the those under 18 in the United States. This kind of research workout will focus on examination of the concepts of treatment versus punishment with all the aim of offering effective and efficient solution to the teen justice system in the circumstance of the United States. This can be through examination of the juvenile statistics when it comes to three urban centers or declares as well as the recidivate indicators inside the essential locations.

Juvenile Offense Statistics

Chicago, il

Racial Breakdown of Percentage of Youth Arrests by simply District (2012)


% Black Youth

Black % of Junior Arrests

% White Junior

White % of Children Arrests

% Hispanic Children

Hispanic % of Children

Confinement in Illinois: 97 and 2010



Change 1997-2010


Rate per 100, 000


Rate per 100, 1000



3, 426

2, 217

-1, 209


According to the findings by Chicago Law enforcement Department, approximately 22, 877 youths beneath the age of seventeen were busted in the case of 2012 in more than one occasion (Mariame, 2013). This is a mirrored image of a loss of 27% in the juvenile busts in comparison to 2009. The findings also expose that approximately 79% from the juvenile arrests in the case of Chi town were dark youths. This is certainly an indication that for every 75 youth, several. 6 times during the arrests were black youth. It is great to note that reflects ten times more frequently in comparison to the white colored youth (0. 7 busts per 100 youth). This is certainly evident in the district-by-district breakdown with the percentages pertaining to racial foule and instances of busts of the users of the certain groups (Cook et approach., 2013).



Point out

Population Offered

1, 211, 335

twelve, 095, 643

Sworn Expert Count Since 10/31/2006


19, 406

Civilian Employee Count


6, 726


1, 834

21, 227


one particular, 100

12, 381


8, 294

American Indian/Alsk



Asian/Pacific Department






Not known



on the lookout for, 125


6, 019


two, 776

American Indian/Alsk



Asian/Pacific Isle








GRAND TOTAL – Male Female

two, 782

40, 352

According to the statistics for The state of michigan City, the rate of criminal offenses among the men juvenile can be higher compared to the female in relation to the data acquired in 2006. These details continues to carry ground in 2013, in spite of the decrease in the truth of criminal offenses among the youth in the region. It can be ideal to notice the disparities in the data with reference to competition, gender, and age since the rate of crime inside the Michigan City is distributed across various ethnic events.


In line with the data by the end of 2012, the juvenile crimes when it comes to Boston were on the fall because of the reduced number of busts by the law enforcement entities. This really is through a rendering of about twenty percent in the drop in comparison to 2010. According to the similar reports, there is a massive decrease in the violent and property offences simply by juveniles in the city of Boston. This is through a representation of about 8% and 5% correspondingly relation to the 2010 conclusions. The rate of crime among the juveniles pertains to critical elements in the region. A few of the factors determining the case of juveniles crimes in the associated with Boston include age, race, sex, and gender. For example, for every 12, 000 child crimes in the region, 800 happen to be black junior. This info indicates that the integration from the juvenile justice system and strategy has become effective and efficient toward realizing the goals and objectives (Stoddard-Dare et al., 2011).

Prevailing thought inside the city/state

Inside the city of Boston, the prevailing thought in relation to management from the juvenile crime activities is the aspect of treatment. This is through development and integration of correctional features and rehabilitation centers in order to enhance the humanistic development of the juvenile bad guys within the location. This is a possibility towards minimization of the use of punishment, which is ineffective in deterring offense within the area. The treatment strategy or thought has been important in the static correction of the lawbreaker habits by youth inside the city because they seek to get rid of what comes out as a social issue affecting the us and its presque. It is great to note which the treatment thought has also been critical in relation to improvement of the behavior of the child criminal. The primary objective o the juvenile justice program in the region should be to enhance the psychological development of the youth while using aim of minimizing their engagement in relevant actions just like drug habit and expert influence. The juvenile program also focuses on enhancement with the productivity amount juvenile bad guys through adding them into correctional services for the psychiatry lessons and periods. This has been vital towards achieving the goals and objectives with regards to reduction in the speed of criminal offense in the case of Boston as well as over the United States.

When it comes to Chicago, the juvenile system focuses on the mixing of equally punishment and treatment in attempts to remove juvenile crime within the area. This is because of the diversity with the crimes and intensity together with the aim of reducing crimes or deterring additional society users from carrying out criminal activities in the future. Correctional facilities perform a critical function in noticing the goals and objectives of the treatment thought inside the juvenile proper rights system regarding Chicago. This kind of thought is principally applicable regarding drug habit or maltreatment in order to offer quality living style to the youth as they develop. The main objective of the location in relation to setup of the treatment thought to minimizing teen criminal activity is to concentrate on holistic procedure in controlling crime. Punishment is also suitable in the case of severe crimes such as murder, fraud, and theft with violence. In these cases, the juveniles need to serve prison terms or severe penalties as well as serve the community regarding probation. This can be critical to enhancing the capability of the town in managing juvenile offense in the region. The use of the two thoughts is constantly on the play a major role in minimizing legal activities among the list of youths.

Finally, in the case of The state of michigan, the overriding thought pertaining to handling legal activities among the list of youths can be treatment. This really is through using the correctional facilities in the area to offer emotional assistance and social support for the juvenile bad guys with the aim of managing all their developmental attitudes. In addition to this overriding thought, the location also focuses on the integration of punishment upon selective situations. This is because of the diversity and intensity of criminal activities by the youths within the region. It is best to note which the punishment can be applied in severe cases including murder, theft with assault, homicide, and also other crimes of relevant nature. The juvenile framework and program in the region focuses on the success of crime-free city through incorporation with the two thoughts strategically among the juvenile offenders. As in the previous cities, it truly is ideal to make note of that the cases of juvenile crimes and arrests are on the drop in the case of Michigan. This is because with the ability in the law enforcement organizations in the region to integrate the thoughts successfully and effectively among the youngsters offenders (Kovandzic et al., 2007).

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